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1. Avalon Dreams (The Voice From Legend)

[Music: Jeff, Lyrics: Siggi]

I heard (about) time, when the our world
Was still young; with the faerie word
Dew of silver spilled on green leas
And gold on the hills.

Nobody heard on the earth
'Bout dragons, evil and death,
Gaints, rolls, and only the elves
Were living in those days.

It had not more beauteous sight
Then the fays danced in moonlit night.
Grace-cups filled with mead and good ale
On the merry regale.

And white boats glided o'er the seas
To the isle of white apple-trees
When the fair wind sang in the sail
Boats winged their way.

A few mortals happened to see amaging land
And soon fairytales sank info oblivion.
But one day the voice from legend
Will proclaim, and then the elves will return.

But winter came in the charming clime
In the kingdom of fadeless prime
And the fallen white petals off slowly
Have paving the sea.

New god game from foreign land
God with crown of thornson his head
And for the elves histhe Holy Word
Was like a hardened sword.

Fear stole the hearts of the elves
Ceased laugh in the emerald dales
It had not more merry regale
Nobody brewed good ale.

No one knows whether faieries fleg
Away into the farthest land
Bod ever since nobody sees
The little dwellers of hills.

2. The Old Sea-King

[Music: Jeff, Lyrics: Siggi, Kelly]

He stood alone on the cliff
He Looked down on severe storm
And waind threw in his fase the thorny
Splashes of sea foam.

But waves hit at his feet
And the sea voice spread far and wide
The sea voice like the mournful cry
The mournful cry...

Somewhere, far away
On the dragon-ships sail hoisted
And baneful battles will burst out again
But old man ashore
Knelt doun. His orbs are moistened
His lot is hearken now how women play.

His grandson has set off for Fame
Somewhere in expanse of (the) great Tide
To fight and win his own good name
Under (the) kindly sky.

The ridges break up the waves
The tears corrode (the) skin of his cheeks
Cause of his glaive will not be blaze
And smash up enemies.

I do wish be strong and violend
Put my face under briny
Waind fight against senility

God, give me eerlasting
Strength, glaive and billow gusty
Sole way to white purity.

3. Mary

[Music: Jeff, Lyrics: W.Blake]

Sweet Mary, the first time she ever was there,
Came into ball-room among the fair,
The young men and maidens around her throng
And these are the words upon every tongue:

'An Angel is here from the heavenly climes
Or again does return the golden times
Her eyes outshine every brilliant ray,
She opens her lips - 'tis Month of May.

Mary moves in soft beauty and conscious delight
To augment with sweet smiles all the joys of the night,
Nor once blusher to own to the rest of the fair
The sweet Love and Beauty are worthy our care.

In the morning the villagers rose with delight,
And repeated with pleasure the joys of the night,
And Mary arose among friends to be free,
But no friend from henceforward thou, Mary, shalt see.

Some said she was proud, some call'd her a whore,
And some, when she passed by, shut to the door;
A damp cold came o'er her, her blushes all fled;
Her lilies and roses are blighted and shed.

'O, why was I born with a different face?
Why was I born like this envious race?
Why did Heaven aborn me with bountiful hand,
Nad then set me down in an envious land?

To be weak as a lamb and smooth as a dove
And hot to rise envy, is call'd Christian love;
But if you raise envy your merit's to blame
For planting such spite in the weak and the tame.

I'll humble me beauty, I will not dress fine,
I'll keep from the ball. and my eyes shall not shine;
And if any girl's lovers forsakes her for me
I'll refuse him my hand, and from envy be free!

She went out in morning attir'd plain and neat;
'Proud Mary's gone mad; said the child in the street;
She went out in morning in plain neat attire.
And came home in evening bespatter'd with mire.

She trembled and wept, sitting on the bed side,
She forgot it was night, and she trembled and cried;
She forgot it was night, she forgot it was morn,
Her soft memory imprinted with face ofscorn;

With face of scorn and with eyes of disdain,
Like foul friends inhabiting Mary's mild brain;
She remembers no face like the Human Divine;
All faces hale envy, sweet Mary, but thine;

All thine is a face of sweet love in despair,
And thine is a face of mild sorrow and care,
And thine is a face of mild terror and fear.
That shall never be quiet till laid on its bier.

4. Raging Waind

[Music: Jeff, Lyrics: Hamri]

With no face, no debts to pay
With no faith, but with no doubts
I'd become the raging waind -
Power cannot be delayed.

Always wandering alone
Searching nothing, loved by none
On the fire from within
With the hardness of the stone

I'll leave my human forms behind
I would become the raging waind.

Always here and always there
Being calm whilst being burnt
Playing with the autumn leaves -
Weight for waind supposed to bear.

Recreate the now-and-here
On the wings forever straight
Flying free beyond the clouds
With no fuss, no wain, no fear.

I'll leave my human forms behind
I would become the raging wiand
Amorphous me forever be
You'll feel me, but you'll never see.

5. Byarmia Land


6. The Realm Of The Lost

[Music: Jeff, Lyrics: Hamri]

Under ashen gloomy sky
Ravens fly amidst the clouds
from abysm of Nifelheim
There's no path, there's no way out

Hugin, Munin guide my way
Head my plea to ye!
I am lost in endless grey
Of the mistful sea.

Show me the the way
From a place of grief
To another world
Of warming light,
Sive me relief.

Wandering alone
I'm watching clouds above
I see flaming wands
Above my head
See no gleam of dawn
I'm in deadly maze
Lost, forever lost
In the realm of Dead

Wandering in time
In the outer worlds
In the restless quest
For my native hearth
I've forgotten home
I've forgotten how
I have once ben lost
In these darksome depths.

Now I scent the waind
Cleansing power, my ally
From the ambit of abysm
From the reign of the sunlight

Waind could carry me away
To the skies forever bright
From domain where noone dwells
To the heights of morn alight.

Waind, I call thee, hear my plea
In the name of one-eyed god
Take me rise and help me flee
"Fra dette kongedommet av dod"...

There is no more waind
Only dusk surrounds
In the bottomless abysm
With no stones, no ground...

"Tell me the truth
If there is one
So I could loose
The source of force
Possessed by none
Where was that place
Of the latitude
Of grace ablaze
Where once I stood
Where's plenitude..."

Wandering adrift
In the depths of dark
Through the massive void
There, beyond the gate
Now I left behind
Everything I had
Lost within myself
That waht was my fate

Hey, wel-o-the-wisps,
Is there real sky
Hey, the gods on high,
Can't you guide me on
Where are woods and springs
Let me know for once
When will I awake
From this cruel dream

Slow deseent into disaster
Hope of consolation fades
Listening to the rusting whispers
Of the lifeless moving shades

There's no thing to save or hold
In the labyrinth of mist
I've got power to behold

I am downward bound
In the sea that sears
I am tumble-down
There's no way out of here

Collonade of wells
Painted green and black
Place where no one dwelled
There is no way out and black.

7. Song Of Wandering

[Music: Jeff, Lyrics: Siggi]

When dome of heaven will be shine with stars
And the Moon will light up the excited waves' dance
The white Prow will saill up from fulgent South
And I'll Hear the song of wanderings in the splash of surf.

I will sink info the deep of night
O'er the bridge woven of sinern light
I will ascend the elvish ship
And it will sail away in my sleep
To Avalon, blading in royal shine
I will be sense splashes of brine
I'll be inhale the fair wind
In boundless foam (in vast of the foam)
Where the stars will be lead.
I know, it's a dream, which one day will come true
I'd like you to sail wherever I do
When the white sheet will come in the sight on the south
You'll know song of wandering from the splash of surt

We will sink into the deep of night
O'er the bridge woven of silvern light
We will ascend the elvish ship
And it will sail away in my, sleep
To Avalon, blazing in royal shine
We will be sense splashes of brine
Well be inhale the fair wind
In boundless foam, where the stars will be lead.

8. Stone Of Grey

[Music: Jeff, Lyrics: Kelly]

Mental vortex whirled me down
I have lost my sense
Naked helpless, I was drowned
In the tears of sand
Yellow scenery lying around
Yellow everywhere.
Gold dust concealed the town
Town from stone of grey.

Touch the stone of grey
Say you are the same
Feel your life dissones
In those ancient days
Wisdom of that time
Now into your head
Tightly shut your orbs
Hearken stone of grey

Sand has stolen time I slept
Doze enveloped me
Ruins (are) breathing moveless, and
Town starting live
Old emotions passed by
Like a silent none
Everlasting glory ride
For exhavsted mind.

We're speaking by the hints
Words I never knew
Vague shadows goes
Memory of mine through
Bloody paints of war
Anxious peaceful still
Sad tears of the dole
Rivers of the beer
Stone guides me on
Along my glorious way
Hearken psyche of stone
Feel the stone of grey.

Siggi - vocals
Jeff - guitars
Andy - bass, keyboards
Mike - drums.

Back vocals in "Mary" by Volkova Marina.

Produced by GORESLEEPS & Terentiev S.
Engineered and mixed by Kalinin D. & Terentiev S.
Recorded November-December 1996 at Aria Studio, Moscow.
Mastering by Star Karyakin at SBA Studio, Moscow.
Executive producer - Agen Price

Thanks to sather for sending these lyrics.

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