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1. Fire Dragon Of Black Sun

From the red tongues of fire
The wings grow at horizon
The wind lashes them harshly
Fire is deeper than night

The cry from the depths of the abyss
Tears the silence arcane
The rays of night bend the knees
And there he is, son of the sun,
From his flesh and blood

The red tongues of fire
Reach the depths of the universe
The talons of the fire beast
Stuck in the snake flesh

Fire dragon feeds with the darkness
His eyes pierce the time
His blood is an eternal fire
Matter burning among the stars

On the wings of the eternity
The sun will raise the shield of power
Cold breeze from the land of shadow
Will not freeze the warriors' hearts anymore

Fire faster than the wind
Blood hotter than burning magma
A hiss of a dying snake
The melody of a lamenting darkness
The element beyond the time
The unbridled will flickers
Talons holding out into the space
Searching for the invisible enemy

Rewared with eternal sleep
With dead cold faces
Wake up! Rise
From your stone graves!

2. Throne Of The Granite

Beyond the time and space
A rainbow between the worlds
Like a banner flutters
Blew off by a moving matter

The creator of the eternity come beyond the time
Rewards his giants with a long winter
Today his fear turns into a gale
Tears of disappointment flood the lands

The time with no end and no beginning
Spreads the immense arms
Will that shapes the matter
Permeate the space, flesh and soul

This is the place of the collapse
This is the place of the rise
The paths of glory lead here
The ways of separation lead here

Weaver of the inevitable destiny
Coming from the depths of the universe
From the mist, smoke and wind
Spinning secret scenes

Hold out your hand
touch the fiery key
The tears of the woman you abandoned
Will heal your wounds

It is time to take the throne
Throne without the lord
And speak out the words
Words spoken at the beginning of the universe

Towards the icy gates
That was never to be opened
Long shadows shall begin their journey
When northern lights show them the way...

3. Battle Of The Giants

When the earth shakes and ice breaks
And fire fights with the snow
In the breeze of the arctic winter
Majestic shadows are walking

Who are they?
Those who want to disturb
The eternal silence
Of this forgotten winter kingdom
Armed with ice swords and granite armour
Their breaths rise snowstorms

Volcano thunders the war rhythm
Firing the fire fanfares
Today the crack of breaking ice flow
Mixes with the hiss of fire snakes

Dauntless warriors of ice and fire
Proud heads reaching the clouds
The wind whipping your wounds
Wounds from ancient battles

Awaken from the deep sleep
You raise your armed hands
Your anger makes the earth shake
Nothing can stop you now

The words spoken
Before the beginning of the universe
Shaped our will and instinct
So the flame will never die down

Giants of the arctic winter
Severe snowstorm tousles their manes
They will fight against the beasts of fire
That have just left the abyss of the earth

If you are to wake up the Gods
Who are sleeping consoled by the web of oblivion
If you are to knock the world off to the abyss
This battle has no end...

4. Fire And Snow

Abandoned warriors without their lord
Sticking swords in their bodies
Blood mixed with snow
Shining the last stars' glance

Drifted up into the sky
Our finest thoughts and ideas
Shrouded in snow
Exiting one by one

When cold winds and freezing snowstorm
Dancing in the wild rage
Evaporating the last hope
Laughing mixing with lamentation

Swords rammed in the ground
Frozen with the long sleep
Monuments of the ancient glory
Enveloped in thousands of years old mists

It is too cold to utter the words
Which could soothe the pain and give hope
Whisper at least a course
The one who will come to kiss your lips

The fire that never died down
The fire that still burns
Far away beind the misty horizon
No one has power to go and bring it home...

5. Apocalypto

No wolf's howls and mute winds
Fog and the heavy sky above
The sea... waves...
Storm on the sea! Storm on Earth!

And I could hear the worlds!...
Closed eyes: black birds were quiet
As night of dark was cold
The fire of hundred torches burns

Burning in silence of unspoken words
And thrown pieces of magical bones
Runes of sand - ashes of crows
Revelation ritual began

I saw the light and darkness too
And I also saw screaming rivers of blood
Ballet of chaos of spears and swords
Symbols of power on banners at dawn

It wasn't tomorrow but a closer day
Day of death, of pain and victory
I saw myself and my comrades
And I also saw beheaded corpses

Of enemies of us and their ones
Greyness in their eyes... silence of night
And I also saw the sunrise
For the one, of the sun, of my folk

I saw the sound and heard the light
fluttering were wings of sun
And the winds tongue were licking the grass
Carrying the damned souls of the damned

And cantos of glory were sang
I wake from my transis and open my eyes
I can only see my ones
Happy and sovereign forever

Because the future has our colour
And eternity speaks our language
As immortality exists for our folk

6. Victoria Divina

I hear singing the children
And shines bright the sun this day
Green of life of grass embraces the earth
Skies of deep blue embraces de grass
Viktoria divina
Viktoria divina we all celebrate

Because our light now
Is free from darkness
And our days shall be endless
Until the end of all times
Because our light now
Is free from darkness
And from all menace t our soil
Since we carry our soil
Dissolve in our blood

Glorious is the lineage of our people
In past and now an so it will be
After many won battles
And many won wars
Remained ashes of foe
Viktoria divina
Viktoria divina we all celebrate

Now it's time to enjoy our time
Because our light now
Is free from darkness
And nothing can deceive
Nor surmont us
Until the end of all times
Because our light now
Is free from darkness
And eternity we've conquered

Sing, O' golden-hair children!
Bloom your home-green, livid grasses!
All joyous voices, sound! Sing!
Viktoria divina
Viktoria divina we all celebrate
On behalf of allfather Odin! Spring!

7. Shadows Of The Past

The monuments of the ancient glory enveloped by the wind
The light dances among stone columns
Hidden memories are silent
As long lonely shadows

Red mixes with white
Cold light strokes stone wounds
Sleep deeper than the abyss
Sleep with no dreaming

The sun will rise and the dawn will come
Where the wind hides its secrets
Written in the book that never existed
Written in the language that no one knows

They still walk the forests of stone columns
The thousands of years old stones
Coming from the deep shadow
Disappearing behind fiery red mists...

Silent impassive shadows
Shadows of the past distant ages
Caught into the invisible cobweb
Made by the Atlantean witches

No one knows where they come from
No one knows where they wander off
No one remembers when it started
No one knows when it will end...

The bridge of cobweb
Swings on frozen columns
The abyss holds out the arms
To steal the dreams of the passing wanderers

They say this way has no end
It leads to the place of no return
Where the hidden secrets of destiny
Are protected by the monuments of the ancient glory

Haughty monuments of the ancient glory
Will tell you no more

Recorded at Eastclan Forge Studio 2006.
Engineered and mixed by Rob Darken.
Choirs by Atlantean Monumental Choir and Ancient Valkyrian Choir.
Guitars, bass, drum, vocals and keyboards by Rob Darken.
Lyrics by Rob Darken and Garhard III.

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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