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1. We Shall Prevail

We shall rise, and we Shall hasten
On the paths of our ancestors
We will pick up our broken and rusted swords
And we will pierce them, for the death carrying steel
A tribe will be reborn through the blood
That eternally runs in the sons of Wotan
Forgotten tongue, and forgotten crests
Will be brought back to Earth
Let's arise so that we can step on the paths of
Honor and pride, and to be hailed with praise
The white warrior of Wotan will once again
Plunge his sword into the age-long enemy's heart

The bastards of the viper Yahweh
will beg for mercy on their knees
We will feed the Earth with their blood
We, the folk of winter and frost
The warriors of the Pagan North
Harden your hearts and bravery
Because the day of our uprising is near
We will revive from the ashes of ancient praise
Which is not forgotten, and not obliterated
We will arise once again, to return praise to our Gods

Swords will shine again, in the light of fire and thunder
The four wings of the Sun will waft upon the paths of our fate
Once again. White children will be proud of their
Fathers and their Mothers
We shall rise, ad we shall hasten
On the paths of honor and pride
White warrior of Wotan folk of water and frost
The white warriors of Wotan will once again
Plunge his sword into the age-long enemy's heart


2. Battle of Wotan's Wolves

Armed armies march towards the battle
The warriors of Wotan, not knowing good grace,
Pain nor mercy for enemies
The enemies of Wotan are their enemies as well
Small villages surrounded by forest stand a flamed
Screaming and crying is all that is heard
The oppressive smoke climbs to high peeks
And it covers the bodies of the murdered
In response to the barbaric attack
They fought bravely, but they were defeated
They couldn't defeat the Hatred
That came from the Northern woods
Much blood was split and many hearts were pierced
The fire absorbed and obliterated the traces of the crimes
And the wind scattered the ashes
The warriors of Wotan left as fast as they came
No one knows were they came for
And to were they headed off to
The only things that remained were the bodies of the dead
And the burnings upon the ground
Now nobody know if they fought another battle
Or if they engulfed into a dark forest
Nobody knows the paths that the Wolves of Wotan walk upon
The Gods of war incline to them
And Wotan himself gives them his strength
No one dares to go after them
Nobody dares to go against Wotan's will
Spilled Christian blood will never be avenged

3. In the Sea of Blood

When blood covers your eyes
When death dances around you
Your laugh in her face with despise
Because the time for your death has yet not come
In the sea of blood, and storm of fire
The choirs of the dying spread melodies
Of death and destruction
The wings of death have covered the Earth
Strike at the enemy where he least expects it
Flood his hope in a hole of tears
Poisoned arrows will reach their hearts
No more love, neither mercy
The red Sun has hidden herself
Their fear born from our hate
Kindles fire and ash
The dance upon the battlefield
And their screams terrify and freeze hearts
Praise my sword from the red mud
I clench my fists and deliver pain
I still live on, and laugh in deaths face
Because nobody will take me alive
Frantic horses upon the red field
And the shattered swords wound their hoofs
The wages of war raise the wails, because the
Spill blood has called upon them today
I still live on, and against the darkness I raise my sword
Ash mixes with blood, and the blood on the field darkens
On the battlefield, in the sea of blood
The wails of the dying become the anthem of death
The eternal war absorbs all that surrounds it
The Gods of death and destruction gather
Their blood harvest
When the anthem, drowned by the sea of blood, will sound
We will tread on your enemy's standards
And the dead horses of Yahweh will become food for the rodents

4. Die for Freedom

For freedom - Death
For freedom - Blood
For freedom - Fire
For freedom - Destruction
Warrior awake
And step upon the path of honor
Bid farewell to your family and land
Because the time for war has come
The anthem of war horns, and battle drumming
Are heard all throughout the lands
The rhythm of war, wrath and destruction
When the enemy crosses your border
Red glows of fire will greet his coming
No one will defend your land, without you bravery and hand
No one will defend your freedom, without your sacrifice
Today is the day that you make a self-sacrifice
For bloodied Gods sacrifice your life
For freedom - Death
For freedom - Blood
For freedom - Fire
For freedom - Destruction
Even though, today you will be
Fighting against hordes alone
Even though cowards and traitors are outnumbering you
The Gods will always be with you, on your way of war and honor
You yourself against everybody else, will wage a victorious war
Just like your ancestors you will fight today
And nobody will take away your honor and glory
Your wrath and will is all that counts now
Your spirits fortitude embedded in blood
On the battlefield under the sign of Wotan
One against enemy's hordes
You'll stand proud, ready to fight, never backing out

5. The Four Wings of the Sun

In the shield of the Sun is the power
The light of the Aryan knowledge
The four wings of the sun
The hope of spirits, and the strength of will
As proud ancient Gods stand by his side
Wotan raises his shield to protect me from the shine
Women and children
Old warriors
Stone statues
Cold eyes and bright eyes
The four wings of the sun
Feed my pride and will
Their shade that falls on the Earth
Paves the way of my dreams
The paths that I walk upon
Lead me through the darkness
There where my fate is; the warriors old faith
The earth hides the truth of past centuries within herself
I feel her breath and strength
Within her the spirits lay, which call upon us to fulfill our duty
The battle for souls will soon come to be
Runes will speak in ancient tongue
The Runes which wrote my path of life
The Gods look upon me, form their Golden thrones
Above their heads a bright symbol shines
The four wings of the Sun
The ancient Aryan sign
Wotan rises his shield
To protect me from the shine


Recorded at Castelan Forge and DSP Studio in Winter 2002/2003
Engineered and mixed by Darken, DSP Studio engineered by Duto
Music written and performed by Darken, cover art by Darken,
Lyrics of Battle of Wotan's Wolves by Aramath
Lyrics translated by Michael Mugeman

Thanks to chaossphere for sending these lyrics.

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