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1. Wanna Get Close

You often tried to pass me by at night
I always saw you dancing in the moonlight
but now you stay, so baby just surrender
from now on in my arms you'll feel so fine

Hey little girl
there's no time for a fight
come over or you'll see me blue

Hey little girl
the nighttime is alright
I'm gonna spend the night with you

I wanna get close
I wanna get close
I wanna get closer tonight

Come on over baby
just look what I've got for you
but if you think I have to surrender
you're so damned, you're so damned wrong

Out in the streets we're walking hand in hand
we see our shadows dancing on the wall
when daylight dawns we see a new horizon
will tell you'll find no one better

2. Don't Leave Me Lonely

Jimmy and Jenny lived together
from January '84 till December '85
he was a rock and roll ladies' man
she was only 19 when she died

I played in bands with Jimmy
he used to get heavy from time to time
I didn't like the way he treated Jenny
I can still hear her cry

Don't leave me lonely
don't leave me alone

Don't leave me lonely
I can't make it on my own

Jimmy used to laugh about her
those girls are all the same
love them and leave them
that's the name of the game

He sure could play those drums
but the love game he couldn't play
he was a bastard to poor Jenny
and I can still hear her cry to this day

3. Stronger Than Ever

I was an man with no future
A bird without wings
I crawled through the desert
With nothing to drink

Searching and searching
Time after time
Looking for new horizons
And you were right here by my side

Stronger than ever
Stronger than ever before
Stronger than ever
Stronger than ever before

Now I'm as strong as a lion
And I can run like the wind
I can jump through the fire
'Cause you're here with me

Higher and higher
Together we fly
Nothing can bring us down
'Cause you're right here by my side

4. Moonriders

I felt this yearning since the day I was born
I wanted more than just to fly
it's been the rhythm of an engine - so wild
a driving force that ruled my live

I want your power on a planet in the sky
you are the ace for me and so I'm running wild

When I look behind
I see your face
You know it's time to run
it's a long way to hell

I saw you moving slowly into the night
I needed more than just your soul
we took the road straight ahead for a mile
you've got my power in your hands

A journey through space and time
just you and I
Moonriders in the sky

5. Lay It On

I was wrong
but baby that was yesterday
said I was sorry
tell me what more can I say

If you're still sore
please tell me what more can I do
to make it up
so I can get it on with you

Let's cut this kid's stuff
'cause it's driving me insane
switch off the lights
let's go to bed again

Lay it on
Lay your love on me

When you're mad at me
It really turns me on
I love the breakups
'cause the making up is fun

Let's swim in passion
till we drown in ecstasy
you know I need you
just as much as you need me

My heart is pounding
only yearning for your touch
don't keep me waiting
I might just blow up

6. I Don't Need Your Love

Don't come hanging 'round my backdoor
Wanna see your face no more
Listen girl just what I say
Stay away

I've got more important things to do
Than to waste my time with you
Shouting your mouth
All over town

I don't need your love
You better take it or leave it
I don't need your love
I'm sick and tired of all the lies
Behind your painted smile

No more looks that hypnotize
Sparkle someone else's eyes
You're a no good love machine
Crazy scene

All you wanted was to get down
Kept your body to the ground
And the only way to reach you was in bed

Every time I see your face
Satisfaction's growing less
Get away, don't try to hold me
Let me be

There was never harmony
Even when you clung to me
There's no place for you in this house
Get on out

7. Listen To The Music

It's been a year or so
since I was here in town
you were a part of that crowd
saw me getting right on down

I'm such a bad, bad boy
want your body not your soul
but I won't stay forever
'cause I run a travellin' show

Do you wanna feel my fever
everybody wants to rock

I want to keep my freedom
I want some fun - that's all
you don't believe I'm sorry
'though I have told you so

Do you wanna feel my fever
everybody wants to rock

Listen to the music
everybody wants to rock
Make love to the music
you're gonna dance the whole night long

Listen to the music
everybody wants to rock
Do it to the music
I wanna rock you all night long

I'm still a bad, bad boy
want your body not your soul
tonight you might just score
hanging 'round my backstage door

8. Stay Till The Morning

Hey now, baby listen to me
we can't go on this way
baby try to understand me
don't let our love fade away

Come on, come on, come on baby,
come on, come on, don't be shy

Stay till the morning
let's make love tonight
Stay till the morning
girl I'll treat you right
it's gonna be alright

I can't take these long discussions
they always end in tears
baby what's the use in fighting
let's sort it out right here and now

There's no time for playing jealous
that's for kids at school
we've got something going for us
hey stay cool oooh

9. Stand Up And Rock

Another boring evening
where nothing's going on
then suddenly the phone rings
could this mean time for fun
we take off to the Palais
that's where the action is
everybody's waiting
for the show to begin

The band is really rocking
the crowd roars out for more
that's unaffected feeling
from kids of rock 'n' roll

Stand up and rock
Stand up and rock

When lights dim down we feel it
our heroes are in town
the tension mounts they're on stage
we'll never be alone
we get just what we wanted
the music's straight and loud
the temperature is rising
the air vibrates the sound

A late night rock invasion
yes we were born to rock
we're living for the moment
and we'll never give it up
tomorrow doesn't matter
we'll take it as it comes
as long as we can stand up
we'll rock the whole night long

10. Shadows Of The Past

I once gave my heart and soul
Why - I wanna know
You've got what you were looking for
You enjoyed your show

Sacrifice you - without warning
Not for you - I can't take it
Now you're gone - I will make it
All night long - I won't miss you

Shadows of the past
Returned from nowhere I stand
Shadows of the past
Alone you'll be in the end

I found out you never mean
Anything you say
You're the kind who tries to tease
Then you run away

Today I found my destiny
I was just you fool
There's another place for me
Now I know the truth

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Thanks to nomercy036 for correcting track #10 lyrics.

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