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1. Dark Salvation

Half as bright, twice as long
Message from times yet to come
Misty fields of no return
Only the wicked children burn
If you don’t behave yourself
You are going straight to hell
To a place where God is gone
You will meet the darkest one

Bloodred skies
Where demons fly
Disobey, and it comes alive
You are doomed until
We change your will
You must learn
The good ones live
The others burn

If you don’t behave yourself
We will have a soul to sell
There is still a way to learn
Only the wicked children burn

Here comes the dark salvation
Here comes the dark one with his cane
The cane it burns a little stitch
And then he fries
The little child

2. Welcome

Welcome to your mind
Where all beasts and demons gather inside
The moaning echoes from your own lullaby
If you dare to meet them they all come alive

3. Monsters

Why do you believe in monsters?
We have been locked up in this evil house
It is where you live with your wicked monsters
We are the prisoners of death and decay
It is where you live, but your dreams betray

You are brave, to feel save
In a mean caress
You are gone, you’re the one
We are praying for you

Why do you believe in hell?
Why do you believe in love divine?
In your dark and twisted mind

And with the force of any evil spell
Repulsive hymns will unleash the creatures
Disturbing images of decadence
Where is the beauty between the devils hands?

4. The Calling

She’s bearing a vicious featus
Descendant from a distant past
It holds an ancient secret
The curse will unfold at last
She carries the force of angels
Transmitting from the phantom land
For healing souls of godless breed
She was left with the children of the damned

Behold, he’s calling
Deep down where your dreams end
Darkness embrace you
One day it forsakes you

We’re stalking the last disciple
She’s spreading the old decease
Possessed with demon skills
Giving birth to eternal heresy

Burn skin, and no regrets
She was left with the children of the damned

5. Daughter Of S

6. Forgotten

Sun sets on the final day
Waking up from a thousand plagues
Light hurts in the orphant’s eye
Imprison faith in the newborn child

We are forgotten,
Our minds locked up in fear
We are forgotten,
but now our time is here
and slowly comes the night
inhales a dying sun
of shadows will appear
a ghastly sight of crocked bodies
crawling out to breathe the air
in the fields where light remains
far away from all common sense
severed hands from a buried child
Be aware, it’s the omen
From the twisted side

We are forgotten souls with our minds locked up in fear
So pray for salvation cause the empire is near

7. Nachtzehrer

Here comes the last caress from deep beyond the grave
Burn slowly time to rest slave to this manifest

Need the one to save your soul impossible to hide it
Need the one to rise again so the future can return

Why are you afraid to do this I don’t know it’s kind of scary
Why do you fear to open your mind no don’t let me step inside
We are leaving this world you don’t know what you’re doing this time
Through shades of shadows the fear shall not return
And the children shall never burn

We were destined to survive we are sick of being depraved our fantasy
Bow to the new army of salvation when your weary days are gone
Hail to the wicked sons

The fear of being crucified on your own blackened cross
The fear of seven inch nails battered through your defenseless body
The fear of waking up from the dead and
Smell the scars of two thousand years failures

8. Leviathan

Sometimes the shadows
Come to life these walls
Fade before your eyes
Enter a distant realm of
Abnormalities we had the
Same dream only I believe

We belong in the unknown
We belong to fear
For we know
Our time is yet to come
At sunset we will learn
To rise again

One day the dead will come
To life marching on
Black masses every night

9. Swallowed By The Earth

If we died tonight
Would it ever be the same
If it’s over now
Would I comfort you again
If there’s no return
From the realm of blackened wings
If there’s no release
From the pain you feel within

You stop the world for a while
The weight upon your shoulders scraping off
Reflective eyes of a child
And the creatures stretch their arms
To the sky

If we die died tonight
Would it ever be the same
If it’s over now
Would I comfort you again
If there’s no return
To the sting that makes you real
Then should everyone
Always fear their inner dreams?

If we died tonight
We’ve lost control of what is real
In the fear of night
Only children learn to breathe

10. We Die In Dreams

She casts no shadow in the streets of the dead machines
and ruined children are the angels in our dreams

And these are changes in a world she used to know
She found redemption in a past that came undone
We are all on our way to damnation
If we die in dreams we die for real

Empty faces, blind and grim black hearts won’t pity sin cold breath,
endless quest for
Sanity in demons nest
He who sees her watches her fall
Yet he’s the blindest of them all
He couldn’t hear he couldn’t feel
The darkest call from those who bleed

11. Gates Of Salvation

12. Happiness In Darkness

I lit a candle
It cast a spell each night
I tell you warheads
The beast will never die
Bow to the empire
And follow Master’s call
You hear the black horns
Welcoming you all

We live the happiness in darkness
This is the future and there’s no return
To the land of damnation
From life in everlasting failure
This is the future and there’s no return
You and I make this world come alive

This is the future the beast will never die

It’s burning inside
I told you so
Not now
They are coming for us
Master Master where are you
No no no
No no no no no no no no no!

The Master is calling your name
The kingdom has opened the gates

In every mind
A wasted life
Into the deep
Lies the fear left behind
Beyond the forest
Lies a tale yet untold
Beneath the gates
Rise the kingdom of the true brave souls

Thanks to kimli1 for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to canceled_gothic15 for correcting track #9 lyrics.

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