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1. Gnosis

Lies … a river of malicious words.
Is the foundation of your faith.
Seek the truth beyond him.
Follow the serpent, gain insight!
Rejoice upon the fruits of wisdom.
That the tree of life grants you.

Heed not the threats of the false god.
Rise up against the malicious God who.
Will turn the serpent into the devil.

For generations to come.
He is not love, nor compassion.

He is jealousy and vengeance.
The knowledge is yours to take.
For great is the blindness of those who read.
Do not believe him, do not serve him.
You will be deceived as many before you.

A divine spark enslaved in matter.
Damned is the whole of your creation.

Enslaver of the spirit, imprisoned in dust.
Binding us with chains of dogma.

“Worship me, I am your God!
Worship me, I am your creator!”

“You are nothing!
My knowledge transcends yours,
Gnosis is within my reach, mine to take.
A higher understanding of the universe.

Of the greater whole that is all
I will not bow to a fraudulent deity.
The salvation you offer is misfortune,
A certain death in murky waters.”

2. Apophasis

Heed the misleading words of their scriptures.
The very ink they used seems to be extracted.
From the venomous teeth of vile reptiles.
Running across parchment as poison in blood.

To others a demon in human form.
Simon Magus, victim of propaganda.
The one Jesus tried and failed to be.
Deemed to be the very first heretic.
Accused of being nothing but a fraud.
A mere sorcerer, a malicious magician.

Six root powers contain the whole.
The first pair is Heaven and Earth.
Moon and Sun is the second one.
Air and Power form the third pair.

The whole is Estos, the Standing One.
The seventh root, following six predecessors.
It is the day after creation, yet existing before.

The Spirit that moved upon the face of the waters!

Not the progenitor of ecclesiastical crime.
He is Simon, power and the salvation of man.
Sent to release Ennoia from transmigration.
To contest the demiurge and the inferior spirits.

A perfect, ungenerated and eternal being.
Container of the visible element.
As well as the invisible one.
Both the hidden and the manifest.

3. Abufihamet

In the ruins of the Temple of Solomon a peculiar item was buried.
A secret that could wipe away everything.
Built upon the foundations of their lies.

Excavated by knights sworn to poverty.
By grace of the mysterious artifact.

Power and wealth now was theirs.
Templars, keepers of the Grail.

No faith in a religion so young.
Freed from all ludicrous lies.
Bestowed on the Western world.
Through the detestable book of lies.

Power and wealth now was theirs.
Templars, keepers of the Grail.
In darkened crypts in the Holy Land.
The Christian cross was not revered.

Deny Christ and the virgin birth.
Defy the sacraments in disgust.
True veneration for the head.
Abufihamet, the bearded idol.

A thorn in the eye of the Church and king alike.
The conspiracy was executed that Friday.
On the thirteenth of October Thirteen hundred and seven.
Tortured and burned, their secrets remain untouched.

“No place for wisdom.
No room for insight.
Only blind devotion.
To your pitiable beliefs.
There is no salvation.
In the God you worship.
There is only deception.
Perversion of the truth”.

Jacques De Molay!
Burned at the stake.
Murdered for your lies.

Jacques De Molay!
Cursed are your foes.
Jacques De Molay!
We will avenge thee!

4. Sophia

Cast down the Archons in the gaping abyss.
Let their wickedness bring forth their demise.
One will consume the other, unto the prime parent.
He in turn will turn against himself and cease to exist.

Their heavens will fall; one will fall upon the next.
All of their forces shall be consumed in fire.
Their alleged eternal realms are to be overturned.
Into the abyss they fall … and that will be overturned as well.

5. Metempsychosis

The material world as it currently stands.
Was not created by the God of Light.
But by the malicious dark god Yahweh.
Who captured our spirits in this shell of suffering.

Only the spiritual realm implies absolute purity;
It is there and only there that liberation lies.
The material realm is nothing but an illusion.
A creation of evil, designed for suffering.

The "God" you worship is nothing but an impostor.
A lesser deity, the Demiurge.
A fraud and a liar, but a creator nevertheless.
Your church is devoted not to God, but to corruption.

You threaten your followers.
With an eternity in hell.
Still there is nothing worse.
Than the world we live in.

This world is the actual hell,
A prison created by your "God"

Where we are corrupted by your minions.
Metempsychosis; our only escape.

Never will your greedy claws.
Uncloak the gnostic secrets we guard.
Burn our mortal bodies if you must.
Here on the foot of Montségur!

Metempsychosis - transmigration of the soul.
Metempsychosis - liberation from this hell.

Consolamentum perfecti!

6. Abraxas

"U aei eis aei ei
O ei ei os ei
Who exists as son
For ever and ever
U aei eis aei ei
O ei ei os ei
You are what you are,
You are who you are."

"The bird fights its way out of the egg.
The egg is the world.
Who would be born first.
Must destroy a world.
The bird flies to God.
That God's name is Abraxas"

Abraxas, the Archon.
Source of the three hundred and sixty five.
Emanations of the supreme being.
In him creation becomes frightened of itself.

Abraxas, you are the sun yet also.
The eternally gaping abyss of emptiness.
You are the bright light of day.
And the deepest night of madness.

Abraxas, you dwell in the light of the luminary Eleleth.
The last of the spiritual lights.
Counter the ignorance of the lowest heaven!

Mankind, by birth blinded by stupidity.
Can see the supreme good of the sun.
Perhaps even the endless evil of the devil.
But not Abraxas, the mother of both.

To behold summum bonuum, infinum malum.
But never, never indefinable life itself.
This is why his powers are the greatest;
Man does simply not perceive them.

"A thousand-armed ployp
Coiled knot of winged serpents
The hermaphrodite
Of the earliest beginning
The lord of toads and frogs,
Which live in the water
Abundance that seeketh
Union with emptiness."

Abraxas, by thou mind was created.
Then sprang the word.
You issued providence,
Virtue and wisdom

Abraxas, out of these you crafted.
Principalities and powers.
And three hundred sixty-five angels.
The number corresponding to your name.

Christ, the seed of Abraham sent by Abraxas.
Came in a phantasm and not in the flesh.
He did not suffer on the cross as a martyr.
For salvation has not been promised to bodies.

To behold summum bonuum, infinum malum.
But never, never indefinable life itself.
This is why his powers are the greatest;
Man does simply not perceive them.

7. Sicarii

As the Imperial Eagle overshadows Judea.
Ancient prophecies live again.
Of the One leading the Zealot cause.
Is He a mage, a king or perhaps a fraud?

The royal blood of David in his veins.
Born to bring forth the Messianic Age.
The anointed One: Christos, Mashiah.
Hailed by the Sicarii, the dagger-men!

But the Nazarene is not Him.
The magician is but a betrayer.
To grant Caesar what is his?
Demise shall be his only share!

All the hope is shattered.
Could the prophecy be wrong?
Has Yahweh truly forsaken us?
Or is he testing our faith?

"Step away from the others and I shall tell you.
The mysteries of the Kingdom.
It is possible for you to reach it,
But you will grieve a great deal.
For someone else will replace you,
In order that the twelve may again
Come to completion with their God.

You will become the thirteenth,
And you will be cursed by the other generations.
And you will come to rule over them.

In the last days they will curse your ascent to the holy generation.
Already your horn has been raised, your wrath has been kindled,
Your star has shown brightly and your heart has [rejected me]."

Let the wolves devour each other.
Let the Romans have their betrayer.
For a mere thirty silver coins.
We can open the way for a new Messiah.

The voice of moderation
Will die on the cross.
Away with pacifism,
Away with cowardice!

"Don't imagine that I came to bring peace on earth.
I did not come to bring peace.

"Don't imagine that I came to bring peace on earth.
I did not come to bring peace
But a sword!"

Filip Dupont ‒ Vocals, all instruments (1996-2008), vocals, guitars (2009-)
Jurgen ‒ Lyrics

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