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1. Apocalyptic Rain

Close your eyes, stand still, hold your breath
Enjoy the silence before the fall
Get ready for the last sunset
If you survive, you better make the final crawl

The sound of strident noise is rising
It's time to open your eyes
Known world burning
Wish your loved ones last goodbye

Last goodbye

NO - Mankind is dying
ALONE - Enemy within
NO - Final sentence
Laid upon your soul
Apocalyptic rain

This is the dawn of new world order
It's time to choose your side
No need to beg forgiveness
Find the place where the victims lie

Face the fact, you're dead
Old vicious predictions came true
Apocalyptic rain is falling
First drops fall on you

Fall on you

NO - Mankind is dying
ALONE - Enemy within
NO - Final sentence
Laid upon your soul
Apocalyptic rain

2. An Evil Eye

You cannot stop, until you drop
You see it all - The functions out of your control
Memories of yesterday
Soon are gone - They slowly start to fade away

TRY - Feel it burn - Take some more
FLY - It is your turn - Take it all

You're going down in a blink of an eye
Few hours later you fell like you could die
You sold your soul - Goodbye sober day
No time to regret - Now you have to pay

You need to think about the reasons why
You sold your soul for an evil eye
Too late now
You sold your soul

You cannot see - You're on your knees
You loose it all - The abilities of standing still
Attributes of consciousness
Soon are gone - Proceed to a state of disgress

WHY - Last mistake - Now you crawl
CRY - It is your turn - Take the fall

3. Down

Try to find a way of life
That would be the way to go
Didn't matter what you picked
It was wrong that's all I know
Never got a second chance
Never got to use your first
It was cancelled in advance
Just wait - Expect the worst

Down - Down into the darkness
Through the total absence of light
For you it's futile to resist
Follow the path - Do not fight/Going down
You'll be alright

How they gonna make it up
What could compensate your pain
Think about the time you lost
Things you never get back again
Do you know who to blame for this
Find a way to make them pay
No delay- Act as once
Today is judgment day

4. Silver Tongues

Open your eyes now
Open your eyes - Don't be so blind
Try to control your mind
You must defy - Stay true
Resist the lies that they feed you

Bite it - Don't swallow
They're strong - We must be too
Or else they run us through
We need to make them bow
Me must end this here and now

I believe in sin
Not to your lies
You will never win
Prepare to your demise
I believe in sin
Not to your lies
You will never win
You're something that I despise

We rule from now on
Shut your mouth - Don't say a word
You're condemned not to be heard
We rule from now on
Your rights are withdrawn

Controlled us too long
Fold your hands and bow your head
Repeat everything I said
Kneel down in front of me
I'm your new god don't you see

5. Five Years Without The Sun

Counting the days
Are moving on slowly
Feels like the time is standing still
Five years from now will you be strong ?

More sleepless nights
More time to deal with
I draw more marks to my brick walls
Five years from now will you be strong ?

I cry for help
Guess no one can hear me
I never believed it would be so hard
The lack of social connection
I can't live with myself

It was hard to realize
I was doomed to be the one
To live in solitude
Five years without the sun
Now I need to pay the price
To recall what I have done
Live my life inside the box
Five years without the sun

Years pass me by
But still I'm trapped inside
I wonder if days repeat themselves
Five years from now will you be strong ?

I'm trying to see
But darkness fills my sight
I never believed I could be so weak
Nothing will ever be the same

6. Traumatised For Life

Last minute decision - There's no place to hide
Prepared for the collision - The fear grew inside
Recognized the symptoms - Took are of the injuries
Continued the mission - Forgot all the tragedies

Left dead by the process - Blinded by the pain
With all hate that I possess - I beg you would go insane
Waiting for your confession - My patience is running thin
Vengeance is my obsession - I don't know where to begin

Paralyzed inside - Traumatised for life

I need to forget it all - I want to leave it behind me
No matter how hard I fall - I will survive if I can break free
I am standing on my own - But I'm not alone
I would live with no regret - If I can only forget

One after another - I root you out of my mind
This way of the other - I prevent you to remind
Cleared out my memory - Purified my soul
Recreated the story - I hope to gain control

Fought for year to survive it - I think I'm about to win
A million times I wanted - To end this - To give in
Suffocated senses - Burst into flames
Corroded defenses - Load up - Protect our names

7. Crushed By The Pressure

It's building up and it's weighting me down
It will never stop until I'm on the ground
Too much as stake - More than I can take
Can afford to loose - But I just can't refuse

Signal of distress - Lost consciousness
They don't hear my call - No one to stop my fall
Fought so hard so long - I guess that I was wrong
Thought I had the time to learn to walk the line

Crushed by the pressure
Forced to desperate measures
Dust is all that's left to burn
Trust me I would not return

I cannot breath but I need to proceed
Trying to ascend - I want to reach the end
On the halfway something pulls me away
All the way back to the start - I feel like torn apart

Only way out is closing down
All I think about is that I'm going to drown
Near and yet so far - Right here you are
All you can do is cry while you're watching me die

8. Through Hell

Filled with frustration
Sick and tired to bite the dust
Hatred - Reaction
Wipe out despite the cost

Obey your master
It is time to say goodbye
Rampage - Disaster
Innocents are going to die


Time to wake up
We've gone through hell
It's not so easy
Oh we know too well
Out of this nightmare
Away from the pain
We need to get out
We must break the chain

Inside the chaos
There's no room for common sense
Intentions to save us
Will be blocked by his defense

Stop this illusion
Cannot take a moment more
Too much confusion
Tenfold more than before

Cannot take a moment more

9. Dusk Of Humankind

10. Day Of Redemption

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