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1. In Rapture By The Fenrir Moon

The moon ignites the thyestean flame
Tempestuous winds call out my name
Red orphic rays shine unto me
It's the threshold of lycanthropy

The wanton craving and salacious desire
Kindle my seething promethean fire
The tethered wolf has been unleashed
To hunt and kill voraciously

Diana, take me into thy womb
To thine lunar radiance I swoon
My lustfulness forever blooms
In rapture by the fenrir moon

With mordacious fangs and feral claws
I exercise the primordial laws
My lupine cock is fixed to rise
And fuck the marrow of life

Pious lambs know not satanic truth
"sweetest the tongue, sharpest the tooth"
The dawn ascends and I evade
Back into the woods whence I came

2. Sleeping Princess Of The Arges

Tonight the moon is full
In the land beyond the forest
The howling of wallachian wolves
A serenade to the dreariest soul

I'm alone
In the confines of my barren home
Bereaved... left behind
Grieving for the one
My ashen bride

A host of ravens hover
From majestic winter mountains
Into my eyes they whisper
A sullen song of melancholy

Five hundred years have passed
Since the flowers blossomed
Green meadows now benighted
And shadows embrace the frozen sun

I'm alone...

[her voice]
"I remember the glorious storms
The wrath of the heavens upon the shores
The erotic winds and their symphonies
Resounding above the elegant trees

I remember the nights spent in thine arms
While making dark love with bestial charm
A setting provided with incessant rain
Sipping the blood from each other's veins"

As mist I travel the dismal skies
Feeding my ravenous appetite
Dreaming of candles and gleaming stars
Bleeding from my lovelorn scars

Once I was a blissful delighted man
Residing over a splendid land
Now a beast of nocturnal guise
Bent to cease my immortal life

[her voice]
"I am longing to touch thee, my love
To bake in the warmth of the skies above
Marvelled by landscapes so picturesque
With thy nestled brow upon my nurturing breast

I yearn to taste the sweet tongue of thy kiss
To dance in the halls of the fiery abyss
Vanquish thy curse and come set me free
Awake me, my darling, from my tortured sleep

Through ethereal dreams I convoke to thee
Like a gentle breeze upon a reposing sea
Let my waves wash away thy grief
And coney thy shadowless soul back to me"

I've renounced the ways of christ
I've spat on his throne and scoffed at his lies
I'll install a new kingdom to which there will be
Everlasting indulgence for you and me

Soon we shall stroll through the spellbinding murk
My time has come to relinquish this earth
With cascading tears of horizons unseen
I'll be united with my pallid queen

Together we will drink to our undying love
Absinthe shall lift us on the wings of a dove
And transport us to places beyond our dreams
Where graceful nymphs dominate the scene

And so I forsake my ancient abode
My calamitous fable of woe unfolds
With valor I face the sweltering sun
In thy pale reflection of death
We are one...

3. When Darkness Rears Itself A Throne

In the wake of a blazing empire
Face the aeon of torrid fire

Sound the trumpets
War has begun
Gather our minions to render destruction

The abysmal gates are open...

Rape the mother who bred the messiah
Ride the seraphs with namtar and idpa

Bolt of levin cracks the earth open
Demons ascending to ravage the heavens

The hordes of darkness return...

With clashing cymbals and thunderous drums
We call to the gods of abomination
May our hearts be strong and filled with might
To rend and lay waste the disciples of christ

Set churches ablaze with scorching fire
Its embers are lossed by flames of desire
We raise our swords forged in pride
On the primeval wings of chaos we ride
Armageddon! dominion!
The holocaust has claimed its millions
War, we are legion war! thy dark will be done

The tyrant must feel the extent of our hate
Shrieking in torment he'll greet his fate
Upon his throne infernal kingdom wrought
The celestial body condemned to naught

Those who oppose the heathen foe
Shall be cast to fathomless depths below
Darkness shall forever rule supreme
From what once was it eternally
Conquest is granted
Our world without end

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