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demo: "Embryonic Stages" (1991)

1. Hidden Life
2. The General
3. Lost In Leros

1. Hidden Life

[Music by Gomorrah, words by S. Olafson]

Malignant Form Concealed In Grey
Shaman In Neoplasmic Form
Consuming Life Without Remorse
Ripping Hell Throughout Its Wake
Walking With Death You Feel No Pain
Unconcious Of the Life Within
Yet Slowly Sapping All Your Strength
There Is No Rush For This Impending Doom.

Beyond the Alchemist To Sense Oblivion
Who Would Think To Care Or Look
A Body So Fit With No Fear Of Death
Looking Not To It's Cerebral Code

Each Day It Feeds A Little More
This Creature Clawing Deeper Still
Planning It's Deadly Route With Care
Laughing As It Makes Its Way
No Measure Of Violence, Just Avarice
Growing As You Lose Your Mind
Hidden Battke Is It Will To Be
Manic Cull To Cleanse This World.

Dragging You To Its Stygian Darkness
Unaware You Have Answered Its Call
Riddled With A Parasitic Life
Letting You Live Till It Needs Your Soul

Unknown, The Origin Of Its Mass
Emerging From A Timeless Realm
Beneath The Act Of Conscious Thought
Brought Into Being, A Deiform
Knowing That It Stays Immortal
No Excise Or Act Of Cain
(No) Spilling Of Its Precious Ichor.

Body Laid Down On Cold Marble Slab
Prepared to Enter Fiery Depths
Remembered On Carved Slate Of Grey
The Dream Of Death Now Reality
Purpose Served It Years For More
Not Failing To Find An Open Mind
Reaching Past Fresh Cortex Shell
Embodied To Play Its Game Again.

2. The General

[Music by Gomorrah, words by J. Griffin]

"Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live"
[Exodus XXII, v18]

I Here By Show You The Devils List, Cos By The Devils Work They All Exist.
I Order You To Hang Them High, Burn Them At The Stake And Watch Them Die.
Place Them In The River Tied Thumb To Toe, If Their Heads Should Rise Then We Shall Know.

General, Is What They Call Me. Your Witch I'll Find For A Handsome Fee.
Witchfinder's My Official Role, To Try By Fire At The Burning Pole.

Show Me The Girl With The Immortal Soul, That Innocent Face Of A Baby Doll.
Behind Those Bright Eyes Lays Something Dark, And Upon Her Smooth Skin Lay Satan's Mark.
She Don't Fool Me For I Am Wise, My Needle Test No-One Defies.

I Am The One That The Old Women Fear,
Arrive In Their Town And They All Disappear.
Reputation Before Me Serves Me Well,
How Far Can I Go, Just Who Can Tell.
Devil Disciples I'll Find You All,
Your Names On The List, (And) You've Just Had Your Call.
On These Norfolk Hills We've Found Your Trail,
My Assistant And I We Never Fail.

Townspeople Scared Of Their Trickery,
Inflicting Death, Causing Misery.
Livestock Lost And Much Hunger Felt,
They Hired Me For I Am Their Help.
I'll Rid Your town Of The Devil's Work,
Just Pay Me Well And I'll Cleanse This Dirt.

3. Lost In Leros

[Music by Gomorrah, words by J. Griffin]

Women And Children, There's No-One Forgiven
Old Men Splutter Their Last Breath.
From The Age Of Three, Just These Walls And Me
And Here I Will Crawl Til My Death.
Once Your Minds Read Your As Good As Dead
From This Hell-Hole There Is No Escape.
Some Of Us Are Tame And Some Even Sane
But Freedom Is Too Much Red Tape.

Lost, Lost In Leros.
Lost, We Are The Forgotten Souls.
Lost, Lost In Leros.
Lost, Lead Our Lives Like Puppet Dolls.

They Call Us Crazy, That Might Be As Maybe.
But Animals We're Certainly Not.
Like Dogs We're Fed Then Tied To Our Bed
Just Waiting There Until We Rot.
In These Kennels We're Caged Our Madness Enraged
And The Children Cry All Day And Night.
No Toys To Play Above With Their Beds They Sway
Beyond Reach But Within Their Sight.

From Day To Day Naked We Playh
Like Zombies We Walk Round The Yard.
And Hell We Create As We Vociferate
But Heard With Complete Disregard.
Like Rubbish We're Binned As If We Had Sinned
But I Can't Recall Doing Wrong.
Does Nobody Care Is There No Heart Spare
How Long Can This Carry On.

Sven Olafson (R.I.P. 2014): Vocals
Mike Prior: Guitars
Jose Griffin: Guitars
John Clark: Bass
Fran Robinson: Drums

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