Dark Lyrics


1. Starved For Perversion

Violently awakened by, the stench of rotting amputation
A festered stump of spoiled flesh
Starving and emaciated, barely kept from your extinction
A banquet of yourself awaits
Forcing down jagged chunks, severed from your bloody stub
Eventually you'll eat yourself deceased
With every swallow, another cut of meat
I marinate it with my seed
Chopped off, your tits, seared and, served with...
Your clit. Glazed with anal seepage
Hacking away, another slab, you slowly dissipate
Tenderize the meat, still on the bone
Unmercifully, I bring the hammer down
Carving out your asshole, this will be your last repast
Self consumed your torso's bloated, my cock drips with sweet arousal
Plunging deep within your ruptured anus, lubricated with your stink
Climax reached a gross eruption, splattered cum joins with your feces
Drenching me in your digested self.
Nothing left for you to eat, I fuck you til you cease to be

2. Kuntkiller

Cannot stop this urge that grows inside of me
Cock is hardened by her scent, torturing is ecstasy
Spread your legs as you're begging for your life
Tightened grip around her neck, pulsing veins invite my knife
Strip her naked with my teeth
She kicks and screams in disbelief
Rape her mouth repeatedly
Gurgling pathetic pleas, butchery is your destiny
Plunging head first into cunt dripping cum
Blood and mucus splattered face, tongue-tickled perineum
Kegel muscles grip my wrist with every gasp
Finger-fuck her uterus, causing vaginal prolapse
Knuckle deep I pierce the hymen
Taint destroyed by violent fisting
One huge gaping hole for lusting
Reaming unforgiving, elbow deep in shit
Raped and ravished rectum, impaled on my fist
Cram in my member to masturbate inside her
Forced asphyxiation, fill her mouth with shit
Vomiting profusely, reel from the stench
Strangle the whore until she no longer exists
Fucking this cunt, until I'm numb,
Or she turns cold, then I am done!

3. Destined To Violate

Wounded headless bleeding, my next victim
Another whore to cut down with my fucking knife
Twisting innards decayed, flesh is rotting
Crushing human form, deteriorating, massive bloodflow
Bone shards penetrating through the skin
Lost and bleeding, pleading for her life
Pain leads to unconscious state of dying
Defecating. Bowels seeping rectal fluid
Taking pleasure in my acts of torture
Repulsive slayings. Inserting needles through the wounds
I relish the taste of annihilated flesh
Tongue inside your leaky crack
Breath caught in her throat, on my sack she will choke
Crushing skulls caving in, bleeding from the eyes
Eviscerate with no remorse, re-infectious maimed
Forlorn, forsaken, I don't care
Derisive torture consuming the blinded subject
Set forth to wander in my delightful torment
Lust for vengeance taking hold, no reprieve of violence now
Disgraced foul rejection fuels my violent contempt
Racing thoughts turn to madness, swallowing your teeth and cum
Muscle tissue torn away, butchering your horny flesh

4. Funeral Gangbang

Locking up the doors, shades drawn tight
Dimming the lights, patrons line up inside
Soon to reveal, this night's feature fuck
Lying in wait, open the casket lid
Let it begin, sick festivity
Nine swinging cocks, seeking their nourishment
Dragging out the prize, from her pine box
Tearing off her dress, one by one, she'll be done
Fill each hole, stuffed til full, funeral fuck fest begins
Cold and tight, I slip inside, lubed just right
Leaks formaldehyde, pussy almost feels alive, never felt this satisfied
Jerk and squirt, down her throat, dismal gaze
Dead eyes stalking me, awkwardly as climax is reached
Swarming like vultures the sickness is spreading
Bring out another to gorge our hunger for the dead
Eating her cold dead cunt my cock's stiff as the dead
Tasting her rot, gang rape the corpse, dead and defiled we leave our victims slight

5. Carnivwhore

On my face this bitch now sits, barb wire bound, she jerks and twists
Penetrate her pussy with my tongue invading taste her lips
Salivate, gnashing teeth, cuntless, her destiny
Overwhelming urge to watch her bleed
Gnawing on her mangled cunt, her toothless gums my dick now hunts
Gasp and gagging while it grows, I plop my balls across her nose
Rip and tear, at her clit, nostrils flare, sniffing shit
Fuck this cunt until she's motionless
Unresponsive, limp and lifeless
Gut this whore and shove in my fist
When alive I could not have her
Now she's mine... forever
Fucking the deceased, I'm unrelenting
Lust for the release, only the dead brings
Carcass collector, pussy molester
I am a monster, vaginal predator
Ravage the body extracting the viscera
Splattered repugnance covers the floor
Stripping the flesh from her butchered remains
Feeding the crave, I am the carnivwhore
Slicing dicing, ripping tearing
Juices dripping, helpless staring
Gashed and gushing, rotting reeking
Decomposing, flesh is freezing
Torture killing, woman hater
Butchered pussy, mutilator

6. Preserved For Pleasure

Slut bitch, ready to fuck!
While she looks at me, gazing in my eyes
All that's on my mind is plunging pussy meat
Knock the bitch out cold with one fucking swing
Dragged down the stairs, head bouncing off of
Every fucking step down to the basement
Face to the cold concrete
Break the jaw so it hangs open, always ready
For my shaft to be shoved down her filthy hatch
Cutting tearing, all while you are still alive
Beating stabbing, eyes roll back as you die
Fucking the eye sockets, leave them as empty pockets
Beating the face inside out, cum in the disfigured mouth
Filled full of lube so she can fuck for weeks
Cold, wet dead pussy feels so good around my cock
Swollen little bitch, I took her life so she would be my fuck toy
Always ready for a load
Filled the bitch with lube, always ready for my tube
For weeks she will be used, a disposal for my spooge
I took her life, now I leave behind
A dirty swollen cunt with my cum inside
Sick and grisly scene, display of my lust
Full of my semen, and lube ready to bust

7. Visceral Discharge

Deep within a ruptured vessel, putridity has come to life
Growing in a stagnant stench, visceral discharge is corroding
Pushing forward through the skin, blood and fluids running down
Former bone now becoming, liquid rancid fecal stench
Nerve endings explode in pain, life expectancy falls away
Realize you're close to death, collapsed lungs cannot draw your breath
I'm a sexual deviant, I 69 the dead
I caress her rotted corpse, as I fuck her lifeless head
Cock is covered dripping bile, draining fluid into jars
Tendons snap as limbs are broken, your screams of pain are slowly dying
Redefining living being, ravaged by this disease
Puncture wounds never becoming scar tissue as I
Revive the corpse for fucking, decomposed to my liking.
Drained of all your blood for my sanguine lust
Slave to my cruel religion
Slipping away, fetish for pain
Probing the rot, lusting your cunt
Sexual bloodlust feasting on my thoughts
Gangrenous formations from arterial recession
Skin becoming obsolete, vocal cords cut, you try to scream
Almost can't hold back the vomit clenching my teeth
Stench of rancid cunt that I must eat
Clitoris, gnawed and slowly torn

8. Lubricated In Vomit

Plodding deep into you with
Unrelenting fascination
Excavate through dung soaked ulcerated boils
My cock poised for...Insertion
Wedged between enormous ass cheeks
Flabby gob spills engulfing me
Rising stench of fermentation
Bone dry anus a course penetration
Scathing my shaft
Her crusty hole, desperate, in need of lubrication
Massive fleshy husk gyrating
Dislodging my satiating spew
Splattered back, puke descending
Trickles into cavern of stink
Lubrication welcomes me
Cumming as I gut this pig

9. Infected With Lunacy

Murderous brutal rampage
Crippled and crushed, bones protrude in jagged arrangements
Swarming with flies, blood and shit splattered canvas
Flesh sagging sack, face is non-existent
Bury my face into your bloody stool
Munching on chunks as I contemplate loss of lucidity
Jamming my cock into the nest
Of maggots spewing from the abscess
Ballsack repeatedly
Slapping her sloppy hole increasing
Cunt detriment
As I impale her with my fist
Caked in atrophy
Flavor filled pustules now begin to seep
Tear through her flesh, covered in red I now put her to rest
Feeling inside, twisting and tearing the organs she hides
Rip off her flesh, fucking her skinless body is the best
Grind up the rest, I will devour until nothing's left

10. Sadistic Bliss

Hopeless you're struggling, there's no escaping this sadistic
ritual. You'll endure, bound and stretched stripped naked before me
Hacking as I incise, carving into your corpulence
Clawing, fingers pulverized
Face obliterated blood spurts from her eyes
Torture, stimulates desire
She reeks of death!
Slowly I work my knife, until I'm satisfied
Digging through cavities, her stench overwhelming me
Sever the head, I sometimes leave dangling
Grinning through chunks of her flesh
Anticipating my next victim, fuming with hostility
Strike her down with vicious rancor
Force them all to watch in horror, as I finish off the last
Frenzied screams ignite my bliss
Mauling, filthy, whores.
Bludgeoning, lacerate, sodomize, suffocate
Fuck her with whatever objects I can find
No slit goes unpunished shove my cock... Inside
Exit the wound, tearing the flesh, barely alive, screaming for death
Force in my cock, deep in her throat, ending her life as I'm blowing my...load!

11. Corpsified

Forcibly sodomized, kept alive to have as my own
Necrosexual disfunctioning drone
Fucking their souls into the unknown
Peel the maggots from my skin, cum in the form of larvae
Fuck-fucking you from within
Rip-ripping you til you die
Twisting off dismembering genitals, put them now where skin used to be
I get aroused to see the blood, cum on you lastly as you bleed
Bones you've lost, stick them up, fuck yourself till you bleed
Out your ass, it shall pass, blood smeared shit and my seed
Peel the maggots from my skin, cum in the form of larvae
Fucking you from within, ripping you til you die
Indulge in the pleasure of seeing you die
Forging your carcass from the last bit of life
Come to me and eat my flesh, bring me life and I'll bring you death
Unconsciousness moves made by hate, erotic insertion severe life by the blade
Suffering knowing your life won't last
Struggling for it to pass away, corpsified
She'll be suffering the rest of her life
I'll be there while you're struggling to die
Keep her alive, forever young, to be killed, raped, and left to rot.

12. Depraved Depredation

There she lay, anesthetized before me
Trusted, for my gynecology, but little does she know
What her body will endure while strapped to my chair
Until she wakes, battered sloppy dripping aftermath
Disoriented swollen beaten from a sleep attack, I'll take with me to the grave
What I could not control while your perfect little body was
Lifeless, subject for my
Malpractice, undressing the body, salivating insatiable
Craving, smelling the cunt that I hunt
Sliding the jeans off, watching her breaths, increasing in frequency as I begin to
Violate your orifices now that you're my
Limp and lifeless plaything, for me to thrust in rage
Crushing your pelvis with the force of my
Cock lusting for vengeance as I plunge your shithole
Shit and blood now glistens from your gaping folds
Catching what you're dripping, that resembles chili
With a bed pan stir it with my throbbing shaft
Shit blood stew cock in the mouth
Climb atop the chair, violent face thrusting, fist to the face, cock in the throat
Violating every fuck hole on your body
As you sleep you're being ravaged by a trusted pussy predator
Cock slapped repeatedly, nipples bleeding from my twisting
Dick never harder, can't hold it any longer
Vomiting then nutting in your mouth now filled with cum blood and shit
All re-dressed and cleaned, I awake her from her slumber
As if nothing happened while asleep
They will always be my favorite fuck toys
Put to sleep for my depraved depredation

13. Mouthful Of Menstruation

Strapping her down, spreading her legs, tear off her clothes
Frantically searching for means of escape
Presenting my knife, brings a look of dismay, tasting her flesh
Bury my face in her warm dripping cunt!
Fondling her lips, tickling her clitoris
Plunge deep in her open gash
Feel it start to drip, juice begins to seep
Just one lick the taste seems so familiar to me
Damp and dark, the moisture spreads
Down her thighs, now dripping red
Wipe my chin with certainty
Hands confirming my suspicion
Pull the string out with my teeth
Smile smeared with her menstruation
Ravage her cavity
Obsession consumes me
A taste like no other, I must have another
Sickness is my disease.

Ryan Saylor – Guitars
Kyle Christman – Drums, Vocals
Damian Leski – Guitars, Vocals
Anthony Voight – Bass, Vocals

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