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1. Iron In The Fog

Monument covered in gray fog
Engraved ancient signs
Green light smolders
Ancient wisdom resonates
The message for truth released
From the lost past and the future
Smoldering with eternal life
Bewitched ancient Atlanteans magic
My hand touches the stone
The book of destiny reveals our fate

Iron in the fog
With the winter rime covered
Eternally suspended in darkness
Smolders and flickers waiting
From the day of victory and glory
When the White hand
Embraces its heritage

Voices, always heard
Words, always spoken
Fire, always set
Blood, always shed
Runes preserve the ancient tongue
Carried with magical aura
Eternally bound to the White hand
Neither day nor night is their home

Our forefather's voices ring in our ears
Their message lost to the modern day
Harbingers of lies
Poisoned your mind
Enslaved your heart
Imprisoned your soul
Gifts of falsehood became religion
Emptiness became inspiration
Brother, wake up, it is time!

Monument shrouded in mist
Gleams with ancient magic and power
Stars fighten the black sky
My voice and thoughts vanish in the void

Before dawn breaks
The stones will speak
Revealing their secrets
Awakened from our slumber
White armies cross the bridge of eternity

2. Semper Fidelix

It was night when they emerged from forest
Our brothers were fewer than the enemy
The braves of Us died, but Wotan saw it all
Later We knew that and some moons later thus
We sailed miles, crossed storms
Furrowed waters of all tempers
Then We saw their hordes in the distance
Through the oceanic dense mist
They were not waiting for Us
We were camouflaged by sea's white hairs
We were going to finally revenge Our dead ones
Whose, cowardly by non-heathen hands, lives were taken away
Matchless armipotent heathen warriors
With hammers and swords and thorny shields
We were bellowing loud, howling like wolves
On behalf of Wotan, yearning for a peerless bloodshed
The noble blood of ancients gone was boiling in Our veins
As We were laying final oaths and praying to Wotan and Tr

...We've never feared death, because as We are warriors Sons of Wotan,
We were born to the Glory and Victory not Eternity
To defend the honour and "secure the existence of Our people"
Fight for a peaceful and prosper future for Our children
Preserve Our culture and the memory of Our brave ones already gone
The purity and nobility of Our forefather's virtues and values...

Rapidly their blood was dripping from Our blades
In the ferocious ardor of that fierce battle
Unmercifully We hurt with Our weapons
That day we ported at foe's lands
Hundred thousands of enemy men
Non-heathen foes of Our people, revilers of Our honour
Countless enemy men tumbled, fell dead one by one
Spears and arrows whistled in air and nailed to their helmets
Their Daring was taking its toll
So Our iron fatal weapons sealed their fate
Their filthy soulswere then waited at Hel by Hades
Thus Our sworn revenge was done

Brothers taken by Valkyries!
We've avenged your deaths
We offer you the blood of enemies
And the ruins of their village

We shall meet again and in Valhalla live forever!

3. Immortal Bloodline

Waiting with hope
The earth blooms again
Fields alive and green
Flowered carpets cover
Bodies turned to dust

I have witnessed my brothers
Give their lives fighting in battle
Faithful till the last breath
Death embraces them in glory

Today the Earth's skin
Blankets what was blood and ash
And only trees rustled by wind
Pay homage to the fallen

I will protect this land
As I was taught
My forefather's wisdom
Death can never erase

Power lurks within our instincts
Bravery encoded in blood
Unbroken power of a White hand
Holds the banner of a Fatherland

A cowards life leads to death
Respect of death leads to life
If you are weak in life - you will die
If you embrace war - you will live

Envision our spirit reborn
The summer of a White warrior returning
Rays from the sun
Illuminate his path of victory

Swords and banners held high
Clutched strong by the White hand
Our lineage returns to our meadow for rebirth
Towards the path leading to Valhalla

4. To The North Of Rubicon

Faces turn towards war
Cold eyes searching the emptiness
Night mixes with day
Moon eclipsed sun
Our motionless faces
And cold glassy eyes
Melt the foreboding wasteland
Chaos emerging in waves
Destruction lunging from the darkness
Soldier's hearts turned to stone
Armies stand motionless on their positions
It is not us who will cry from pain!
Our graves not trodden by ghosts
Blood that is not blood
Flesh that is not flesh
In the ashes will find its end
Our swath and fire trails
Gleaming with weapons in the night
Crests swing on the wind
Panzer forces in harmony
Savagery lunging to be unleashed
Sun glaring from the steel
Wotan bewitched their hearts
White armies united for revenge!
Enemy charging from the darkness
Smashed by shields of hate
Chariots of fire descend from the sky
The inferno engulfs the valleys of tears
Impure creatures cloven in pain
Their skeletons picked clean by beast and fowl
Swords will smash David's star
Cross and Crescent are lost
In the dark current of the river of blood
To the north of the Rubicon
Divested by passage of time
The end and beginning a mystery
Suspended between life and death
The world of human and the world of gods
Lashed by a cold wind
We peer through the abyss
Where long shadows of enemies
Reside in their hopeless lair
To the north of Rubicon
Swords will smash David's star
Iron hammer crushing the cross
Holy Crescent tread into the ground
To the north, where stone monuments stand
And tumults rise
Valkyries awaken the eternal Aryan spirit

5. Crown Heroic My Departure

I am a warrior!
I grasp the greatness of my people
And trustful I fight strenuously
For a day I may have right upon
The splendorous heritage of my ancestors
By securing the purity of my blood
My folk's perpetuity, my culture's nobility
My land's integrity, my ancestors memory
I claim for Thee! Ancient braves warrior spirits!
Forefathers and brothers of mine!
Strengthen me - my body and soul
Lead me to victory in combat, glory on battle
For Thee I shall fight!
And I'll battle in the fluids of hatred
For Thee I shall slay!
And fervently I'll raise to the clouds
The my Sol Invictus' banner and bloody sword
With brothers and sister celebrate
Offer Thee the spoils of war
And the enemies' final twilight
Nevertheless if a day the war takes place
Consuming the last breaths of my being
Spilling my blood over the battlefield's ground
And my sword breaks in two parts
My spirit weakens... my anima vanishes...
I shall not flee from warfront
For my duty perfect fulfillment
Even if I carry broken bones on me
It doesn't matter, 'till death, without fear
I'll battle and fight and struggle and strive
Without mercy or smallest remorse
For a whole Era of glories
Triumphs and victories of Thy sons
And forthcoming eons of supremacy
On behalf of dead braves of my blood
Make not vain the loss of my life!
Concede me sit together with Thee
Among those of mine on paradise
Send the Valkyries here take me
Crown heroic my departure!
Listen to me, my ancestors!
Wait for me! I shall arrive!

6. While I Ride With The Valkyries

Fainting blood-red the enemy lad with their own blood
Battling together to many hordes of brothers, side by side
Grasping a hand - forged iron sword and a wooden shield
Wearing a gold adorned helmet, was the one never loser

The one never before cut by a blade was be!
The one never bled in a fight
So of allfather Wotan, blessed by wargod Tyr

Born to die in Midgard to forever live in Valhalla
The day I keenly was delightning me in one battle
Mounting my harnessed great white war -steed
Eyeing the gorgeous war scenery

Brothers of mine were triumphing upon the foes
Satiating their wolfish thirst for blood
Risking their lives for their blood and honour

Their folk and soil, their past and future
Challenging the norns unknown writings
... in many battlefields I've fought and withstood

Differently of some, now gone, of mine
Their fate was sealed, their memory lives on
It's now arrived my time to joining to them
Too young I was to feel, to now its before

In past death could have taken me against my will
But not now, I know I've fulfilled more than my duty
Battles I fought, battles I won; for me it's enough
Nothing more I'm longing for, but a horn of hydrohoney

A place to sit among my father and brothers and a banquet
In the halls of Valhalla and there celebrate with them
The great heroic saga of our lives glories and victories
Devoted to our ancient blood, soil and honour

To gods in Asgard and people of our kind
And our not feared, but unexpected cavalcade
Our deaths as braves and loyal warriors
I want to see my father and mother again

See all my deceased relatives smiling
See my god, enthroned in grasslandic paradise
And my beautiful goddess with him

While I ride with the Valkyries
I realized the magnificence of my life
The supreme meaning of my fighting existence
The so searched life aim, by the non-heathens

While I ride with the Valkyries
Refreshing breeze blew to my face, meanwhile
Happiness filled my heart, peace filled my mind
And the conscience I'm a laureatable warrior
Earlier I learned to bloodstain the iron

I teach you now to wipe tears of lament
Burn me in my drakkar, don't cry but joy me departure
Because I'm happy while I ride with the Valkyries

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