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1. Time Heals Nothing

Don't tell me to look on the bright side All I know from life is the down side I made it far with none of your help Give it two years and you'll leave me anyway Once burned shamed on you Twice burned I'll watch you walk away Setting myself up for another let down Prove me wrong I'm begging you now Time heals nothing, Hate solves everything Now I'm taking names, who's to free who's to blame All which lie in my path will be treated all the same I can't tell you what's wrong, I can't tell you what's right Wait 'til I come around, then you can spit your lies Like I forget that time heals nothing The day will come when I will take from you everything Time heals nothing, Hate solves everything Time heals no wounds My patience hasn't healed a fucking thing

2. I Won't Belong

This world it continues to scream I have no urge I don't wanna belong It keeps talkin' talkin' talkin' away But I'm tuned to a diffferent song There has got to be more than this Than this diseased air we breathe Than a path that leads me away from all of my dreams So please show me something real Breathe with me Give me a sign and I'll never let it go I will keep it inside, locked in my heart Not for this world to see, but to help my heart beat So if you wanna talk about your happiness If this is what we live for You can count me the fuck out

3. Wreckage

I finally feel the tension of going against the grain I second guess my intentions living through the pain so lost, unsure, never knowing what to do soul-searching for what used to feel true this is all i have left I will push and I'll still fight for the search for steady ground is I won't forget the daily fight, I won't regret, I won't forget By these fucking valuse I choose to set I'll give my body rest and stick to these goals that I set And I won't end up like the rest no I won't I will live through this I'll put my fucking mind to the test Never again but no regret This heart goes out to the peers of my past

4. Dusk To Dawn

Break free Escaping my bitter times Almost slayed by it all No hope in tomorrow A constant fall With abcessed veins, we live for height Product of addiction Blind to wrong and right I'm a symbol of destruction, with no desire to live Breaking every open hand All I feel is sin They're hoping for anything better With this illness so close to pleasure What's left to do except surrender? I'm making my escape towards the light I will chase what's right I'm breaking free Time to live for me I'm breaking these chains so I can breathe

5. Drop The Torch

Dead dreams, false hopes Broken ambition Your wretched lies and crooked disguise Reek of insincerities and life's passing you by Past your fake front Past all the lies Past our disguise Tie to move on old man Let it die You swing a mighty hammer but it carries no weight You hold no weight You steal and cheat to make your way through There is so much value in the wise and true A pair of shoes that will never fit you Drop the torch Give up on the Ghost Let it die Your past won't save you this time Your life is a lie

6. Dear Brother

Set yourself apart Let your guard down There is no need for the mask when I'm around Can I ever expect for you to make a change When you're trapped in your wicked ways? With every day wicked way Three centuries of life trying to maintain two centuries of regret One lifetime of pain Driving that same course: Self destruction and self hate No love, no hope, no gain There's no fucking gain Cant you see you are losing this game? I see only pain I wish you could see the other side this is not losing dignity or pride There is no battle too tough Dear brother: I will never give up

7. Loveless

I'm another nightmare What part can you not see? And what are you still holding on to? I have been a wreck since the start I've been dead for years Don't forget that this is all my fault I'm weighing down on you Nothing's changed and its starting to show You know you've got to let this go Let go I will only bring you down You know you've got to let this go

8. Comfort In Concrete

here I lay wide awake, listening to this city's life Something here calms me, and it comforts me to know That every step I will ever take leads me to another home I know one day I will speak of a time When nights shined brighter than days This is the path that leads me to the closest thing I call a home To a home with more than belongings that are bought and sold Each moonlight drive a radio sings a lullaby These nights where all is settled inside I should feel alone, but I'm alive I'm alive, looking at the sky Knowing some life wait for me miles away But I will wait I am just a tourist, just a visitor to these cityscapes To these scattered lights I find comfort within I hope this carries on for a thousand more nights A thousands more nights Let's carry on

9. The Boat Man

Watching my world fall apart Preparing for this cold and misplacing my heart All that I have is slipping away I'm doing my best to keep it with me Faking a smile, lie to myself Life isn't fair, what the fuck am I to do? What's left to do? Form placing my hopes in your hands To drowning out the one Forgetting everything in this place Using this place to make my way through Doing the things you wish you could do I filled up my heart with all of this hate When all of it's done who will remember your name? This decision stands, I've paved my own way Ready to die- Let's fucking end it this way Place to coins in my eyes, let the boatman lead me home Take me home Put on your Sunday's best Shed some empty tears for me Place two coins in my eyes, let the boatman lead me home.

10. Cast Away

With my eyes shut tight I pray that tomorrow won't be the same But I fear that nothing will change once I awake And I'll only wish these weak arms will gain me strength So I can make it through tomorrow and sail away Never return, sail away Every single day I spend sitting here Is another day gone to nothing Nothing but this waste It's been so many years Still can't get used to this bitter taste Knowing I hold the power Sail away Never will I bother Sail away Keep this mast above the water

11. It's Raining Again

Your crushing down on my lungs with this weight But I can still breathe, I can breathe just fine You've lead me away from the path which I've made But I'll find my way- Yeah I'll find my way in time Cause I know there's a better life than the one you lead And if I've learned one thing from you It's never do the things you do You're hoping the sound of your voice will save me this time Swearing ignorance is the key to the perfect life But I'm better than that, than to leave my heart behind And live for nothing These clouds from over head, but I'm not fucking running You're soaked in riches but I see through the pain I'll be on the outside forever looking in Cause I find comfort in the rain I'll dream of a time where your heart was open wide Before this world polluted your mind And I'll dream of a place where a smile once covered your face Before the perfect life turned you into a fucking lie And in the rain I'll dream- in the rain I'll dream

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