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1. Tears Of Madness

2. Shadowmaker

I'm the king of destruction, the master of chaos
Leading the fools to the gates of Hades
I'm weaving shadows, deep in their mind
Stealing the light and leaving them blind
Leader of armies, destroying each other
I'm watching with joy as brother kills brother
Inventor of weapons, too mighty too strong
Taking mankind back to where they belong
Living in religion
I'm living in your greed
I'm growing every day anew
Your hate is all I need
Die! Die! Die! Die!

Shadowmaker, shadowmaker - meet me in the night
Shadowmaker, shadowmaker - you will die
Shadowmaker, shadowmaker - in the dark of light
Shadowmaker, shadowmaker - you will die

I'm the emptiness between two lovers
Feeding them poison, till they hate each other
I'm smiling as finally, under tears they part
And nourish myself, from their broken heart
I'm sowing bewilderment, between those who trust
I'm kicking your dearest dreams in the dust
Where hatred rules, I will dwell
Call me devil, then you live right in hell
Living on the dark side
I'm living in your head
You're feeding me despair
And I shall drive you mad
I exist in you, in the shadows of your brain
I belong to you, and you know my name
Like a child you grew me, every day of your life
If you say you know me, it is a lie
I'm white and pale, because I live in the night
Of your happy days, of your lifeline so bright
I'm growing stronger, from the hate in your soul
I'm growing stronger, till I take control
I'm living on the dark side
I'm living in your head
And I shall drive you mad

3. The Grave Dancer

I see the people, living just a lie
Searching for freedom, until they die
They live as cowards, they die as fools
But after death is gone, I come to rule
I haunt the ruins of your wretched mind
You can't your tumbling blind

Fools - I will lead you down
Losers - your eyes will stud my crown
Bastards - I rule you life
I dance on your grave
I dance on your grave

I am the ruler, of the endless night
I am a mighty power, that you just can't fight
I hold the key to your destiny
Do what you want, you'll never be free
Running in circles, no way out of this maze
Fog in your brains, get lost in the haze
I am the little man, inside your head
You think good, but I'll make it bad
I am the reaper of your destiny
The reaper is you and the reaper is me

4. Demon's Day

You site alone in lightless chambers, all the love you had is gone
No one there to catch your fall, you never felt so alone
Blackened thoughts in lonely ruins, lifeless eyes an empty gaze
Death is but a promise now, life is just an empty phrase
Demons wait in every corner, reach for you with poisoned claws
Madness spreads its wings above, you're lying helpless on the floor
No one there - lost alone - madness rules - love is gone
No escape - never try - no way out - you will die
Come out to the other side
Agony's your friend
Come out I will lead the way
In life there is no sense

You're my victim,you're my prey, I will get you on demon's day
Can't you see me,can't you fell me, I will get you on demon's day

No one there - lost alone - madness - rules - love is gone
The sun will never shine
No escape - never try - no way out - you will die
You die so alone
You've gone through hell, you met the devil, demons paved the way you walked
All alone you took the challenge, no one listened as you talked
Now you live a happy life, with all friends up in your head
Pills provide an easy shelter, all your sadness now is dead


5. Warchild

I'm fighting, I'm killing, just like a man
Sanding, defending, a gun in my hand
Look in my eyes, can't you see they're so cold
I'm a fighter, I'm a warrior, I'm twelve years old
Look like a kid, but I learned how to steal
Play children's games, but my killing is real
Once was a kid, just normal as you were
Then soldiers came, killed and they burned
I lost my home, but I found a gun
I take their lives, just like they have done
You took my dad, you killed, you stole my youth and
Took my mum. You raped. I take your lives now

I'm a little warchild
I kill with an evil smile
I'm a little warchild
I shoot and death you dial

I 'm fighting. I'm killing, just like a man
Standing, defending, a gun in my hand
Once was a kid, just normal as you were
Then Soldiers came, killed and they burned
I lost my home, but found a gun
I take their lives, just like they have done

6. Heart Of Darkness

In every man there's good and bad
Madness lurks in every brain
Do you know what's deep in your head
Are you a genius or insane
Sometimes the borders deep in you just fall
General's gone mad in Vietnam
Became a god a lonely one
Once a soldier of great fame he was
Now killing seems all the same in wars
Sometimes the other side breaks through the wall
You do your duty, just don't ask why
Kill him with a cold heart, he's damned to die
The river leads you all the way, you never stop
You fight to live another day, can't ever stop
We're fighting for freedom
We're fighting for peace
We're serving our country
We're fighting for god
You feel the madness, the jungle breeds
It all seems useless, heroic deeds
Madness creeps into your deepest core, and in your soul

In the heart of darkness
I see the fire in the eastern sky
In the heart of darkness
Soldiers fighting for a lie

Man, you're crazy, believe me, you're not god
Who's to say so, ain't we, all the same
Man, you slaughter, it's useless, what's your game
All is useless, was games, it seems insane
I observed a snail creeping on the edge of a razor blade
That's my dream, that is my nightmare
To creep on the edge of the razor blade and survive
You did your duty, the general is dead
But you paid a high price, your mind's gone mad
Somehow the general had his way, a point of no return
The memories haunt you night and day, in your soul the burn

7. Hate

Live in darkest dreams; drugs roam in my head
Nothing's like it seems; still the blood is red
Myself is what I hate; my living and my lie
I blow to my fate; never try
I hate myself, don't call my name

Hate is strong, hate is black,
Kills the light,no way back
Don't go my way
Don't go this way
Oh God help me
Here's the road that leads to hate

The shit of all the years, it lies upon my soul
Depressions and my fears, things I can't control
The days are painted grey, I never see the light
I throw myself away, give up, never fight
The sun sometimes shines, upon my wretched mind
But I just close my eyes, and hate is what I find
Hope is what I need, despair is what I find
Hate is what I feed, hate is what I live

8. Circle Of Witches

The foul smell of evil hangs over the moores
Where in a lonely hut witches dwell.
Repelling creatures ageless feared and fitted
With powers from the depths of hell.
Once a noble man a baron brother of the king himself
Visited the witches on a dark dark night.
He asked assist to gain the throne
He sold his soul to win a fight.
The days getting short and nights getting colder
Winter has come, the sun is too weak
The forces of night are now growing stronger
Searching for souls for men blind with greed
Three witches stand in a circle of evil
Tongues speaking words old and unknown
Call for a demon to serve in their dark spell
Fulfill what they owe to get what men own
I'll be king, I want the power, I will change my fate
Magic's on my side forever, so the witches say
Time is right to gane the throne, I'll take my brother down
I'll be king to rule the land, yes I'll take the crown

I've lost my soul
I've lost control
To the circle of witches
My life is black
There's no way back
From the circle of witches
Circle of witches
Circle of witches
Circle of witches - never again

Lie in wait, prepared to fight, soon the king must come
Allied with the darkest powers, murder will be done
Loyal soldiers, stand for battle, blinded are their eyes
Witchcraft takes away their sight, as we take their lives
I look at myself, a mirror of darkness
My mind it is drowned, a dark flood of hate
I owe too much to the powers of evil
I know I'm damned, sealed is my fate
For the gloom of gold and glory, I have sold my soul
Blackened are the sunny days, the dark side takes control
Hell awaits as nightmares haunt me, demons in my head
Satan waits with patient joy, he'll greet me when I'm dead.

9. Black Death

Pain and death spread everywhere
Foul disease hangs in the air
Corpses rot live to die
Fate selects with closed eyes
Black Death rules the country and rages through the land
Victims drop like flies, there seems to be no end
Cities turn to ghost towns awaiting what will come
People froze with fear, nowhere you could run
laughing, Crying
Tumbling, Dying
Fighting, Abandoning
Surrender to your fate

Black death - walks behind
Black death - in every smile
Black death - at your side
Black death - you can't hide

Some are rich, some are poor
Kings and Queens Beggars Fools
As they die they're all the same
Fate is cruel but who's to blame
Black Death rules the country, there is no good and bad
There is no strong or mighty, all must bow their head
Everybody is equal as they lose their breath
There is no salvation, there is only death
The reaper's time now and here
A skinless smile spreading fear
Bony hands reach you
It is the end, your life is through
Pray to god for mercy, the reaper laughs aloud
Blood drips from his scythe as he cuts the victims down
Witches call for Satan, priests raise their hands
Strong believes must fall, the reaper rules the land

10. My Life

11. Dolphin's Cry

Standing on a lonely shore, beauty does unfold
Kissed by the dawning light, the sea is painted gold
Never seen alike before, innocent and pure
We never see, we just destroy, we run this planet down

Living to destroy
Looking with closed eyes
Getting sad - as I understand
I see a dolphin cry

Have you heard, birds greet the day, so full of joy they sing
Remember the smell of forests, the innocence of spring
But we forget and close our eyes, beauty fades away
The big machine must run forever, forget the price we pay.

Everybody makes profit, businesses going well
We buy, we grab, we hold with greed, but how much do we sell
Rich but poor we celebrate, lost the best we've had
I realize but can not change it, getting cold and sad

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