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1. George Clinton And The Nine Year Old Gutter Slut

The most disturbing sight I've witnessed
Was George Clinton fucking a gutter whore
She was just nine years old
Didn't seem to bother him much!!!

At the time George was influenced by alcohol
A bottle of Jack, and a beer hat
The only way to get laid, was to use pay his way for pussy!!!

His search set off in an alleyway
He came across a crack whore youngster
Looking for good fuckin' time

He took her behind a dumpster, and could not waste any time
She was a stupid asshole and charged a dollar fine
This bitch was undeveloped, and she was loose as hell
Her smell made George disgusted but she could never tell

-We've got the funk-
He screamed when he bent her over
His dreadlocks swaying to the rhythm
-We've got the funk-
He sprayed his load on the dirty whore
Then pulled it out and pushed her down

If the media got word of this.
Then George's name would be ruined
He grabbed the closest object
A used heroine needle from the dumpster...

George grabbed the bitch.
Then threw her to the ground and screamed
Get ready to suffer!!!
He took the needle and stabbed her repeatedly
Til' the body was unrecognizable!!!

Jorge Clinton!!!!!

2. Donkey Punch

My tools of torture come from seduction
It is the root that spawns my evil
It sparks the cause that ends their innocence
While bashing their bleeding skulls
Through walls!!!

I pick up bitches with a view of machocism
Their views on pain means dick to me!!!

There was this one girl,
Who came to my place
She seemed a bit quiet, But maybe devious
One thing led to another as it always does
I turned around and tied her ankles to a bed post!!!
We started out like I always do in doggy style
As she screamed in pleasure
I grabbed her ponytail and bashed her through a brick wall!!!

She seemed a bit shocked at first and I was stunned as fuck,
When over her mangled face,
Some blood and teeth dripped off her smile
When she was back in consciousness
I sucked the blood off her skin
She said she wanted more, So I punched her in the face
My life erupted in a frenzy.
When I tied her up and beat her down!!!

3. Total Eclipse Of The Fart

No son-of-a-bitch, could ever fart better than me,
The stench of my gaseous statments
Could suffocate a child back to a fetus

It smells like an army of insects
Crawled inside my body and died
It smells like the sewage of city
That's been backed up for 499 years!!!

The skin off their bodies.
Begins to turn gangrene.
As soon as they smell my rot
And while they cough up their insides.
I laugh in a fury of madness and hate

You could cut the stench with fucking knife!!!

That son-of-a-bitch. Couldn't fart better than me.
No son-of-a-bitch. Could ever fart better than me!!!

4. Severed Fuck Stump

Organs spilled all over my floor
Intestinal Residue, Makes me bored
Fingers skullcaps knees and torsos
Stewn across. My backyard porch

The limbs. And the broken tendons cook in the sun
I puke from meat to bile!!!
A dozen amputees lay on the kitchen table
Body parts a trophy for a torture master

As blood ran down my legs I noticed my cock was severed
10 feet across the room
My bleeding dick lay detached and lifeless

It must of been the table saw from sears.
Or the pliers from Home Depot
It could have been bit off in a struggle
Or torn by some screaming slut

I always start with their pussy
As the blade hits some shit sprays out
Theirs screams will die off when a euphoric
Sense from blood loss kicks in

In some form of blood soaked amazement
I could have laid my cock on the table.
Without a second guess ending my sanity
Cock across the table saw spewing blood and urine!!!

Lacerating organs for a course of
Meat my nights are long and daring
But flesh was meant for tearing!!!

5. The Wrath Of Pipers Pit

A vicious cycle has been completed
A beast without mercy, faith, or reason
A nightmare born fro the ring...

The champion of brilliant slaughter
Roddy Piper became beast of his pit

His swinging fists spilt bloody lips
A glimpse of his madness,
Could make Satan shit out his fucking eyeballs!!!

As he enters his pit he wonders
Who will make ends meat?
What kind a man will be tortured, torn apart and beat

A maniac drunk with power
And freer than God,
Rises his fists to pulverize the weak, Into a pusing mess
Of bloody shit and broken bones!!!

The Piper turns the ring into a display of
Gore gushing force driven brutality
The pit becomes a chamber for the destruction of human form!!!

Leave the pit a crippled asshole
Physically fucked by the genius of torture!!!

6. Kiz Nizel Mi Dills Nufus

A jar of cookies

7. Preschool Prowler

I am the monster
In every children's nightmare
Their parent's fear provokes me into a frenzy!!!

After preschool, Is it outside the parking lot
I see their parents I've seen their innocence...
I like the bitches their hairless virgin untouched bodies give off a
Scent that drives me to a higher power
I change from sane to sickness, With plans to sodomize
Leaving toddlers screaming crying bleeding dying

If I might tell you a story,
That's full of sickened glory
This passage full of violence
Will leave you dead silence

Katie was my first victim, I had to make it
My most perverse
The inauguration!!!
I stole her from preschool as she was screaming
I covered her pain with my semen
Her petrifiedbody mangled and bleeding
From the second I laid my cock on her!!!

Katie was followed by Danny who came before Cindy
The loveliest fuck I encountered
I made her cum when she was just seven
As she screamed in pain I gashed her thoat!!!

The younger the tighter they are,
Their age is more worthless to me than their parent's asshole!!!

8. Pig Fucker

Bloody ruins, Of a pig
Sit rotting above a farmhouse
That filled with carcasses

The origin of this slaughter
Came from a mastermind
Chaotic Intentions to fuck dead animals

Brutal sodomy!!!

First to go, Was the chickens
My cock dominating
Ripping through their bodies
Next came the pigs, A full blown fuck fest
Domesticated animal intercourse

I feed on bloody pig intestines!!!

Gutted sheep are screaming
Cows udders bleeding
Over tortured creatures
I've penetrated anally

My barnyard ceremony becomes a sickened dining
While biting horses innards
I decapitate kittens!!!

Fucking bleeding shooting semen!!!
Over disfigured animals!!!

Across the farm, Into the barnyard,
A vision of the butchery
Pigs cows horses chickens,
Lay gutted, Raped and tortured!!!

9. Golden Shower Gladiators

It started out, As a romantic evening with my
300 pound aunt Phyllis

We had a bucket of ice and the finest champagne
On this fat bitches body, My fluids are soon to reign

The thought of running water turned me into a madman
As I pulled down my pants and pissed on her face

She sat there quite clueless, Eating her steak!!!

Psychotic impulses spurting out though my dick
A full bladder, Has once again, Drove me to insanity...

It dripped down her neck, To her jiggly fat tits,
The fat bitch is lucky, I don't have the shits!!!

10. Cream Of Fetus

My recipe for torture appetite for murder,
A psychotic, Culinary madman
Seeks a pregnant slut to butcher!!!

A hack job, Abortion
With a rusted, Machete
My vision an amputation
An unborn sacrifice.

Preparing, A massacre dining, Beginning perverse dissections
Creating a children feast

Cream of fetus
Baked or broiled
Pan fried embryos
Butcher the fetus from a screaming bitch

Preheat the oven to 350,
Marinate the fetus in excrement
Wait till the top is golden brown
The smell is arising brutality

Emeril Lagasi never cooked like this before
My creation is a feast from a disemboweled whore!!!

Strong cannibalistic intentions
Forcing me into a hunger
Creating a fetal masterpiece
Devouring premature appendages!!!

Tripas cocidas!!!

11. Cottagecheesecunt

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