Dark Lyrics


1. Summoning Of The Serpent

2. Shadowed Portal To The Left Light

In the dusk as light slowly fades away
And darkness embraces my whole being
Shadows dancing their grim bodeful dance
As this night will last eternally


A lifetime of melancholy and hatred
Fettered in shackles of flesh and blood
In this dark forest, so eerie
I shall finally be able to pass through
to the other side

Pull me over the edge
Through the gate of infinity
Let me enter the dark
The shadowed portal

To the left light

Grant me the wisdom of the grave
Grant me all the visions of the nightside
Winds of death now blows so cold
Greets me - A servant of the dark

As my blood is dripping cold

Bursting through dimensions
Through the gate of infinity
An entrance to the dark beyond
Through the shadowed portal

To the left light

3. Vilddjurets Återkomst

En isande vind över vidder av frost
Ett varsel om en annalkande tid
En vind som viskar om en framtid
där den fjättrade sliter sig loss
Om ett uråldrigt uppdämt raseri

Visioner tar så form i våra sinnen
Skuggor rör sig under månens iskalla ljus
Ett förebud om rättvisa
en förnimmelse av död
Ett uråldrigt väsen vaknar
till nordanvindens sus

En uråldrig mordisk urkraft
Av den isande natten åter väckt till liv
Ett urtidsväsen som höjer sina käftar
En fjättrad best skall slita sig fri

Dess lockrop skall oss alltid förtrolla
Vi som beträder nordstjärnans karga stig
skälvandes av blodtörst
En varulvsflock ger sig ånyo ut i krig

Ett uråldrigt fjättrat vilddjur
Av det iskalla mörkret åter väckt till liv
Höj nu åter dina blodiga käftar
Förtrolla oss med din blodisande symfoni

Att se glittrande hjärteblod
Förfalla svart i månens iskalla sken
Väcker en längtan i våra köldslagna själar
Som fyller märg och ben

Ett uråldrigt nordiskt vilddjur
Av den rasande stormen åter väckt till liv
Höj så åter dina bloddrypande käftar
Förhäxa oss med din blodisande symfoni

4. Luciferian Flame

Ancient entity
Make me at one with the night and at one with thee
My soul thrives on grief
A soul wrapped in darkness and melancholy

Flaming intensity
Red hot burning sensation of divinity
A ravishing hunger to be free
To wander the shadow realms

For eternity

Realms of primordial chaos
Kingdoms of shells
where dark energy flows with unbroken continuity

At one with the current of dark ecstasy
At one with the serpent fire everlastingly

So let me die by thy scythe
Dark lord of the unknown
Let me bleed and tread the path of night

Free my soul
as cold as the freezing nightsky
Let it levitate to thy kingdom
The source of blackened light

Come cast thy shadow over me
Show me infernal sights

On dragon wings, on death's cold breeze
On blackened streams, I'll ride along with thee


Enlighten me
with thy black light of clarity
Open up my eyes, wide to see
Through the mist of obscurity

Release me from the fetters of mortality
Open up my eyes, wide to see
Beyond the gate of infinity

Forge me in to a soldier of ice cold steel
With the strength to break the eleventh seal
On the wings of darkness, on death's cold breeze
Transformed into a dark knight of the shadowbreed

My mortal life, merely a vague memory
Ancient mysteries of death now revealed to me

5. Beyond The Black Veil Of Da'at

An embrace of the night, as cold as ice
Entranced by the cold of the unlight
can not resist the call of the Serpent´s blood
A fathomless urge to explore the dark
What lies beyond the veil?

Beyond the cold embrace of death...
An eternity and beyond!

Bursting through the shimmering clouds
Into the radiant twilight
Soaring through dimensions
Streaking through the void
Into the realm of perpetual dark

On scaly wings I fly into the night
On winds of death to the other side
My inner self comes into sight
Illuminated by the black sun
My journey has reached it´s end

...yet only just begun

With the scepter of Setekh
I rip open the veil of Creation
My spiritual journey
My final step
Outside the frame

As dreadful as eternity´s cold void
I spread my wings in ghastliness
Undying light in an eternity of darkness
The secrets of death unveiled to me

Read in gouts of blood

6. Vastness Of Death

7. Sphere Of The Acausal

Like a storm of disastrous proportions
Like a raging tide
Like the raging waters of a Scorpio Moon
the gates to the outer sphere
about to be opened wide

Enlightened by the dreaded flame of Moloch
Blessed with the mark of the beast

Forever within the grasp
of the whirlpool of the dark
Baptized in Chaos' raging seas

The tempest of Tiamat
about to be unleashed!

Stormwinds of nothingness
about to be unleashed!

Burning devotion to the bringers of nightfall
Missionaires of the nocturnal curse

Positioning ourselves as redeemers
As the earthly foundations are about to burst

Architects of murder
and the death of the universe

Enter the sphere of the acausal
Unlock the forbidden gates
Leave behind the symbolic order
Worlds of dark wonders awaits

An entrance to hidden dimensions
Veiled gateways are everywhere
Woven into the deeper currents of the unseen
Portals to the outer sphere

Ominious tales whispered by nightwinds
Dark sorceries brought to life anew
Granting us knowledge of the unknowable
The dark secrets the ancient ones knew
The wisdom of the night
Held by Naglfar's crew

The abode of utter blackness awaits us
The crawling chaos are calling our names
Mystical communion with creatures far older than "god"
Their images burned into our brains
Their signatures scrawled in the cracks between worlds
Timeless kingdoms of dark mystery

Labyrinths of dark wonders
Breathing tunnels of infernality
A journey far into the unknown
the abode of the dark trinity



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