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1. Fate Of Warrior

Cruel storm is lashing my ship
I hear my people's cries
Wind sweeps their words away and carry off into the abyss
Icy rain pierces through our bodies
Depth open its skies
We will plunge in the dark abyss
Or we will walk towards our destiny
Written with ancient runes
My comrades fight for life
They are strong, brave and relentless
But their cries mean nothing
Today our destiny is in God's hands
We won many battles
We overcame many brave warriors
We were pleased with gained treasures
And laments of the defeated
But our bravery and ruthlessness
Mean nothing to the sea monsters
Today we will be the victims
If we survive this storm
Wotan! We will sing you a song of glory
Witches put spell on our ship
The course reached us
The course of the committed crimes and desecrated temples
Our greed is punished
Soon our bones fall on the bottom of the sea
Inevitable end is coming
Sea eager for our blood
We will make a sacrifice of bravest warriors
Wind will sing funeral song
Wotan! Take your sons!

2. Jewel Of Atlanteans

The secrets of darkness and light
were hidden by the Gods underneath the waves of the sea
The darkness of the depths covered the jewels
Today the depths of the sea covers the ancient heritage
I stand on the shore of the sea staring into the horizon
my thoughts travel far beyond time and infinity
Time did not wipe out ancient magnificence
The Darkness did not dim the flame
The memories still remain within cursed symbols
The Winds cradle the sea waves
the cold penetrating underneath my cloak
I feel a cold breeze bringing ancient secrets
The magic of ancient wisdom pierces my mind
I hear prayers in ancient temples
It's still the Atlanteans singing songs of praise
Their voices fill me with pride
I still understand their ancient language
My blue eyes give away my birthplace
A part of me is still with them
The Runes made by Wotan change the reality
Today the present does not exist
Everything I was ever taught now is worth nothing
Only ancient wisdom is important
My Fate cursed and guessed
The chains of my blood and spirits of ancient generations
are here at the shore of the sea
I swear faith to them today and to the light within me
From the waves of the sea I lift my shining sword
its shine fills me with euphoria
I know today that tomorrow I will hear
the lament and cries of my enemies !

3. Memory And Destiny

On a cold sunrise out of ashes
I will resurrect in the shine of red sacrifice
I which has seen the twilight of the Gods
I will come back in old faith and full of strength
I the monument of eternity
out of personal will and anger
where I lost and cheated my death
I will resurrect on a cold sunrise
My fate has been written in ancient runes
On a cold stone sarcofago
My name will return to light
on a day when no one will be able to hear it...
Memories of heroes never die
Cries and the Lament of woman the wind will shun
The virgins of Rhine will bring forth the sword
the mark on the sarcofago will be erased
Monuments full of praise
It will uncover my ashes
The swastika is my life, its my blood
On a cold sunrise I will recall the memories
about a faith which once was
about brave man which already fought
and committed their deeds of fate
The Gods lost with Eternity
which defeated them with its monotone ways
on a cold sunrise mist will greet me
and rays of the rising swastika
Spirit and Will, Memory and Fate
Blood of Atlanteans, Runes of Rise

4. Legion Of Giants

The roar of wild beasts cuts through emptiness
Fear falls upon the earth and forms the hearts of enemies
The day when the betrayers see their last day
came with rumbling chariots
I see pale faces full of fear
Eyes full of fright which have seen the coming death
among the banners of Valkyries
I raise my sword to inflict the merciless stab
The flare of fire and the swirling smoke
The smell of blood and unprotected death
The chariots of Valkyries transform in the sky
The Legions of Giants retreat from the fire of Wotan
Their anger remains crushed on our shields
The Fires burn the earth
Human life is not worth much at this point
Its a day when a human
stands against a human
Its a day when born instincts
and the wisdom of races decide about their survival
Embraced by the madness of fighting
I can't tell the dead from the alive
above my heads thunderbolts
far away in the distance screams of beasts
The Earth trembles under the hoofs of the riders
The beasts hurl cannonballs of fire
my swastika embraced shield protects me
from the power of their destruction
they fall underneath my sword
those who survived through the charging Valkyries
their begging for mercy means nothing to me
winged warriors of Wotan

5. Runes Of Rise

The path leads me through the night
I search for ancient signs
The light of my torch, can't pierce through the darkness
Dead shadows rise from the light
They surround me, and I hear the voices
that are calling me in a long forgotten ancient tongue
The path leads through the fog
I follow the traces of old secrets
The cold and frost penetrate through my body
I hear music in the distance, the sound of sad old melodies.
I'm surely not alone here,
some one is behind and ahead of me
Someone is so close, but yet so far away
My dream is mixing with my consciousness
The thick fog grabs a hold of my senses
and the road that I'm following is still long.
Voices of ancient wisdom call me from trees
The path leads throughout the night
I follow where it takes me
Voice and instinct embraced in my blood
Soon I'll find the truth, which is
hidden in the nightly fog.
Nightly phantoms tantalize me
In the darkness I see fires and,
ancient warriors bow down above them.
Their shadows move with life
ancient strength will awaken them,
from their long sleep...
Anceient strength which I will find...
and return from night to the light

Cover notes :

Darken - vocals, guitar, bas ...
Recorded at Eastclan Forge and
DSP Studio on Autumn 2001
Engineered and mixed by Darken
All music written and performed by Darken, Cover art by Darken
Front cover by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) - Die Valkure, Act III
Graveland and Darken contact :
eastclanforge / www.graveland.silesianet.pl

Thanks to colddarkhatred for sending these lyrics.

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