Dark Lyrics


1. Blood And Ash


2. Tyrants Of Cruelty

Death has sent it's angels
Heralds of war pain and fear
In sunlight or darkness of night
Sinister tyrants of cruelty
On their black horses travel all over the world

Scepters of fear and banners of chaos
And cry of the beast breaking the empty space
When fright and terror start to rule
Demons of war, tyrants of cruelty
Cry through abyss
Bad day for those who heard this cry

Shadow in valleys
Rumble and roll and wild laugh of horses
Soon thirsty they will drink from rivers of blood
In flames of fire and bloody glow
Among dead corpses in deadly fight

Damned day when thousand swords
With rumble will sing their song of death
In blood and corpses of the enemy
Cruel triumph and gloomy fame
March of victory tyrants

Lords of war with ghostly laugh
Will reward the bravest warriors
Because where death rules
And angles of death
Only few will survive

Damned day, gloomy day
When rage of beast of fear as gray shadow
Falls on your lands talking to you
As magic call pulls you
Where many have gone
But no one returned alive

In fire of battle, in the ravages of war
Cruel lords' wild laugh
On hatred fields in tumult of battle
In trap of mighty and cruel gloomy will
The wind will steal our names

Damned day when crow on the sky
Flutter it's black wings
Where war track leads
We will go following destiny
For eternal struggle, leading by voice of mighty will
Where wind will mix our names with ashes

3. No Mercy In My Heart

No mercy in my heart
I was born for war, not for love
Rage and voices of my dying enemies
Fill my soul and my heart
War craft is my life
Stern school of life taught me how to fight
Instinct told me what to do
Always watchful, always ready
Conscious of bonds of blood

I am waiting for another battle...when Wotan summons me
Rage is my guide, hatred my consolation
When I have to choose, I always choose a sword
When death and life becomes the One
Creed of sword must be cruel and unforgiving
In dance with death I delight in cries of the defeated
Staining in blood of the enemy I become herald of cruelty
In bluster of clashing steel I hear my breath
In the eyes full of fear I see reflection of my face

Sword is my thought, my voice and my will
No mercy in my heart
Fires of hatred burned it
Bloody streams mark my way
Blood shed in a battle mixes with the soil
Before wild beast come
And mangle dead corpses

I will bury my brothers who died
No room for peace in my heart
I will bear my burden
Where Gods wage the battles
i will look for soothe in cruelty of war
And in taste of blood
Before rain cleans my wounds
From harden blood and ashes
I will raise my sword
And go where my brothers
Are fighting to their last breath

Hymns of war will fill the empty space
Sound of drums will break the sky
Clashed in deadly hag
We will cry our names to the Eternity
The dead will find their place in Valhalla
And on lands where they waged their battles
Following the voice of blood
The way of our ancestors
Memory of them will live forever

4. Ancient Blood

The days when ancient blood
Will awake in the hearts of white men and women
Our banners will rise to the sky
And will flap with joy on wind
Ancient widsom and strength will return
Divided nation will become unity
And cry of thousands of throats
Will disperse darkness
Clearing a way for Swarozyc light
The gates to source of our might
On rushing shining chariots
Heroes of nation will return us our pride

Fire will be brought to life
And will light forever
In it's warm and lights of flames
New generations will be bred
When ancient blood will return us our will
We will not be afraid of darkness any more
And Swarozyc light will disperse the darkness of night
In bloody struggle fighting bravely
Through courage and bravery
Looking into death's eyes
We will join proud heroes
Who with might and main gave their lives away
And belong to the past fighting
For honor and pride of our race
When blood of ours and of our enemies
With falsehood and lies put to sleep
Will awake from a long sleep

In darkness of night swords will shine
And squeal of coming death
WIll bring fear to the enemy
In flames of victory and glory
Words full of honor and pride
Will be brought back to light
In deadly struggle spilling our blood
We will raise banners of victory
Signs of triumph and rebirth
In flames of Swarozyc light
On our defiled soil
When ancient blood
Will awake in us

5. White Beasts Of Wotan

Spirits of war arrived at the battlefield
His voice echoed with loud sound
Today rains will sprinkle the soil
Today we will meet our death here
Or we will win the name of Wotan
Where Gods summon for deathly combat
We follow as always faithful to fight and war
Among fires and clashing steel
In the flames of rising Swarozyc
In the battle we will give our lives away

White beasts of Wotan
Bloody faces full of pride
For eons on war in the name of honor and pride
Born among death, pain and sadness
Bred in the shadow of swords
And among the sound of war drums

White beasts of Wotan
Blue eyes bringing fright
White hands swaying swords
With Swarozyc on their flags
With cry of hatred on their mouths
Always they're where blood is shed with rivers

White sons of Wotan
Fighting bravely as their fathers used to fight
From dawn till dusk in mortal struggles
Staining with enemy blood
Till the last breathe inflicting deadly blows
In eternal dance with death in chaos of war

Steel is mixing with blood
Honor and pride do not let move back
We go forth winged with anger
Wotan leads us for a battle
Our names frighten the enemy
Akways faithful to cruel law of war
Following the eternal call

Keep straight on listening to their heathenish hearts
Steel shields of Wotan!
White beasts!
Blades of anger and justice
The sword and fist of Wotan

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