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1. Human Corpse

In to cave corpse
Flesh intense

Wounded stomach skin
Perverse lust

Morbid and mortality
Bacterial infect

As a serum of pus
Necrotic tissue

Surgically harmful
Massive extension

Fungus stench aroma
Bacterial growth

In to corroded chest
Wasted juice

As a serum of pus
Necrotic tissue

Severe wasted in trauma with toxic glue
Several injuries in to deformed meat

Bacterial contamination invade the rotten meat
My knife is ready for a necrotic feast

Introduction with repugnant gore

I dilated and destroy the skin
Subcutaneous, facial tissue and bone

More and intense
Rectal glue
Correstive grease
My dirty fun, blood, pus, glue

In to cave purulence
Rotten tissue consequence
Rectal signals more and less
Is totally degraded

2. Rectal Feast

Defecation on her body
Introduction and dissection
Wasted deformed

Suppuration and infection
Rotten tissue and dissection
Wasted deformed

Defecation on this body
Introduction and dissection
Wasted deformed

Rectal tissue wasted fungus
And pulsation on her body
Is a rectal feast

Operation and dissection
My scalpel on her anus

Operation, amputation
I proceed to remove

Segregation with the bowel glue
I a devout of the rotten gore
In this cases I use an intestinal clamp
I a devout of the rotten gore

Surgically defect in to the anus split
To aggregate a rectalctomy
So the total rectal infect
Postoperative appearance
Grotesque tissue

Total rectal
Rectal feast

3. Delicious Subcutaneous Tissue

Worm, incrustated in the skin
Removing to the skingraft
And it grappling in the flesh
Intracellular substances
Takes the place in instances
Old germs in the pus
Posmortal cytoplasm
With circulating in the flesh

Pulsations, infections
Grotesque, dissections

All be there on the slap, apparition
Primary infection, propagation

Purulence, putrid meat, all is death

4. Cadaveric Hepatic Ulceration

Cadaveric hepatic ulceration

Open your eyes to the cadaveric ulceration
And deformed meat, destroyed skin

Open your eyes to the simply putrefaction
And smell the pus and the rotten gore

Blood is on my hands and never I clean
Silence is in my mind and sickness I think

On this mortal wasted and stiff my head
And smell the puss and the rotten gore

Rotten, Tissue, Bowels, Beauty

Into cavities. I scrape one hole
Singles parts of bodies what I can erase.... fear
Body parts and measting fungus, I take all in my plate
Fetid scent in all the wall what I can erase.... fear

Vomit.... fear....
Bloody.... see... ahhh...

5. Ocular Acid Glue

Turn off the body
Grave is broken
Night with the shadows
Feast is beginning

Worms and the purulence are everywhere
My scalpel and I began the show
We celebrated the day of the death
With a solitary silence grave

Suffer meat
Horror shit
Muscle stiff

Fetid scent of dying..... with the pain
Putrid carrion old..... with the pain

Violence, purulence, acid, glue

Ocular acid glue
Clever cream eat

Turn off the body
Grave is broken
Night with the shadows
Feast is beginning

6. Acrimony Flesh

Rotten in my skin
sickness in my mind
I asking you
you don't die today?

Damaged face
Without mandible
Putrid arms
A lost case

That you are lacking parts
Like to your associates
East is an old world
Full of carrion rot

You should eat, human meat
It is the best of the best

Rich and precarious leg
Full worms of death
You should use scalpels
To open everything

7. Not Been Born

Within your cavities and refresh stomach woman
You have an embryo and you want it to refuse
This decision takes it for the shit of drugs
And for that you have an uterine tumor

In the analysis
It appears
An unsightly fetus
And your taking
The decision
Of eliminating it

You know that your body this very damaged inside
That you could not retain the son that this there

Slow death
You won't be born

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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