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1. One Desire

Underneath there's only one desire.
It is this one thing that keeps me going on.
Long ago the value was discovered.
I wonder if I'm worth of possessing it.

One desire feeds the fire in my heart. You can't depart. No, no, no.

Deep inside I feel that I can do this.
Waiting for a chance to prove myself to you.
Thousand times you've tried to pull me under.
You fail again and this was the last time you tried.

Everything else is worthless compared to this.
There is nothing... nothing that could compete with it.

2. A Change Through Destruction

Destroy it all.
Destroy it all before we reach the wall.
Destroy it all.
Destroy it all before we all recall.

Yes... we need a change.
'cause we are sick and the cure is out of range
and if we could, I don't think you would.

Go... dig your own grave.
As you can see there's nothing left to save.
Go bite the hand that gave you a place to stand.

Till the end of time, before we're forced to die.
We need to fight it. This is the day when you want to stay.
Till the end of time, we expiate our crime.
We need to take it. This is the day when you want to pray.

One... fate worse than death
is to see you take your final breath.
and without you we need to give up too.

3. Dialog With Pain

I am here for you.
I will make you bleed.
Prove to me you're worth it.
Take a look inside.
Let me burn your eyes.
You can't go on without me.

You are the one.
I want you to stay here for my inspiration.
You are the one.
I need you to make me feel that I'm alive.

I can't stay for long.
I must let you breath
'til I come back to haunt you.
You're too weak for me.
You can't take my test.
You can't go on...

4. The Deaf Cult

You think you can hide, you try disguise.
You thought you could find some hope in their lies.
You're waiting for someone to point you the way.
No one hears what you're trying to say.

No one hears you. There's no one to talk to.
No place to go now. There's no one to show you how.

They've been around so long. They should have learned.
Our belief in ourselves is strong. The tables have turned.
They're waiting for someone to give them a sign.
We are alone and we're doing just fine.

5. Another Link In The Chain

I could see right from the start
you got what it needed
to evolve into a life
you can not leave behind.

Yesterday once again
proved that you were wrong
when you said you're through with it.
Everytime you come around.

Time after time I think you're fine.
You will survive. Just stay in line and you will be all right.

Pain takes over you again. You're another link in the chain.
They predicted. You're addicted. It is true.

Coldness and darkness.
They wear down your soul.
Helpless and useless.
Try to run and you will fail.

You need help. You need a cure.
We are here for you.
You need to feed. You can't refuse.
You have lost your control.

6. Forsaken Shell

I'm too weak to walk this path all alone.
I'm too proud to shame.
I'm too scared to make this come to an end.
I'm the one to blame.

Everyday I feel this voidness. I can't find the way.
Everytime I see the answers, I turn away.

You're too heartless to make this dream come alive.
You're too eager to seclude.
You're too cruel to put an end to my road.
You're the one to rule.

7. Quicksand

Out of the darkness. In to the blindness.
From the cradle to the grave.
Out of the voidness. Through the silence.
One small step to the final point.

No need for shortcuts. Flashing snapshots.
Feels like this has just began.
Fast as lightning. It's getting frightening.
Slow me down. I don't want to burn out now.

The years are passing by like clouds up in the sky.
When will they disappear? When will it all be clear?

Straight into the ending. I am descending.
What is this life all about?
Can't believe this. It's time to dismiss.
Still I don't know where's my place or what to do.

Minutes turn into days and still he's searching his place.
What is this life all about? The sands of time run out.
Wrinkles form up on his face. He prays to complete this race.
He measures the time he has with quicksand hourglass.

8. Half-Life

I've lost the pieces of my life.
I've strayed from my path.
Years I've paid for my mistakes.
I'm stuck to these tracks.
There was a time when I had it all.
Now I can only hope that you'll catch me when I fall.

Help me through this one more time. Save me.
Lead me through this one last time. Save me.

Please tell me do you call this life?
I do not. I'll be gone tomorrow.
Don't hate me. It hurts like a knife.
I understand. I do deserve my sorrow.

I waited way too long.
The flame has burned out.
Now there's nothing here for me.
I can't stay any longer. No.
I know you could make it all come back.
Please do it before I make my world turn black.

9. Trapped Inside

I struggle for breath.
The intensity of the darkness stifles me, it's impossible for me to lay still.
The atmosphere is unbearable.
I hope of catching some faint ray of light, but in vain.

I am trapped inside, inside this shallow mind.
I can't forget the standards that I've set.
I know, I cave in. This time I can't win.
I walk. I lose it all. I stay and I will fall.

I should not compare, but I know what's out there. I can't help myself.

Trapped inside. I can't forget the things I've seen.
I'm afraid. You can not see what I mean.
I just want to know. Can I get over this?

Help me, let me go. Where to? I don't know.
I need to get the things I don't have yet.
It might be too late to see is this my fate.
I walk. I will forget. I stay and I regret.

Break these chains of mine and free me.
I have seen the light. I need to go.
Take down these walls around. Ignore me.
What's out there to see. I need to know.

10. Moment Of Silence

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