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1. Dreamweaver (Intro)

2. When The Curtain Falls

Decayed castle in neglected park
Seemed more sullen after dark.
Grey aged walls, overgrew with ivy.
In every stone felt the fatal destiny.

Bygone fame, left in the past.
Like withered leaves flayed away with the wind
Departed greatness, covered by dust
Everything that stayed with dying kin.
Hoary servant, bent by the years
For a long time had felt the failing
He was like a father to the youthful heir
For count, who saw the nineteenth spring.

But he dreamed of feats and romances were
Only pleasure in his life.
At nightfall the youth stayed alone with old
folios in trembling candlelight.

All altered as if were of hand of conjurer
When once belated the strolling theatre
Asked to spent the night behind the walls of castle.
And the host himself met them in spite of title.

Dancing flame of the flaring brands
Old servant's heart squeeged with a pain
Laugh and gaiety and full hall of guests
Seemed that old time returned again.
Amid of the guests was the finest maid.
With the sparkling eyes and light flush on her face.
The princess-dream from concealed Dreamland
And spellbound youth hid admiring gaze.

He would looks most likely for ages in radiant
eyes of colour of clear sky.
Like sunbeam lit up her beautiful dark face,
when she bestowed a smiles.
Deep thought, sleepless night on the eve of the
He would gives the world to stay with the one
who was a perfect marvel.
Where meadows of flowers unfold to horizon,
where road merges with white cloud-drift.
Where breath of the wind like a gulp of sweet
honey, where's
no need to space of your transient fits.
Posies of wild flowers and modest aureate ring.
He favoured her with all his heart, and in her
eyes was blooming spring
From town to town they'd been carrying gladness,
leaving there small part of own soul.
And tears of emotion came out on youth's
eyes, when a gathered crowd was so glad.

Follow left summer moved on the caravans
Count more and more felt drown to new friends.
And once he couldn't refused his wish.
The last step on scene and all for him vanished.

His senseless gestures were very awkward
And audience hissed the youth off the stage.
The first failure nearly drove him up mad
That importunate din was by cause of powerless rage
Falseness could be show through the roles, but how
He drew the dagger up and pierced own heart.

But wound was bled and bled, every instant
force was leaving
the youth and soon he knelt.
He hadn't seen by now how people clapped
him, when the curtain fell.

[November 1994]

3. Once Upon A Time...

Ring my silver little bells
Loudly play my magic lute
Come on listen,what I'll tell.
Thus, I begin my tale.

Strange as it may appear
What I tell is mere truth
For all those tastes differ
Don't like it, don't hear.

Once upon a time there lived
King, who was a true madcap
He would often be so clowned
All the neighbours almost split
Their spides with laughter.

And about his daughter rumoured
That she was a trifle ugly.
Slightly lame, slightly squinf-eyed
But, of course, had heap of money.

Heigh, friend! Pour out the wine!
Somehow throat is parched.
Heigh, innkeeper! Don't be mean!
I know what means much!
Naturally, my mug is empty,
Now it leaves only sigh.
Hear your laughter, see your smiles
There's reward of mine

Yeah! With the bride, like that, even if with tidy dowry
Tell the truth, had met a few reckless lads, inclined to marry.
If the own courtiers had hid one other another,
So what to tell about all those overseas admirers.

As if it was a problems,
To find a husband for a daughter!
Through the night king couldn't sleep
White it not occured him.

A fiance shall be appoint compelled
Since noone who is wish
As soon as King sent for his suite
They'd been blown as if by wind

Only somewhere either sang
Or still muttered court jester.
Yeah, of course, all night long drank
Hard with the chief cup-bearer.
That's right!

For want of something better
At first time he's that King needs
Let it be although the jester
Daughter shouldn't stay unmarried.

What there so wonderful about that?
Get the crown instead of fool's cap.
Let's just pour out the wine!

[December 1994]

4. The Portrait

Eternal thirst for creation
When he became like the Lord
The painter believed that some time
He would paint a picture and it will revive
But hours of heavenly inspiration
Could not save for the want.

Time out of mind the grief came in our homes
With the dying of dearest man your soul's been becoming the stone
In fit of despair you appealing for heaven's sake
But They don't hear the prayer and she will never wake.

He thought, his art, far above the death
And the painter refired, going on paint.
While under his city spread the wings
The Black Death and ruled Her ball on the streets.

But ruthless evil had touched him by bony hand.
She, he loved dying, had lain on deathbed.
In fit of despair he appealed for God's sake
But he didn't hear the prayer and she will
never wake.

He cursed the people, he cursed god
He heard the Devil and chose own lot.
The black agreement sighed by blood
It remained to blend paints with ash of her heart...

By the last touch the portrait finished
And at that instant it came to life.
But her cold fingering and spiritless sight
In a flash sobered down his desire
Without the heart she's only lifeless image
Nobody twice bear under these skies.

And he cut the canvas, beyond expiation
Shape of the one, he loved turned into ash
In fit of despair he appealed for Devil's sake.
But he didn't hear the prayer and she will never wake.

[December 1994]

5. Gwin, King Of Norway*

Come, kings, and listen to my song:
When Gwin, the son of North,
Over the nations of the North
His cruel sceptre bore;

The nobles of the land did feed
Upon the hungry poor;
They tear the poor man's lamb, and drive
They needy from their door...

Mordred the giant roused himself
From sleeping in his cave;
He shook the hills, and in the clouds
The troubled banners wave.

Beneath them rolled, like tempests black,
The numerous sons of blood;
Like lion's whelp, roaring abroad,
Seeking their nightly food...

From tower to tower the watchmen cry,
'O Gwin, the son of North,
Arouse thyself! the nations black
Like clouds, come rolling o'er!

And now the raging armies rushed
Like warring mighty seas;
The heavens are shook with roaring war,
The dust ascends the skies!

Earth smokes with blood, and groan and snakes
To drink her children's gore,
A sea of blood; nor can the eye
See to the trembling shore!...

Now death is sick, and riven men
Labour and toil for life;
Steed rolls on steed, and shield on shield,
Sunk in this sea of strife!

The god of war drunk with blood;
The earth doth faint and fail;
The stench of blood makes sick the heavens;
Ghosts glut the throat of hell!

O what have kings to answer for
Before that awful throne;
When thousand deaths for vengeance cry,
And ghosts accusing groan!

Like blazing comets in the sky
That shake the stars of light,
Which drop like fruit unto the earth
Throe the fierce burning night;

Like these did Gwin and Mordred meet,
And the first blow decides;
Down from the brow unto the breast
Mordred his head divides!

Gwin fell: the songs of Norway fled.
All that remained alive;
The rest did fill the vale of death,
For them the eagles strive...

[William Blake. 1776]

That not dead, wish the Eternity guards
The Death with the Eternity at times dies.

6. Nameless City

Stones... Grey stones under a baking sun...
Silent witnesses of passed away days.
Fine send falling through my fingers,
Like drops of the hot dry tears...
Drowsy silence and only sorrowful
Wind, singing its songs...
just the rustling of sand, its quiet whisper
Low voice of old the Past.

Half-demolished and hid, almost covered with send.
And its name there is not in no most ancient lore.
Nowhere time is mentioned up, when it was full of life.
When its powerful walls rose in bottomless skies.

I feel the curse, excessive burden,
Which bear these ruins, I feel the fear
Given by it off, repeling me
Away, impressing me by darksome augury.

Here congealed the Past is proceed from each stone
From whatever I'm touch, experiencing awe
Like in endless sleep I'm strolling in the same
Place, where city was rose with its forgotten name.

Stones, grey stones under a baking sun...
Mysteries, which they to keep
Will die with them and let know nothing
'Bout their visions in mortal sleep...
I think, in idle world people forgot their Gods
Sacred altars were profaned...
No, they couldn't die, Gods are immortal
They fell asleep till date...

As if in magic haze, I sea a river named Age
And implacable waves of oblivion are running
Over shores of Life where's a man like a grain
In unstead world with its endless ways.

I see rejected Gods, I feel their curse
Ancient as earth itself the city had lost
Like both the Sun and the Wind destroying the Stones
Exactly time erasing the Memory.

Half-demolished and hid almost covered with send
And its name there is not in no most ancient lore
Like in endless sleep I'm strolling in the same
Place where city was rose with its forgotten name

[May 1994]

Siggi M.S. - all vocals,
Jeff - all guitars,
Andy - bass, keyboards,
Mike - drums.

Additional keyboards parts played by Jean A.

All music by Jeff & GORESLEEPS
All lyrics by Siggi,
expert * by William Blake (1757 - 1827)
Produced by Jean A. & GORESLEEPS
Executive Produced - Agen Price
Engineered by Jean A.
Recorded & Mixed during the last week,
before X-Mas, 1994

Thanks to sather for sending these lyrics.

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