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1. Carpathian Wolves (Intro)

Awoken spirits of the carpathian forest come,
hands of the dead beat the kettle drums with wrath.
Wolfish hordes awoken by the fullmoon,
follow the smell of blood and death.

2. Barbarism Returns

Living, dead and dying
We stand covered by Black shroud
We await the moon and wind
Fire burning on the altar
Burnt the incautious spirits
By it's red glare, awoke the magic stones
We've united good and evil
We've created the highest power
Magic and might of dark blood
Blood from the scars of wounded Gods
Runes engraved by Devils
Besmeared by the Black Blood
In the Glare of furious lightning's
Spell of the damned runic words
Altar of uncoagulated blood
Altar surrounded by the women-wolves
The words pledged to moon
We repeat incantations written in blood
Spirits come and walk among us
We curse their fear and awe
We curse our mercy
May my soul burn in the fore of purity
Evil wind tears the trees
Moon hidden over the clouds
Black smoke teases our eyes
Burnt blood charms by it's smell
Night of the ultimate darkness
Elected it's sacrifice, it's tribute
Feeding by our fear and our pain

3. In The Northern Carpathians

When the Black clouds cover the moon
And reality turns into nightmare
Lighting cuts through the dark sky
Almighty Perun gave us his sign !
Brothers, wolves, I summon you !
Wind will bring you my howling
And smell of the human blood
Yes, I found another sacrifice
Droops of blood upon the stone
I lick the cold virgins corpse
I an blinded by my bloodlust
I the Northern Carpathians
Mystic eyes between the trees
Brothers hungry for the blood
Through the blood I find desire
The only sense of the evil life
Immortality is true
For the creatures without shadows
There is hell on the earth
In the Northern Carpathians...
Unholy woods of mysteries
Alone witches full of hate
Werewolves hidden in the caves
Forgotten spells of pagan past
Long nights and hours of darkness
Cold mountain winds blow through the trees
Diabolic feast around the fire
Dark shadows dancing with flames
There is a place where Evil lives
There are woods where people die
At midnight blood is more precious than gold
In the Northern Carpathians...

4. Impaler Of Wallachia

At the longest Fullmoon night
In the castle near the forest
Where the howling of wild wolves
Sounds like music of dark abyss
At midnight wind was blowing
Transylvanian snow was falling
From the bloody womb of woman
Son of Dragon was born...
Mystic howling in the forest
Spreads the sacred words of Evil:
"Thou art. Lord of Wallachia,
Thou shall be the Dracula..."
May this night be eternal
As eternal is his soul
The man with Satanic spirits
Became horrified ruler...
By the fire and sword
By the fear and terror
Like wolf thirsty for the blood
Vlad destroyed his enemies...
They called him Impaler
And they lived in fear
"Blood is life" he said,
and he killed them to live again...
And the night of end has come
They were waiting for his death
Three nights later grave was empty
Vlad became the higher form !
"I am Nightmare, warrior spirit
from the house of Dead I come
I am Darkest force of Night
Bloodlust covered my mind..."

5. Witches' Holocaust

Witches Holocaust, crack of the burning wood
Red fire taking one's own life and smell of burning flesh
Eyes burning with the red fire, Black long hair teared by wind
Wolfish soul in woman's body, with that burnt her heart
You are evil woman, you who sacrificed yourself for the black incantations
The moon gave the sign on your body, tonight your scream will awake the gods
Tomorrow you shall stand before them
Red scarlet shadows dance around their sacrifice
Their fiery tongues lick her body
Scream has left in tormented Body
Wind blows away ashes and Black smoke
Christian tormentors want sacrifice for their god
They gave you back to tongues of fire
In the name of their possessed god
In the name of their abortive madness
Married to the Fire's Dragon
You shall go where your sisters has gone
By the torment that becomes the deliverance
By the fire that was your destiny
Scream of the burning witches with the upcoming moon
It will return with nocturnal wind
Scream that was born in fire
And torment of witches holocaust...
The false christian society by it's church and its faith
In the times of its highest triumph, madness and union with god
Brought near to its so called almighty by the killing of many
Thousands of innocent sacrifices, by murders on heretics and witches...
Medieval Europe....

6. At The Pagan Samhain Night

Dark was the sky and cold was this night
I saw in dusk the shifting stars
Inside the circle of mysterious sings
A little casket drowned in blood
The horned one gave me the key
I opened the casket to see my fate
The ultimate fate of mine
Pagan warrior, son of the dark sky...
Fire of eternal hell inflamed the left path
The priest of Darkness, Druid named Schakh
He opened my third eye, his evil soul became mine
We were bonded by blood, our hearts beat the same
"Thou belong to me now, follow me in dawn
We are the same, the soul of man
Look in my eyes, see burning stars
Crucify the lier, create Dark Empire"
Through the veil of fog I heard his voice
I was cold, but sweet as an immortal dream
I know the one taught to survive by the
carpathian code of life...
He hold the silver sword and Black book
The symbols of mystic strength and wisdom
I understood these signs of Darkness
My knowledge became my secret weapon...
At the pagan Samhain night
I entered the Darkside
Evil arrived far from the North
I know the might of Demonolord

7. Unpunished Herd

Born from the wolfish womb in the Fullmoon
I died for this world
I became the nightmare for living men
I run through the Black woods
Bloodlust leads me and I kill, kill and I die
In the ecstasy of murderlust
And then I escape possessed
I hide myself in the shadows of trees
I'm. afraid, I fear and I cry
My face drip with blood
I hate living men
I'm. faithful only for the dead
I remember wolves over my face
Red eyes of my mother
Her sharp fangs, and my first pain
I was born in the night
Evil wind was tearing the trees
Spirits were hiding in the shadows
And wolves brought me the first sacrifice
I became the unpurest spirit
I killed the living man
I draw my fangs in his body
And his spirit became mad
Born from the wolfish womb in the Fullmoon
I hide myself in the shadows of trees
I avoid the damned sun
I follow the smell of blood
Wolves come with the herds
Their howling appoints the limits of life
I am one of them
In the herd I follow the moon
Night helps us, we are unpunished
Sons of Fenriz, son of Louve
This is the true element of darkness
Wild, unseizable, true creation of Gods possessed

8. Into The War (Outro)

The last night has come, and dawn will never come
The sound of kettle drums spreads the hymn of Hatred
Into the war we come, its time of the last battle

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