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1. Le Toit Du Monde

"Tibet is a land of timeless, infinite expanse. The highest region on the planet is a vast plateau, six times bigger than Western Europe...For centuries, it was known as a forbidden, inaccessible, and secretive realm, sequestered from the world by its altitude and bordered by an often impassible mountain range, the mightiest in the world."
[Jonathan Green, Murder in the High Himalaya]

Earth met sky
In a place yet unchanged by time
Silence through heights can be heard
As peace roams high

Fortress of mist and peaks
Nature gave to man contemplation
Leading to divine inspiration

Mystic land
Sowed a seed of wisdom in man
Leading one's mind to embrace
A truthful life

Fortress of mist and peaks
Nature gave to man contemplation
Leading to divine inspiration

Beyond clouds, they stand
Where the world began

Throughout summits reside
Reclusive, hate-less minds

2. An Ocean Of Wisdom

"A year after his last words were circulated throughout the land, the 13th Dalai Lama died. According to custom, his body was embalmed, dressed in gold brocade robes, placed in the lotus position and seated facing south- the direction of long life-...Checking the Dalai Lamas corpse one morning, attendant monks entered its sealed chamber and found that the head had moved. No longer facing south, it had turned towards the northeast. Repositioned, it was again discovered facing east. In the ensuing months further signs appeared.
[John. F Avedon, In Exile from the Land of Snow]

Being left soul-abandoned, facing south
As a new born one
Seeds o compassion, shall be found
The oracle's trance told mystical signs
Incarnation's quest
Leading towards the rising sun

To the lake of visions
For answers, they will seek
Staring peacefully
Omens through the waters
Amongst majestic peaks
Letters, clearly seen


Auspicious journey
Foreshadowed signs revealed
Guiding prophetically
Omens, to be answered
A young child, they will meet
Chosen, shall he be?

To the lake of visions
For answers, they will seek
Staring peacefully
Omens, to be answered
A young child, they will meet
Chosen, shall he be?

3. Forgotten Arrows

"Le mal que nous font les outres, les maladies, ou les désastres naturels- ne sont dus ni à une volonté divine ni à une fatalité inéluctable, pas d'avantage qu'à un par hasard. Ce sont comme des flèches que nous aurions tireés un jour en l'air, puis oubliées, et qui reviendraient sur nous."
[Matthieu Ricard, Chemins Spirituels: Petite anthologie des plus beaux textes tibétains]

Hate-filled mind
Wounds left unhealed through time
Hate-filled life
Scars left from words through time

Thrown, far, high
Lost arrows, one forgets
Heart gone blind
Drowned oneself in regrets

The string of pain
Bowed in causality
Sadness remains

Won't be obtained
As veils of ignorance,
Hatred retains

Storm of arrows through karma
Seeking light through samsara

4. Colored Sands

Onward to reach the wheel of time
A path of solitude
Embraced humbly
Hands, face and knees against the ground

Prostrations for existence to come
Winds of perpetuity
Through sails of vacuity
Shores of enlightenment
Are wished and found

Sand Mandala
of the enlightened mind
Sand Mandala
Pure wisdom, one, shall find

Disclosing mystic hands
Splendors of colored sands

Soon of this work art shall be
In the hands of ephemerality

Dismantled, will be
The wheel of time
Quiet intensity
The sands are poured at sea
Waves of enlightenment
Are blessed and found

5. The Battle Of Chamdo


6. Ennemies Of Compassion

"The Snow Lion is a mythic beast of Tibetan legends. As a protector of the Nation, the Snow Lion is emblazoned on the Tibetan flag. Today the Tibetan flag is outlawed in its homeland."
[Feature documentary film "Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion"]

Clouds of fear
Roved the sky as the enemies
Chased the sun away from their land
Blacked, got, the snow
As the footsteps by enemies
Chased the peace away
From their land

Hope and light,
The Snow Lion brings
Through wisdom
Hate and lies,
Dragon infuses into freedom

The land of snow
Being invaded by enemies
Shrines and beauties dressed up in ruins
One can't believe
Any words said by enemies
Cultural invasion begins

Suspicious walls
Prison of glass
Freedom is now stuck
Behind the bars of past

Curse...uprising curse
Enemies of compassions
Despotic thirst

Waves of hate...undertowed
Tragic fate...sinking
Waves of hate...undertowed
Mourning braves...drowning

"When I see beings of wicked nature oppressed by violent misdeeds and affliction...May I hold them dear, as if I had found a rare and precious treasure."
[The 14th Dalai Lama]

7. Ember's Voice

"Take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. I am setting myself on fire as an offering of light with hope that his Holiness the Dalai Lama will return to Tibet, that peace will prevail on earth and that Tibet will be ruled by Tibetans."
[...These were the last words of Tamding Thar on 16 June 2012]

Strings tied to their lives now burn
Ropes tied around their hands shall burn
Stuck in time
Help being blind
Desperation rises
Starve for lie
Fed with lies
Passion for life imprisoned

Ashes from tears, on hope's face, runs
Flame in peaces' heart was long time lost
Ember's voice
Wisdoms choice
Freedom, one aspires
Glimpse of hope
Gone as smoke
Freedom reached through fire
Walls raised by oppression,
Yet invisible
Down, they can't be torn
Flames lit by repression
Burning silence, one cannot ignore

Blazing cries, hatred resents
Pain leads to soul's deliverance
Drifting from hands of contempt
Fire led to soul's resilience

8. Absconders

"While many Westerners have regarded Tibet as the mysterious hidden sanctuary, Tibetans have looked elsewhere for such a place."
[Edwin Bernbaum, The Way to Shambala]

Walls of tears
Confined our lives and dignity
Hushed in fear
The peaceful days are gone
As memories

Invasion kept us prisoners
Nails of scorn
Were driven through those masks
That made us strangers
Their anger kept us prisoners
Doors of stone'
Concealing truth for years

Days of fear
Are carving paths for us to take
Mournful years
Could never wilt our hopes
In freedom's sake

Escaping from this misery
Darkness shall unfurl its wings
And give us all the answers
Each footstep made with bravery
Dreadful chains
Are breaking from our feet
Free we'll be

In time,
One's fate finds peaceful grounds
In sight,
One's eye triggers and shoots
In pain,
One's fate finds crimson grounds
In vain,
One' eye captured the truth


[...in the memory of Kelsang Namtso]

["On September 30th, 2006, climbers preparing to summit Cho Oyu, a mountain nineteen miles east of Mount Everest, watched in horror as border guards fired at a group of Tibetans fleeing to India via Nepal. Kelsang Namtso, a seventeen year-old Tibetan nun, was killed in the assault."]
[Jonathan Green, Murder in the High Himalaya]

9. Reduced To Silence

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends"
[Martin Luther King, Jr.]

Time could never heal our pain
Quietly loud
Our sadness resounds
Hope could never heal our soul
Tragically lost
Our voices
Were turned to silence

Prayers could never save ourselves
Strangers, we are
To our land...now, a prison
Peace wished to our enemies
Their eyes being shut
Our voices
Were turned to silence

Non-violent way
To misery, has led
All of what we are
Is now hanging
By a thread

All we did was pray
No freedom left to speak
Captive as their prey
Confined within our peaks

How shall we be remembered
Through the course of history?
As strengthless beings..."
Who choose submission
As their way to be...

Luc Lemay ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Kevin Hufnagel ‒ Guitars
John Longstreth ‒ Drums
Colin Marston ‒ Bass

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