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1. Anally Injected Death Sperm (A.I.D.S.)

My scroll imbalance
Has taken the lives of hundreds
Some say it developed as a product of my malicious lineage
My mother - a Flemish whore circus freak who thrived on flesh
My father - An inbred butcher with an addiction to dead sex organs
Which ever way you see it, a deadly poison now swims in my semen
It will rot and burn a pussy inside out on contact
It will engulf and scourge the sweet lips and everything else that is pussy

Innumerable corpses decorate my habitat
From furnace to freezer they cover my home
Hidden in floors and ceilings - Liquefied and painted on my walls
It reeks of death on a hot day

It was not till anal sex that I realized another way
When I get off in their asses - they didn't burn from my death sperm acids
I should have been happy but I'd grown accustomed to sex and murder simultaneously
I cherished coating their insides with my napalm trajectories
Her cunt must burn
I sedated her with a 9-iron till I was ready for round two
Her eyes, mouth, and pussy are soon to be go
It always takes a second to burn and now I watch her wail in excruciation

She begins to curl up like an ass ball and I finish her off with a Cleveland steamer
She was my only girl to be fucked twice before death
Her skull will be my ashtray
The pelvic bone my crowm

2. Rice On Suede

No more reason to lie
Decimate - Burn... Rice on Suede

3. 8 Seconds Of Fury

They stood patiently in waiting
The only thing that stood between the 5 freaks and the nauseating spectacle in the next room was a closet door
Armed with whips and lassos, they lingered in anticipation
They had drank enough to kill a small elephant and the tension was beginning to rise

Through a crack in the door a blurred vision:
A close friend fucking some portly slut he'd picked up
We could just make out their voices over the Fleetwood Mac album
Which blares a theme to this depraved act of lunacy

The point of the game was to find a sadly obese whore of a woman to fuck
During the sloppy fat sex, you secretly pull out and jam it in her ass
Upon hearing the deranged shriek of the creature,
Drunk men with intensions of mass humiliation emerge from the closet to cause
Unrelenting Havoc
The point is to stay inside her for eight seconds

As they heard the roar - they piled from the space with great haste
One lassos the bitch like a fucking cow, the others whip her mammoth stomach
Massive panic sets in
Desperate attempts to be released from the ass grip were over come by
Intense frustration
Overwhelmed with pain and degradation she collapses to the floor

They laughed and roared then hog-tied the whore
She was left in the street with hands bound to feet

The morning sun will bring her toll
A blistered belly and soar asshole

4. Headie Mung Festizzeo

The night is young our mouths are drooling
For sexual chaos, in the cemetery
A headie mung salute to the graveyard perversions that be

The tombs went back to far to see
So we raged all night on PCP
The first body was exhumed the night began
We tossed the bitch belly-up on sand

A classic mung scenario
With me the catcher and Griffin the jumper
Positioned for mung driven madness
My mouth in front of her rotted pussy
Waiting for dead excretions to vomit from the depths of her cunt
As his feet left the ground a moment of thruth sent chills down our spines
As the boots sank deep in her stomach a tsunami of rot exits her pussy
My mouth is filled with puss and insects
A hint of embalming fluid lingers in my throat while maggots crawl around my teeth
The smell that accompanied this treasure made me gag on the corpse
Now covered in vomit, blood, and putrefaction we will move on

Juices and discharge

The night is young our mouths are drooling for sexual chaos in the cemetery
I am a fucking mung machine
We won't stop till we mung this graveyard clean

5. Whose Spine Is It Anyway?

A plead for life just before your dead
A pitchfork punches through your fucking head
You try to hide only soon to find
There's no safe place for a peace of mind

I'll start with your toes - Individual hammers to the fucking bones
And then a cry for your knees caps
As your leg slowly collapse
The shins and thighs will be cut with knives
Just as soon as I blind your eyes

The violent shrieking has met an unmatched dementia
I'll take a moment for myself to soak all of it in

A small vile of LSD was placed in the victims mouth
He's tortured tripping in my my fucking house
Hooks are strategically positioned
So that he hangs from his back in my fucking kitchen

Ears are amputated as is nose and nipples
They are broiled in my famous dish ironically called
Ears, nose, and nipples stew
As he was scalped the bladder control was lost
The stench of shit and piss rise from the creature whose spine will soon be mine

To properly detach the vertebrae of my victim
The bottom if first first disconnected from the pelvic region
Then the top separated from the skull
A paralyzed waste of life feels no more pain as his spine is slowly ripped from his insides
The skin is split perfectly symmetrical down his back

I whip the last breaths out of him with hiw own backbone
Then retire his corpse on his mother's front lawn

6. Fuckhole

7. Hang `em And Bang `em

A violent calamity lay bleeding in front of me
With a railroad spike through her feet, she hangs from my cellar ceiling
Her face is bloated and her eyes hemorrhage for the pressure

Just last night I was thrashing her like a fucking pinata
Her bones shattered when I took crowbars to her knees and ribcage
After she awoke from her pain-driven coma, she found hey pussy lips and
Nipples connected to a high-voltage electric wires
Clitoral Electrocution
The sparks flew as I dumped water on her rapidly convulsing figure

After the finger nails were ripped off she was ready to be fucked
The teeth were removed with an iron fist
Her nose broken by swinging chains
The tears could not be covered when her eyelids were cut out

After probing her asshole with awkward household items from broomsticks to butcher knives,
I glided inside her like an eight-year-old on a slip-and-slide

I fucked hey upside-down body till blood ran one with my cam and gore seeped from her pores
Her head was inserted through a vice on the floor
The metal walls boarded her chin and skullcap
As the vice closed her brain spayed out her fucking ears

Cerebral soap will be prepared
Her inner mind will soon be shared

8. Your Muthas A Lazy-Eyed Chow Bearing Slut But I Fucked Her Anyway

I've always had desires for Glen's mom - 450 pounds of creator packed cellulite
All that pussy for my cock's delight

Every time she bends over, I want to cram my dick
Into her dirty fuck bucket of an asshole
I can smell the funk ooze from her pussy

When Glen was M.I.A, I figured that I would pay
A visit to his chow-bearing slut of a mother
Wishing and praying that I could fuck her
I would fuck her
She opened the door - looking like a beast on steroids
So I ripped her pants off and punched her in the forehead

Her gunt fat was busting out of her crotchless panties!!!

Fucking fatty tumors and cock smacking her dimple infested asshole
And her hreasy pussy smelt like dead animals

I wasted no time and let my dick get lost in her onion-reeking fat rolls
Her ass crust is a treat that melts in your mouth
Not in your hand
Prepare for Anal Excavation
Her cavity was stretched from warped
Shit had accumulated from parts she couldn't reach
I worked her pussy till she was cumming

I fucked her shit hole until she bled from her fatty pores
Then I blew my load on her soiled cunt
I grabbed my bitch by what used to be her neck and tossed her on the floor

A beached whale lay
Bleeding in front of me

9. Mutilate Remodified

There's no fucking way to escape my evil
Carefully thought out this technical procedure
Before I begin I'll give a painful preview
Piercing every inch with burning red needles


There is no comfort here, no drugs to sooth your pain
Thousands of pins stuck in your skin, It's just the beginning of the end
Strapped to the table with your lips sewn
You can taste the malevolence, I can smell the horror in the air
Such a carnal experience
Your locked in solitude, where you'll be chastised
My own private purgatory, this twisted empire
I will work to change your body, to alter your anatomy
Don't mistake this science for lunacy
Mutilated and Modify!!!

Stab hooks through your pussy lips, muffled screams muscles twich
Stick a few through your clitoris
Connect the hooks to fishing lines, pull and tug and tie them off
Writhing pain through your nipples
Disfigured genitals

Meat hooks-piercing the skin scrapping the bone
Blood-dripping down your arms, seeping out the stab wounds
Molested-Annaly probed with barbed wire

Friction - Feel the cold steel ripping through your flesh
I'll keep you alive for one more day then chop you up and bag your remains
Generate your nerves with searing pain

I masturbate at the site of my tyranny
Been drained of all your energy
Hung in the air so prepares to die
Drained of all your energy, can't fight immobilized body
Tie the rope around her waist!!!

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