Dark Lyrics


1. Dödfödd

All hope for a better world
Reduced to a stillborn dream
You fearmonger

2. By The Millions

We are afraid
Scared of a changing homeland
That led and still leads to every white hood and red armband that is put on
There are guns in the hands of men on the streets.
When they come for yours, this put them there
It is fear
This is fear
Of warring ideals
Bloody upheaval
Friends to give up on friends, neighbours give in their neighbours
This is fear
This is fear
"Do it to Julia," by the millions
This is fear and I am afraid of it

3. Tar Mirror

A smeared out dirt reflection
Of this world purged by flames
In dreary light we crawl
The stars go over as a rain of arrows
Cup the poison to the lips of hope

Our eyes are blackened in and burnt, abluted out
Stripped from our names, stuck in a void, caged us in by doubt
The whole world burning
Grey future purged
Remnants of hearts beats hollow
Dogs. Screaming for revolution
Along the coast and ridges, send execution
The whole world burning
A holy crux
We all need something to believe in
This is why you lie to yourself
Coal covered eyes open up to see
The charred remains of what we will never be

4. No Return

I feel it creeping in
The fence is falling
Lingering, on my skin
It keeps me locked up here
I can't move, I'm going nowhere
Stuck in between thoughts of life
That separates my truth from lies
I never thought that I would see
Just how indifferent you would be
You keep me locked up here
You tie me up, I'm going nowhere (Separation)
Transparent darkness
Leads the way
Breaking in and out of myself
Destruction is a locked door
I will not return
I will watch you burn

5. Acrid Teeth

Swivel-eyed lunacy wrapped in stars and stripes
A beauty pageant for xenophobia
Inventing lies affirmed by yourself
Beat your chest, bellow righteous fury
You will make it all great again
Brave intolerance
Bravely stripping control.
You spray your cash around
And hiss your promise
"Freedom for all."
We are free to be dead
You are a holocaust in a limousine, (you are) privilege running riot
Being the acrid salt into the very wounds of the world your teeth ate through
Hate eats itself

6. Anti Anthem

Perverted statist perfection
Clenched fists inside of gloves
Your mouths are full of hate
But no matter the words
It all meant the same
You drive us
To hate
To bleed
Fighting for invisible lines
Eating up visible lies
Blindly follow stated divisions
You define yourself by pride in a nation
To hate
To bleed
You pigs
Fuck your flag

7. De Ovälkomna

Förpassats att leva bland skuggor
Vi har levt våra liv i skam
Tvingad på knäna under att tjäna Deras heliga ljus
Men in bland träden - Rötter gror
In under marken - (Där) mörkret bor
Vi bröt mot vår egen ed och lämnade hem för bojor
I en tyst lydnad hängde rädslan upp oss högt
Förväntan att leva med riktigt namn
Till mörkrets kalla famn
In bland träden
In under marken
Vi sökte försoning, och lovades frid
Spottad rakt i ansiktet
Vi blev omdöpta, "de Ovälkomna."
Men jag bär Deras namn som mitt, som ert, som alla andras
Inte ett uns av din gud, för allt blod ni spillt
För ert gudakall, ert syndafall
Inte en jävla skymt av ljuset. Syndafall
Där vårt huvud höggs av kryper kroppen nu tillbaks
Bortom från mörkret väntar vi hungrigt på er

8. Weak

Hands are stripped from all of your own strength
An arid sense
Calmness is a wasted breath
Unnerving confusion
The first steps taken in your mind (This light)
Hard to express, hard to shine
Helplessly trapped
A forest fire
Burning inside out
Wicked maelstrom
This is the absorption of all light (Caved in)
To forget beside this axe, lies my head
Accept yourself. As the enemy
Crush me, warp it out

9. 10.000 År

Sträckt ut från synhåll
Livslång sökan efter en mening
Du fann ro i kallt hat
Sanning blir fördömd
Att slitas itu
Det här är din cancer som äter upp dig
In och utifrån
Den som inget skänker misären är med
Sanningen blir nu fördömd att få slitas rakt itu
Det här är din cancer som äter upp dig
In och utifrån
Tio tusen år
I varje sekund
I varje minut
Som passerat
Varje sekund som går
I tio tusen år
Du slår blint omkring dig
Planlös tomhet
Tio tusen år
I varje sekund
I varje liv
Som förskingrats
En stark ånger
Undergiven i blindo
(Planlös) och utnött
(Tomhet) Dyrkan av tystnad
I varje sekund

10. Caved In

Caught in a trap with no way out
A prisoner of your own mind
No idea what it's about
Your actions left you blind
Looking for something that cannot be found
Stumbling in the dark
Easy answers and burdensome choices
Never left it's mark
Your own dissension
Feed me lies
Forced into a contrived reality, false and unreal
Trapped in your own horrid ideal
Laid to rest in death

11. Enkla Svar

Rädd för allting utanför
En enkel lösning är erat enda svar
Nu bränner vi allt
Blundar för allting
Det finns inget kvar
Nu brinner allt.

12. Charlatan

Wrapped yourself in medals and regalia you have not earned
In the name of the people you do not even represent
Closed eyes glimmer
A nations nostalgia
You suffer in patriotic myth
The blood, the vomit, the toil and the tears
The confused panic
Instead of answering
You are nothing but a charlatan
With claws, with your toothless mouth
You suck out your own blood and replace it with bile
A force with no face, a system without centre
Written in blood and the people they cheer
You could see it all so clear and true
If you would just open up your porcine eyes and fucking look
You suck out your own blood and replace it with bile

13. Carve Them

Violent streams caress the dark ocean room that holds me
Where sunken cities lie hidden from this world
The falling wave
Mountains are shattered by the force of tides
A loss of light
Holes in the sky by the stars aligned
Carving out gills
Shifting my shape for in his name
The maelstrom forms
Eternal sleep that death cannot touch
Petals throb mud
Skin catches dew
Covered in salt
Waking ashore on the naked surface
Covered in blood
Vibrant and rhythmic, the stars explode
Bodies throb mud
Skin catches dew
The ocean beckons for me
I'll swim from guilt forever
Let go of fear together
Disappear beneath the surface and forget the open air
I'll swim with the deep ones

14. Burdenless

Waking up to pointless ends
Turning this tide to what is inside
Ship is sinking into outer nets
Water runs pitch black
How I pity these wretches walking this earth
Veins filled with delusion and hope
With burdenless shoulders
Diamonds are nothing but a lump of coal
Stagnated regret
Chaos in sight, deter
Copacetic outside
Riding without a goal to end
Stretched out of sight
Tied to the ride down to the depths
Incessant strength
How I pity these wretches walking this earth
Veins filled with delusion and hope
With burdenless shoulders
Diamonds are nothing but a lump of coal
So I dig down
Aversion into desire
A falling sky
Hide underground

Thanks to Anja.Weissenbach for sending these lyrics.

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