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1. Spears Of Heaven

Led by the magic of Wotan
Floating across the sky
On the winged white horses
Maidens of the blue sky
In the dawn of the red morning
Falling down the sky
In the long close order lines
Ripping the shadows to shreds
Fountains of blood
Spurting to the skies
The light refracts
Into bloody rainbow
Spears of heaven
Cutting the darkness
Ripping the shadows to shreds
Shining chariots of heaven
Riding on the skies
Cries of the Valkyries permeate the expanse
The blades cut the enemies' hearts
Fiery gust tousles long hair
Thunder in their hearts
The bravest of the bravest
Walking down the rainbow of the glory
Crushed darkness sobs mournfully
A dream of the glory is over
The abyss opens it's arms
Cries of the Valkyries
Warriors fight to the death
Light refracts in the fountains of blood
Creating bloody rainbow
Spears of heaven in a battle order
Flaming light
On the winds of the magical wind
On the red sunny way
Red flame on the sky
Fiery tongues in the vast
The days of the glory
The sun on the throne
Raise your eyes, look at the sky
On the red clouds
Valkyries proudly scud
On the wings of the magical wind.

2. Walls Of The Red Temple

Crushed walls of the ancient temple
Covered by thousand years old dust
Ornaments in the holy stone
Engraved by passing time
No one remembers anymore
The red dawn of the ancient power
In the shadows of high columns
Wind wailing sadly
Lost centuries ago
Ancient magic of the red priests
Captured and blinded him
Condemning to fate of a lonely guardian
Walls covered with blood
Never changed the color
Spilled blood marked them for good
Each ray of the light
Changes into red
In the temple of the past gods
Thousands of people prayed
Red priests uttered their incantations
Bloody light of the unknown sun
Reflected in the mirrors and gold
Warriors of the red hairs
Raised towards the skies
Of the grey mists of wilderness
Hooded figure emerged
As a spirit of the kingdom of the mists
Red glow spreads around
He walked among withered trees
Which once drank human blood
Far the horizon
A wind stirs up the clouds of dust
Among its fret curtain
One can hear the howls of ghosts
Defeated in many battles
They follow their murderers
In the lethal procession
At the gates of the red temple
Their fate will be decided
Unknown priests
Uttered their incantations
Temple candles
Still melting in red blood

3. Flame Of Doom

A star outside the galaxies
From the abyss of the universe
Born in the darkness
From non-existing matter
A non-existing star
An icy vacuum
Filled with cold light
The unknown priest noticed the blaze
The light of a star pierced his heart
His eyes saw the blaze of glory
And the sadness of an impenetrable darkness
The cold filled his heart
An impenetrable and unknown will
The words that filled his mouths
Came from the abyss of the universe
The storm is coming
Thunder in the ancient temple
Is it not the same flame
A cold hand has changed its matter
Warriors in the circle
Swore the fidelity
Came from the distant parts of the world
Awakened from the long sleep
Nothing is the same anymore
Soil has changed its colours
Colours of light faded
Thunder filled their hearts
A wind brough the mists
Trees shed the leaves
Words spoken in the unknown languages
Filled the vacuum with cold
And only the star is shining
Piercing the matter with its light
Creating the shadows
Raising on the wings of its magic
Four sides of the world
Hands raised towards the stars
Weaving the luminous cobweb
Shining on the sunny wind

4. Braid Of A Pride Valkyria

Valkyria is skudding across the sky
Unyielding, fearless
Gazing steadily into the distance
Glows of fire on the horizon
Supernatural entity
In the winged helmet
On the white horse
From the holy stable of the gods
She is rising as an angel
In the silence of the blue sky
The guardian of the skies
Shining spear among the stars
Fallen warriors
Waiting in the darkness
When the light of the spear
Lightens the way of return
Proud Valkyrie
Speeds tirelessly to meet them
She will take them
From the field of tears
To the eternal star
Where they will live forever
Saved warriors' souls
Will drink blood from the tree of life
Long way before them
The time is coming to an end
On the stars' tails
They will roam the universe
reborn from the ashes
Will take the light to the darkness
Still on the sky
Unyielding, fearless
On the white horse
From the holy stable of the gods
Her long braids
Shining in the rays of the sun
Swaying in the wind
From the star matter made
The time is coming to an end
It changes its way
The end becomes a beginning
The dawn becomes the twilight
And only her long braids
Shining in the star light
On the way to the rebirth
Above the horizon
The twilight of any hope

5. When Valkyries Come

On the bloody night
I will not fear death
I will not retreat before enemy
Fire in my heart
Spirit of the fight
My strong hand
Holding the sword
Raised toward the skies
To inflict the deadly blow
Trained to fight
I do not retreat
Armored legions raise their spears
Spreadheads are streaming with blood
Dead enemy bodies at their feet
Stabbed with steel blades
Banners with blood
Countless travelled countries
The roads lead us
Far away grey horizon
Bloody taste of war
Nauseating smell of death
Tears treaded into ground
Shadows all over far the horizon
The sword stabbing the hearts
Still at your side
Fallen comrade left behind
Far the grey horizon
You move on
The way of no end
With the legion that does not exist
And only spirits
Walk by your side
On the bloody fight
I will not fear death
I will not retreat before enemy
My steel sword
Will show my way towards freedom
Far the grey horizon
I will die
Pierced with arrows
Which come flying secretly
I will look for the last time
At the blue sky
Valkyries will come
And take me to the light

6. Sun Wind

The fire is lifting its arms
To consume the galaxies
The time melted by fire
The end and the beginning
Consumed by the nothingness
The children of the gods
Finished their last battle
Everything they knew
Put on the altar of war and destruction
The end
The place where all the roads lead
Guarded by the magical gates
Protected by the fiery dragons
The gods hidden behind them
Fell into an eternal sleep
Nor the light, nor the darkness
Are able to awaken them
The time did not heal the wounds
Sunny winds fan the fire
In the atomic dust
No one asked the questions
A magic that was to give a life
Words that were to tell the truth
And only children of the sun
Harnessed their gold chariots
And glided through the abyss
Carried by the sunny wind
And the deep darkness fell
And the night
Covered the lost lands
Where the trees will never bloom again
The key to the truth is broken
The fields will never be green again
The poison fills the coans and the rivers
The dreams will never come true
When the fiery dragon comes
To consume the galaxies
The holy fire will consume the time
The end and the beginning will be erased

7. Return To The Northern Carpathian

From cold winter fog
Long shadows emerged
During endless night
Sharpened the talons on the rocks
Above trees, above rivers
Their eyes shine in the stars
Covered by the shroud of the night
In the silence they follow the call of blood
At the endless night
No one will open a door
When the ghost knocks
Whispering pitifully at the darkness
Grey shadows feel the taste of freedom
Blood is their love potion
The night opens its kingdom
They follow the warm smell of the prey
The voice of the darkness
Whispers at the doorstep
With a silent lamentation speads the cold
Ancient magic in his words
Taking away the light, warmth and hope
At the endless night
Darkness and winter come back
From the wet mists of oblivion
From the forests of dormant murrain
Dark clouds covered the moon
Cold wind is picking up
The frightened trees nestle
Death walks in a dreadful silence
Grey figures in funeral attire
Reaching their sharp talons
Hungry, insatiable and unquenchable
Fangs dripping with black blood
Fountains of blood
Red on the walls
The death will dance in a wild dance
A lamentation of the dying is its anthem
On the altar of the dead bodies
The last drop of blood will be shed
Darkness and evil from the depths
Of the forests and mountains
Are coming back to the Northern Carpathian

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