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1. Intro / The Rings Of Power...

Hear the symphony of swords,
Echoing through the battlefields,
On the valleys of death
Or along the hills of Thriumph
And imagine the euphoria in battle
With brothers by our side fighting proud,
Defending our honor, blood and soil,
Into the Barbarian Rings of Power

2. Pagan Kingdom

In the cold ice shadows of the forest
In the black lakes that cross the stones
In the fire that burn the turchs
Live pagan gods of a kingdom without religion

This that blow on the silence of the night
Taken my spirit to horizonts and ancient ages
At the gates of pagan kingdom

In the black triumph castler and bloody battles
On this honor past the flame burns still
Fortify our spirit for the war.
In the perverse kingdom yet

From an obscure kingdom overthere forest
The new pagan age will rise for a hate kingdom
Impure factions will spread like the cruel epidemy
This is the empire that will survive
On the Cornes of the world
Creating the Pagan Kingdom.

3. Wolvesclan

The night comes hiding the day
Awaking his hungries sons from the
Great Vast Forest
It´s the Wolvesclan
Warriors from the hate
Six south spirits ready to fight

The road was treched
Soon we´ll be a lot
Like a milenar imprecation
Nothing will stop us
To make the Evil rise

It´s time to rise the ancient glory
The fury and the guts of my clan
Awake forever in carnage
We´ll revenge ancient times

Wolvesclan-Blood by Honor
Wolvesclan-Supremacy and Pride

Listen to the howl in the night
Like hymn to the war when just
The moon sees our victory
In the Name of pagan noble god´s blood
Our clan will be forever

Nós somos a incarnação
Dos guerreiros de uma terra distante
As sombras que se levantam
O golpe mortal da espada
A fúria e o ódio eterno
O som do trovão que anuncia a tempestade

4. The Gate Behind The Moutain

We ride by the south mountains
On the cold and silver morning frost
I hear the louden ride of the centaurus.
Warriors from the ancient world
They open the black time gate of power and magic.

Transsilvan winds
That through for the ocean clean the sky
And abnormal images are put among black clouds
On the mountain gate.

In the magic´s throne He looks the abism
So endless as a labirint of torments
Dawn dominium of rebellion angels.

Infernal creatures,
That speel fire and hold lakes and forests
Wing slaves in this world of impure nature
Where a cash of demoniuns stand for the battle
A terrible vision something no dreamed
By the less human race.

5. Masters Of The Old War

Full of hate and carelessness
This will be the army to march
For the land of the noble warriors
In hymns of glories with axes and swords
Watered in christians blood

See... They implore now for death
But the sufferance
Wants to possessed your bodies
Your screams hopeless
Fortify our spirit for the war

To defend our honor, our land
And to squash our enemies
To create the chaos
And reach the victory
This is the empire that will survive
In flames

Listen the sing of the amazons
In the sound of the trumpets
They call you for fight
With impiety dominate the cold blood
Cover the eyes of hate
Then is the art of the old war
That burn the soul
Of the nocturnal guardians

The flesh contortion
To touch in the wire of the blade
And among the shadows
The shout of the black crow
Annunciate the arrival
Of the hordes of the darkness
Is the supremacy commins
The pure domination

6. Cold Souls Of The Forest

Astral sign of pentagram
That reveals me visions of the night
Free the cold souls of the forest
To the profane ceremony

On the evilness strange dimensions
Among fogs in the woods
I see har pale face
Your charms guides me to a dance
Around the fire

Grizzly mist bring the witches
For the celebration of the ancient religion
Looking for the true fire
Everyone know that now is the time
Of awakening test of majesty and
Receive the touch of immortality
Like a cold and painfull kiss

Malignant spirits protect us
Like a orgy of lost souls
At this wonderful and supreme sabbath
The flesh desire holds my body and
I become the Black Goat
The Ceremony begins
With the shell of the cold souls

Immortal eyes of the serpent
Show me the sight
To the cold souls of the forest
For the cosmic passage
Of the breeding through the world
Of the souls trapped by disgrace

7. Majestic South

The angel of the cold light
Guide the brightness of my steel
For the infidelity and the freason
I have devotion to strenght of the evil
And to the majestic gods

I follow this trill way
By the old dominators
The war is the freedom
Of my followers
And we have thirst for glory
For one majestic south

Oh! Impure palace of shadows
You are the portal
To my fiance of the night
I am your eternal black warrior
Guardian of the wisdom
Master of the infamous orgies
And I load the arrogance of
The blood of my ancestors

Gélidas terras do Sul
De vastas florestas
Herança de Lendas!

Ours cold winds blows like voices
Comming from winter land

8. Stormtroops

Your bravure has forged like steel in fire
A spirit of thousand storms
The breath of the wind awaked your pride
Carnages in the name of the Southern Throne.

We are fighting as thunders in the forest
Of the bloodies fields
Like destroyers giants warriors
In a realm of barbarian
Cause you will never see the fear in my face
But than the strenght and pride of my spirit
In the frontlines

At nightfall we´ll have been
Marching abouve our enemies
With the bravure of this sword
I grasped my pride
The twilight of fire was formed
Abouve destroyed christians feats...
Songs and hymns of pride and glory
Are now hear in the wind.

We Fight - For the Ancient Pride!
We Fight - For the True Empire!
We Fight - For the impious strive!
We Fight - For the Glorious Before Time...

9. Imperial Moon

The moons describes
The mournful face
Of the goddess lovely
And yours immense pleasures
I follow your light
Until the altar of stones
I see the orgy of the witches
And the barbarian warriors
Of the darkness
They are the children
Of the full moon
At nights of devolution

The imperial moon
Illuminates the ways
Of the forest
A gray fog involves
The image of the black castle
I fell the power of the past
In sights running through
The walls of the cold castle

Old kings govern
The esoteric powers
Setting free the black arts
For a night with eternal eclipse
On remains of the temple
My sacred axe of fire cuts the darkness
Then I follow this journey
Following your immortal face
In the imperial moon

10. And Of Blood Was Covered The Hill...


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