Dark Lyrics


1. Oväld

Med plånboken fylld ifrån båda håll
så svårt att hålla dig till er paroll
Pengar i fickan ni blundar en stund
Ni leder vårt samhälle till dess avgrund
Ingen oväld kvar
Du är köpt.

2. Blodfors

Jag är dött kött utan känsla kvar
I en kropp byggd utav skam och hat
Jag förgör / Det har börjat dra mig under
Förgör / Känner du vikten?
Låt det forsa blod
Slå ditt hjärta kallt
Tvingas växa in i masken jag bär
Förgör / Det har börjat dra mig under
Förgör / Bryt mig fri
Låt det forsa blod
Slå ditt hjärta iskallt
Branden slukar allt
Vem överlever när denna eld bryter ut
När cirkeln förevigt sluts.

3. Sacrament

Beloved precious rites
Sacred cherished lie
To be saved of guilt from something greater
Can one believe this is still believed in?
Baptized, burn the blood
Turn and veil the sanctum in sinful flood
Tunnel circled thought
Desire choked in knots
To be saved of guilt from something greater
Can one believe this is still believed in?
When all your hope was abandoned
This was the path that you abide
Accomplished only in your own mind
You are full of fire burned out and blind
Faith has turned into your swords
To prove true a book of myth and words
Liar. Traitor. Killer.
You have earned your name
Death cheater
Chaos justified, to paradise
What is a life but a sacrifice?
Of all in us we bless
None will be holy.

4. Ophiuchus

Split tongue black lung
Two-faced faked grace
Venom welcomed
Gold scaled bloody nails
No hope. No love.
Eyes bleached trust leeched
Rough hands commands
No love. No light.
No light. No heart.
Raise them condemned
No view left through
No heart. No hope.
Love has grown for those side-winding for control
Blood and tears turned to fat.
Growing thick
You have been giving us sweet lies
We accepted in our dimmed eyes
Now we face a hunger that is without an end
Slowly creep you rattle forward
Shed your skin, eat the weak.
Let your color run onward
Shed your skin, eat the weak.
Love has grown
This we applaud
Us pleading to a fraud
Now we have grown a hunger that is without an end
Slowly creep
Why do we heed by snakes teach?
How can we love when snakes preach?

5. Ideals

Immune to an inner sight
Your face is not your own
Patience what they have teached you
To keep you complacent
This way you will be under the hand that feeds you
Your name a shame
Your fingers crossed
The blame is placed.
Precious nothing
We mistake for beauty
The bearer of principles without value stands exalted and adored
The tongue speak words it cannot accept as truth
Bleach your sight and now rest.

6. Meaning

Rest in the ignorance
Feel it at the back of your teeth
The palate of blood thirst
Skin against grinded fangs
The clash of bone and sinew
Preying upon weakness
Progress through the strength of your bite
Wolf jaw
Accepting preconceptions
Accepting preconception
The vice was your own desire
Promised and believed to be fulfilled
Projected and teached solemn worship
Insecurity formed the path
The road is run
Carved deep
Locked in abyss
No ability to look back
In a false sense of loyalty
These eyes fixed and vacant
Desperately seeking meaning
Bleed the beast
Skin against teeth

7. Nothing

This world is dead
Interweaved in guilt
From these hands this snake was born
Interlaced by the blood spill
This serpent is the end of us
It breathes
Conscience long lost
A gypsum bust falling apart
Interlaced by the bloodshed
This serpent is the end
No reverse
War is always war. Never proud
Greed is always greed. Never proud
The plants and weeds rot as they erupt
From the sockets that once had my eyes
Now the snake breathes out
A gypsum bust falling apart
The instincts is just an empty bowl
Ideal means nothing.

8. Fix

Fighting for the next kick
Fighting for those who are making the rules
Those afraid of change get used as tools
Meaningless killings for a meaningless war
This war must end and the prohibition laws
The system has failed
It is time for a change
Stop all this madness
It is all deranged
Struggling for a fix quick
Twenty-five years for a pocket of ace
No wonder the prisons run out of space
Meaningless killings for a meaningless cause
This war must end with the prohibition laws.
Look around you, what do you see?
This system does not seem right to me
People dying in vain everyday
No vision forward
Just a replay
Why can't we see the way out of this same decay?
No way out

9. Worthless

Just another piece in the game
It does not matter
It is all the same
There is nothing you can do
No future is coming for you
No matter how hard you try
You can never survive
Nothing is ever the way that it seems
No one will ever hear your screams.

10. Tomma Ord

Trycker ner andra för din egen skull
Vägen till framgång är smutsig och blodfull
Du klättrar uppför stegen ditt skamlösa luder

"Du ska aldrig sticka ut"
Tomma ord.

11. Kyriarki

Du tittar på oss som om vi vore smuts
(Som om) vi vore ingenting alls
Men alltid har sin tid och vår tid är nu
Bladet är mot din hals
Vi ska resa oss
Vår tid är nu
Död åt normer
Trampad och sparkad förnedrad och strypt
Det rör oss inte ett dugg
Allting du gör, gör oss starkare
Förbered dig på vårt mothugg
Vi ska resa oss
Vår tid är nu
Död åt normer
Vi river ner kyriarkens ideal att bära.

12. Disillusion

Twenty-four hours of feeding the brain
With total bullshit just trying to drain
The public from thinking on its own
While the leaders idly sit on their throne
Democracy, freedom and peace
Just an illusion they are trying to sell
We are the ones harassed by police
The ones living the hell
No real choices
Only predetermined death
Nothing gained
Just one day shorter of breath
Oppression will come to an end
We will rise from the ashes
Rebuild what you have done
The revolution has only begun
The days are numbered
Your ways are doomed
Forever buried your ideas entombed
We will not be silenced
We will not give in
After all the blood we have bled
In the end we will win
No more pain
No more lies
It was all in vain
It is time for demise

13. Entombed

Living way over your assets
Spending money on meaningless things
Trying to hide your true self
Happiness money can buy
What have become of your life?
Nothing else left to enjoy
You need to have it all
To cope with your meaningless life
No plan or even a clue what it is all about
Your life is passing by your eyes
Wasting time, but there is no doubt
That everything living finally dies
Your existence a waste of life
Your presence a plague
Break free from the chains of lies
Nothing left for you
Break free from the chains of life
Nothing left to do
You did not care to listen
Or even give a thought
That your own freedom is already bought
Wasting time but there is no doubt
That everything living finally dies
Your possessions made you blind to see
The true tokens of reality
Break free from the chains of lies
Nothing left for you
Break free from the chains of life
Nothing left for you

14. Eyes Bleached

Building your walls up to indulge, destroy
Primitive overhead
Cold as stone
In a brief moment divulge
By clarity sight unfurls
Freedom cannot live while their world is kept flat
Now from the rust that is your tongue
You ridiculed the own thought
Following stream uniformed
Preciously wasted in absence of warmth
Your silence has shown nothing but weakness
You are stuck
Scrutinised appearance
Nothing growing in the right direction
By what hammer, what chain
Dare face the blame?
Dare seize the shame?
We are at each others throats for this
Locked up in tunnel vision
We are chasing time like sand
Slipping away barricaded in hate
Misstepping in fearing the unknown
Between structures and past where dim hearts will grow
Caved in
Fewer to see.

Thanks to Anja.Weissenbach for sending these lyrics.

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