Dark Lyrics


1. The Calm Before

Take my pound of flesh for all that it's worth
Reason woebegone, our way defiled
Sovereign righteousness wearing the crown
Judgement handed down, under the thumb
Chaos lies in wait, insidious calm
Cracking firmament threatens to fall
Tearing from the grasp, a power so vast
Seeking only to defame the truth
Instinctive reproach clouding the vision
Alone in your righteousness
Collective decision
Constructing the prison
The church of antipathy
An ancient enemy hides behind the shroud
The end is now at hand as the children bathe in blood

2. The Core

Rising…Take shape, from underground
Buried beneath this unholy soil
Writhing, contorted the lonesome road
Dealer of death, I have seen the core

My delusion, blind to the trust
All-consuming, cold to the touch
My confusion, numb to the truth
Retribution, retaking what’s mine
Retake what’s mine…

Reaching…Below me, the underground
Half as my shadow, half nemesis
Offspring of that begotten road
Linger behind me, await my fall

My affliction, release my hold
My redemption, regaining my soul
Regain my soul…

3. Ominous Winds

Blanket my fear, a place to hide
These winds abide
Tempestuous night no longer lies
Closing my eyes won’t stop the fright
The breath of future skies
The violence of old is beckoned to life
We welcome the storm, bathe in the rains
Withstand the attack
Bring me back to life

4. Blacksmith (Summoning Wrath)

Pangs of a mallet to steel
Unable to wear this disguise
Fashion the anger to blades
The embers will glow in their eyes

Molten sea, teeming with visions of falsehoods
Vengeance be, phoenix will rise from the ashes
Internal combustion
Bended knee, too weak to beat back the rage
Thundering…Hammering into submission

Summoning wrath from the forge
Fires igniting the heart
Demon that none can escape
War is now taken to art

5. Diggin'

Bleed dig
I will the channel wound
Consecrate your tomb
Bleed dig
I will the channel wound
You've drained down to your tomb
You're cut off and left behind
The product of a weaker mind
Self evident, flayed and spliced
Way down and locked inside
You trust me, I lie
I cross you, you die
I dig deep... all night
Claws and teeth
I'm blind
I will the channel wound
Your hopes drained dry, entombed
Dig deep

6. Amor Fati


7. Darkhouse

In the darkened mind, I see a light
Black desert oasis
This need to feed shall see my fall
I thirst for purity
With bones and mud, we built a dark house and in here I'll hide from the thing I've left behind and the way I feel inside
With bones and mud, we built a dark house
This is where we'll survive
No... you finally see through the pride
No longer believing in lies
Never a need to disguise
The different darkness in your eyes
Even the darkness cannot hide from the things I've left behind when demons manifest inside
A different darkness in your eyes
Now I finally see through the pride
No longer believe in your lies
I cannot wear the disguise that hides the different darkness
Welcome back to the things you thought you left behind

8. The Burden Of Ubiquitous Scars

Death from an ancient godless curse
Fire and brimstone from the sky
The boatman waits for his passengers
It's my Burden of Ubiquitous Scars
Soldiers swallowed by and angry sea
A glimpse of a smile on the boatman's face
Behind the veil of the overwhelming facade
The waters will not be contained

Cascading incisions, carving the soil of familiarity, digging a grave for weathered perception
The lesser waters traveled flow deliberately, offering perpetual exodus, never looking back to the walking skeletal remains
The Burden of Ubiquitous Scars
Behind the veil of this facade
You put me here I took you there
What was then is not right now
It's my burden

9. Schadenfreude

Joy at horror
We are the horde
We are the mob
Blinded hunger
Rabid anger
Taunting cruelty
Living feed upon the dead
This is the way of things
Home among dark company
Fiends of predation
Emaciated specters wandering
Drawn to the shadow of suffering
A circle of vultures
Breathing feast upon the dead
This is the way of things
Lupine grimace salivates
Agony feeds the smile
Laugh at horror
We are the mob
we are the circle of vultures

10. Carver Bones

Shadows dancing all around
My world crumbles to the ground
A new condition, I'm looking for but still I drift away from shore
Long I have seen, occurring dreams
Crouched and obscene
Stalking enemies
See their eyes
Long have I heard thunderous the words of the absurd, tangled and perverse
Hear their lies
Long have I dreamed of what I have seen spawned from disease
We can feel the carver bones beneath our hides
Growing potential is shaping disorder
Behold the power
Welcome the lost screaming in madness
My name you whisper
Take a deep breath
The battle ahead is not over
Destroying what's left
Cheating our death
We are reborn

11. Omens

Omens whisper in the winds of night as shadows march by serpentine light
Burning, following an impulse into the furnace
The serenity of self deception... an infestation
Th indifference of good men foretelling our doom as the ravens "afflight"

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