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1. Nameless

Nameless incarnation of hatred
No reason to live
but to cause discord and pain
I bear the mark of the fallen one
Touch me and be cursed
Love me and be enslaved
Join me and be damned
Trust me and be forgotten
There is no rest within my soul
A cold indifference distorts my aura
On the path that I wander
there is no equilibrium
Witness the fire of my hatred
It exhausts the souls of the guilty ones
Guilty for their prideless daze
I donate you nothing but scorn
embrace you with wings of indifference
desecrate you with a serpent's kiss
redeem you into the void of oblivion

2. Return To Provenance

On the ruins of creation
Dying promethic embers
turn the world into darkness
There is no bright wisdom
no place for self control
without a link to our true nature
Return to provenance
Realize, internalize
this world is built on mire and rot
Worshipping idols, wasting breath
blind from self-deception
Denying the instinct turns us away
from the creation as it was meant to be
Strive against the grasp of the demon-self
Within lies all enlightenment
So don't be a fool and realize
that it's not you that ponders
moans and falls down in weakness
The pain of the world weighs on your shoulders
It's not your sorrow, it's not your soul
Don't believe in anything but in your self-control
Command and navigate the ship to the open sea

3. Dark Illuminations

We drown in the deception of daylight
Blinded by this shallow life
its lucid fruition that we strive
we long for dark illumination
Emerging from the shadows
where life is always pure
we wander dormant paths
of sunless and mournful days
Waiting for the era of rising wisdom
we are assembling unseen forces in the haze
We rise in the purity of the nightfall
Embraced by darkness
all our will through ancient forces is fulfilled
We reign in dark illumination
Darkness - ultimate perception
The essence of all the things we reach
Countless treasures can be found
Spirits of the night will teach

4. Dionysian Eucharist

See the one encircled in the bloody shambles
Her eyebeam rigid
her whole body trembles
Oh lustful stranded slut
go on and never stop
Defiant and keen
she took the opaque pill of rapture
Inebriant venom enriched her horny blood
A hot blooded bitch
moans with uttermost pleasure
Predetermined for destructive self immolation
Oh fucking naive bitch
you are the one we ditch
Lecherous breathing
Dionysian Eucharist
The air turns sultry as her dance gets faster
A sweat dripping body
in elusive ecstasy jubilantly passes away
In self destructive glory
her knees start trembling
as she wettens her pearl thong
No girls for the ring
but a death worshipping cunt
Dionysian Eucharist
the ecstasy of lust and death
Dionysian Eucharist
no feeling for life but through pain
See the devout feast of self-sacrifice
in the name of flesh lust and death
An out drying vixen exhaling her last breath
Encircled by the votaries of ruin and submission
There is no end beyond all boundaries
in the realm of death's recognition
Driven by ominous beats
forced to dance herself to death
For entrancement and the pleasure of pain

5. Denial

Beyond all boundaries of earth reaches the soul
on wings of imagination
My fervent longing climbs to distant spheres
Earth-bound but gazing at the stars I feel my disease
Restrictive is the cage of the cold material world
Emotions are withered in the desert of mediocrity
Pureness tainted by a putrid surface
Embers within no longer burn
The brothership of low-leveled thoughts corrupts
my spirit and soul
In a world of perhaps and may nothing is real
The brothership murmurs
"Obey or take your life away"
Beyond all boundaries of earth reaches the curse
of collective deception
A mournful longing remains
The wind keeps on whispering of stories untold
A lonely soul against the pain of the world
A feeble voice breaks off in the choir of denial

6. Seduction

Come with me, follow me, come with me
Darker days, in the haze, darker days
We will see, not just be, we will see
Take my hand and feel the end, take my hand
Pain and fear will disappear, pain and fear
In dreadful lands, when the dark descends, in dreadful lands
Deceptive light drowns in the night, deceptive light
Society, leave me be, society
Makes me sad, everyone dead, makes me sad
In this night, I feel no fright, in this night
I will leave without grief, I will leave
No remorse, no turning back
Can't you see disharmony, can't you see
Twilight and phlegmatic unlight
A chilling thunder roars from the distant mountainside
A raging storm is rising, it takes all doubt away
Being part of an endless circle eases all pain and fear
My name is dead and gone, my trace will disappear

7. Vision Of Entirety

A timeless moment of now
brushes away the tears from the past
A state of crystalline clarity
brings back my inner entirety
A silent yet deep understanding
speaks with words without meaning
The universe and I
are floating in eternal patterns
The mirror of self reflection has burst
Perception trespassed all borders
The awakening of the third eye
connects me to the cosmic strings
When all earthly boundaries end
begins my vision of entirety
I am dead but immortal
I am dreaming myself to life
I am all and all is me
Creation has fulfilled
In a state of dissolution
when despair becomes my mind
in a moment of crushing pain
my earthly life ends

8. Self-Destruction

I feel a manic obsession
Let me suffer and I'll obey you
Sweet torment caresses my lust
I'm a servant to whatever hurts
Self-destruction, beloved enemy
Self-destruction, beyond remedy
Pain holds me down but my spirit awakes
Lament and gloom feed the demon within
The scars in my flesh
reflect the scars in my soul
Thanatomiania, a secret suicide
Self-destruction, beloved enemy
Self-destruction, beyond remedy
Self-destruction, master of disharmony
Self-destruction, mirrored through misanthropy
Misery is precious treasure
It makes my dead soul feel alive
Calamity is my only pleasure
In a world so cold nothing's worth to strive
I feel severed from this life,
I feel severed from god's creation
The moment of death will be my rescue
nothingness heals all wounds
Oblivion is my benediction
the loss of life my greatest gift
The blood that runs out of my veins
makes me calm
For the first time in my life
I feel satisfied
Eradicate my mortality
release me into eternity

Dreamlord ‒ Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

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