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1. Intro


2. Arisen Through The Grave Miasma

Veils of phospherate matter arise
In offering from Vayu to death
Or shattered bones manifest
In dedication to unearthly waters
Burning red ashen yellow
Cascade over adorned atavism

In deepest slumber realms will be reached
Reading a secret frozen in vales beyond
Channelling separate kingdoms
Through sullen black hollows

Substance embedded
Dwellers in Decay

Resplendent body torn and born
Smoke of blackest fires commence
Mehazael arisen within
The Grave Miasma

Fell the astral stench
Reanimation in unity
Mehazael arisen within
The Grave Miasma

Worthy of the whitest crown

Veils of phospherate matter arise
Uncovering corpse remains
Pointing in four orientations
Serpentine aperes of the flame

Phospherate rays, alight the depraved passageway
Gleaming in spiritual disease

Resting in the depths of their creation
Portal to the outer world of gods
The womb of earth is open

Flowing in a current of eternal putrefaction
Filling every conclave

Worthy of the whitest crown
Devouring with deifying caresses of majestic decay

3. Gnosis Of The Summon

Damnation, revelation
From the depths of catacombs
Hidden the gateway to the abyss
Where the Eye of Ra
Oversees the Gateways of Da'ath

Damnation, revelation
From the depths of the abyss
The unearthed, invoked spirits are many in their name
Conjured from beyond the depths of a temple grave
Time in itself cannot hold the everlasting aeon

Call for thee, the innumerable spirits
Call for thee, the Great Beast
Call for thee, the serpent who holds the nightstaff
Call for thee, as I receed unto my knees

Call of the Aethyrs
The cries of the Fallen Angel

Follow the miasma from watchtowers
Incurred through this summoning
Tower of aeons
Oversees the Tetragramaton

Ancient amentet
The hidden place
Behind they stand, watching they stare
The ancient Sahu is submitted

A lurching force
That cannot be explained
Aeanu - I call to them
Eanu - I am submitted

4. Amorphous Noumenon

Without end

Essences will awaken called forth from the astral plane
Doxological liturgies deeply dispersed
Thus cloaked, the source of primordial matter
Unleashed from the negative seventh state

Forgotten Anu's realms
Arisen the Kuklos Anagkes
Coiled by tenebrous serpents
Met by diabolical proclamations

Creative forces through chaos
In distant domain
Distinct manifestations
Oscillate without end

They traverse through the black seas of infinity
Apocryphal shades in a voidful realm
Enduring in metaphysical suspension
Enclosed within the Noumenon

Thanatos presides over
Inhale the unknown airs of majesty
As a benighted, nameless aura
The putrid stench of Charos
Is cast over a temple grave

A triune morphosis relates
Matter and spirit to opposite
The Noumenon is embodied by
The alpha and omega of manifestation
Permeating with predatory spiritual currents

State of oneness
Flowed ascension downwards
The emitters surround
At one with what became
A physical domain
An abstruse reflection

Flowed ascension downwards
Breathing the winds of death
The Noumenon shall delve into She'ol
Delve into Sh'eol

5. Pillars

Like constellations encircling in a void
As of desert sands
Emanate formations of balance

The veil of Parokheth is cast asunder
For the chasm is channeled
Within the place of the skull
Upheld by pillars

Matter's mysteries dictate regeneration
Flesh traverse caveats
Fiery paths of the womb's treasures
Morphing ceaselessly

Jaws of severity
Transmute to the averse son
Invocation to supernal man
Beauty in Laceration
Flayed flesh adorned
Assigned blood stains the ground

Sewing the seeds of the fall
Accursed son of decay

The Sphere of the Sun
Illuminates Tiphareth
Cthonic ones arise from desolation
Transfiriation by the presence of Charon
Leading the transcendent path to aberration

Spiritualization of suffering
Arise... Influx of emanations
Arise... The sixth path
Manifest... As above, so below

View spiralling circles
Of highest power
Cross the Abyss

Meditate upon
A stone of black fire
Regenerate, ascend the Pillars,
Cross the Abyss

6. Interlude


7. Kussa'u Tibtihu

Transcendental seances reawaken spirits
Unbound by space and time
Infinite in their realms
Beneath the larvae of ages
Sorcery guides their passage
To unlock the sepulchre
To manifest within the eyes of the spectre

There lie the mysteries of Kadingir
Dimeensions prevalent are mystical
As mind and will embrace
Death and entities meet
Boundless forgotten spheres

I am at one with the throne

Death feasts upon channels of existence
Embodied by elemental laws
Fire devours through terror
Water carries endlessly
Flowing to streams beyond
Air holds the miasma of ancients

All of which anoint my passageway
Unto manifestations of the beyond
They are radiant in splendour,
Mighty in their voices' call

Consecrate the final separation
Through the inhaling of incense
I traverse the planes of malignancy
Unbound by space and time
Infinite in their realms

Reaching the meeting,
Between the Abyssic eyes and death

The pestilential Anubis call
Incarnated through mystic cries
They inhibit my subconscious
Their cries, they ring a dirge
As the seal is unlocked
Cast is an unearthly separation
Within the Kussa'u Tibtihu
A temple of ancient allures

Ati Me Peta Babka
Usella Mituti Ikkalu Baltuti

Diabolicus Assailant – Bass
Molestör – Drums
C.C.O.T.N. – Guitars, Vocals
Bestial Aggressor of Morbid Invocations – Guitars

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