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1. Delusions Of Grandure

"Emperor Nemo looks out, through the huge panoramawindow, at the Eidolon skyline.
Vast metal structures loom as long as the eye can see. At this hour the flashing neon signs can clearly be see, and a few repulsorlift crafts scurry about. In the horizon Eidolons large spaceport rises like a monster made of metal and concrete. The huge man frowns, as he paces the room, occationally looking out the window.
His power is immense, yet incomplete"

All around
this power town
I can feel
The surging wind
The silent rain
beating down
The weakened weeds
Their helpless moans
Trapped within
Their weakened wills

of grandure

All around
this power town
I can see
The empire's clasp
The people's revolt
The emperor's grasp

of grandure

2. Sermon

"In the old stone church the poor seek refugee from life's reality. A thundering voice rings out mightily, preaching the gospel of the light. His words speak of hope and of a dream where everyone will dwell in happiness and joy. He seeks to purge the worldof evil turn darkness into light. The fire in his eyes shows utter devotion to the light.
In his mind there is no other way out of this dark reality"

An unforgettable dream
resides deep inside
A land of happiness and joy
for the ones who dare

Listen to his wisdom
open up your mind
feel the light shining bright
deep within your soul

Let it be written
his words will be your guide
let it be done
his words will be your sword

follow in his footsteps
and you will not fail
guided by the light within
your answers you will find

3. Galactic Galleon

"Galactic Galleon, a giant starship. Built of titanium, It's almost indestructible. With looming guntowers, the gothic structure casts shadows even in the vastness of space.
Its pilot, Eron, travels through space to seek those whose freedom has been bereft"

Ride the waves
of the cosmic sea
ethereal winds
in my crimson sail

the burning sun
a mystic sphere
lightning rays
at me wail

then truth I seek
all across the sea
freedom I give to
the weak and frail

4. Eidolon

"As the darkness falls, the huge towers casts tall shadowns in the moonlight. The metal and concrete facades, which emphasize an unsurpassed might, radiate and eerie atmosphere that chills you to the bone.
In the shadows of all this wealth the indigent seek shelter from the poor. With the preacher's words still in mind, their hope gives them the strength to carry on.
Among these Eron Walks, and sees he's got work to do"

The cold darkness
chills my peaceful soul
As I wander determined
through the city streets
the succulent air
It reeks of death
the stench of shit
so awfully foul

The doleful inhabitants
are mere puppets
taught to obediantly serve
the glorious emperor
his sick greed
for the ultimate power
infects all life
perverting its purpose

The city of lost souls

The people break in hopeless despair
Their cries fill the air
the evil that has caused this fear
is someone the hold dear

A torn and wretched life the live
their freedom I will give
the evil that has caused this fear will fall into the sear

5. A Wayfarer's Tears Part 1

"In an old public hospital a forgotten man lies all alone. The sheats can barely keep him warm in the cockroach infested hospital room. Outside the dirt-clogged window the snow falls like gentle angels, while a couple of sparrows sing by the window. In a table by the bed is a vase with a near-withered rose."

cold white walls
are my only comfort
as the freezing air
numbs my frail skin
only the fire within
soothes my tired soul
bringing shelter from this
cold winter chill

Sparrows by my window
sing a haunting tune
of hope and warmth
to ease my tired soul
these small, gentle creatures
show more love and care
for the sick and decrepit ones
than the people I have met

They bring to life
pictures of my past
all grey and bleak
devoid of any colour

6. A Wayfarer's Tears Part 2

"By the window in a runned-down apartment, a young man with a torn heart sits, while the rain hails down outside, mercilessly. The room is sparsely lit, with just a few sticks of furniture: a table, a sofa, two chairs, a stereo and a fridge.
On the floor are scattered pieces of broken glass and bloodstained footprints. On the floor, by the window, are the shattered pieces of a picture that depicts one with a radiant beauty."

Every day heavy rainclouds hang over
as loneliness threatens to bury me
but every once in a while
a tiny light shines through
warming my weakened heart
making my life worth living
therefore it saddens my soul
that you don't understand
your warmth is all I yearn for
yet pain and sorrow is all you give
the chilling wind and rain
sing to soothe my pain
my heart feels so cold and dark
without the warming spark of love

A hollow wound is felt
where my love once dwelt
a lonely tear I cry
as the leaves pass me by

7. A Wayfarer's Tears Part 3

"The rain is pouring down, while the wind is raging like a savage.
Down the treelined avenue a lost soul walks, seemingly untouched by the fierce weather.
The ground is littered with orange-yellow leaves, a memory of what was a beautiful summer. There is no sign of life, except for a lonely crow fighting against the wind."

A crow flies listless
singing a song of sadness
with heavy wings it struggles
against the vicious bogles

Its dark eyes are hollow
the pain it bravely swallow
suddenly I am aware
a common pain we share
and now I comprehend
to the weak I must tend
to the very end...

The piercing rain stings
the bird's battered wings
as it tumbles to the ground
into a muddy mound

8. A Wayfarer's Tears Part 4

"The city is filled with sick and decrepit people. All trying to find a way through another day. Depression, sorrow and despair are present in them all. Some of them break, and commit suicide. Among all these forgotten people a flaming soul tries to give them comfort by offering them the love and care they deserve and need.
His face shows the countless tragedies he has witnessed. Each one as if chiseled out of stone.
In his embrace a young girl with a pale skin. Her hands are covered in blood from her now bandaged wrists. Tears run down her cheeks as her saviour soothes her pain."

The fallen, they gather
inside my chapel of rest
their sullen faces
pale and frail

my warm embrace
is what I offer
a modest comfort
in an ignorant world

I can feel the pain
at your soul it tears
like sharp piercing needles
that yoour concience wears

the answers that you seek
are buried in your mind
to your voice you must listen
and life's meaning you will find

Deep inside your heart
i know there is a will
to light the life within
and protect you from the chill

9. A Wayfarer's Tears Part 5

"A tired old man sits on a hill, looking at the beautiful scenery and the dark, gloomy city below that is like a cancer in mothernature's bosom. The winds' whispering chants of nature's lore echoes in the swaying trees, providing spiritual guidance to those who choose to listen.
The city's looming structures cast woeful shadows, while the homeless try to find shelter for another rainy night.
At the chapel of the Forgotten, a young petite woman tends to the weak. She too will learn that her face will forever be marked by the grief of others. In an old public hospital a forgotten man lies all alone. His body scarcely alive, as his life slowly drifts away. This faithful servant finally gets his well deserved rest."

The wind, it whispers
singing its chants
filling the air
with its love

The trees. moving
creaking in unison
filling the air
with their wisdom

The birds, flying
joining the wind
filling the air
with their hope

All this music
lightens my heart
filling my soul
with spiritual strength

As life slowly flickers
these memories fill my mind
most of them are a painful reminder
but their purpose I can find

And in seemingly
dense darkness
a blazing effigy
flies above
giving me comfort
near the end
she's the one
I've always loved

10. Starfall

[August 92 - Music: Gunder, Lyrics: Robert Barkhakld]

11. Slaydream

Deep inside myself I seek for sanctuary
I'm running in my vision and there's no escape
I drag myself through endless voids of lost infinities
I can face the worlds of fearless destinies

Let me rest in your arms oh mother earth
You must save the one that you once gave birth
I see evil entities upon my way
I watch my dreamless nature as my body pray

Someone, everyone that can ease my pain
I regret it now when I see what I have slain

Someone, everyone that can ease my pain
I regret it now when I see what I have slain

12. Silence Of Time

Oh, restless horror of my life
I have repelled thy before
But now I fear I am too weak
Too weak to fight thy on

Time and time again we meet
Never real but all too lethal you are
And I can not carry my burden on
The synchronisity of time and death has closed on me

My companions in life are long dead
If not physically then dead in my mind
History repeats itself
And the last act of a great piece of art is coming to an end

I have raved through the garden of life
And now it's guardian has come to throw me out
Fear is not a relevant feeling to what lies beyond
Rather curiosity of unknown realms

Walk I will
Through life and death
My quest is not at the final end
For even death is yeath to unravel

Speak of me for what I was
Not for what I am
Time heals they say
But it also brings on death

With the pressure of time
My body will crumble
And the dust will lie heavy on my stonefaced tomb
Deep below I shall lie but far away I will roam
Once again

Dan Swanö ‒ Vocals, mini moog, hammond B3 & additional synthesizer
Gunder Audun Dragsten ‒ Guitars (rhythm), synthesizer
Tomas Steinscherer ‒ Guitars (lead)
Erik Oskarsson ‒ Bass
Benny Larsson ‒ Drums

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