Dark Lyrics


1. Spirit Of The Antichrist

The glory of darkness shall come to pass
As I call upon the Devil and fallen angels
For my artistry and saga ye shall bear
And stain this earth until I return again

All who dwell here will worship Me

2. Twofold Reign

Their grasp of power and flanked desire
Wickedness scours the earth
Her beckoned call to exalt Nero
With murder in the first
Locusta, Pina and Halotus
Rogues and the likes of those
Show the wealth from high above
As limestone peaks on Jericho's road

Potens Satanas
Dona regni
Potens Satanas
Dona virtute

Unleash this legacy of death and deviltry
Black art narratives with godless poetry

Kindred enemies
A cutthroat foulness taking this reign
Regal fantasies
Of ancient parasites in these walls
Ruthless heresies
From Hell and Rome and their control

The sway emerged of twain bloodline
Both will clash for reign
Clasped as drowning swains in tides
Lured by the coveted gain
And though His eyes gleamed of spite
Transfixed by gilded thrones
They cling to this bequeathing Reich
With Satanic deadly rites

Potens Satanas
Dona regni
Potens Satanas
Dona virtute

Dishes ripe with succulent fare
One thread spun from Morta's twine
And on this night of toxic despair
Sovereignty was now espied

Severed ties as Lamb to Judas
Lustrous coins with treasonous kiss
Calvary's grim of spitefulness
Nails and grief for thirty dirty bliss

Deathless like the Gods
Tyrantcrats exalt from pawns
Majestic wrath with years among
On their softened wool
Like the persecution song
With sisters of the cloth
As the pretty little elder whore
Arched on His phallus lap

Remain abreast and lust for me
Younger grips began tragedy
Gilded cunt worship from thee
Skyclad aroused in wanton blasphemy
I am thine amorally
Sultry tongues with seventh heaven fucks
Spitting on God and his decree

Nona; Decima; Morta

Cunning masks of Romancrats
Grand courtships writhe in this grasp
Darker themes now permit at last

Kindred enemies
A cutthroat foulness twofold reign
Regal fantasies
As merging forces run amok
Ruthless heresies
From Hell and Rome for total control.

3. Hemlock To Wicked Glory

Evoke a plot askew
Like Cain of Genesis
Where tempted hearts subdue
Exalt Rome's chilling nemesis
With another slay anew
As wide-eyed power grew
Free the mind of Christogenesis
Blinding all, that bastard Jesus

Cicuta virosa

On this violent night
Where the grinning moon shines
Custa came enwreathed in mist
Take this wine to wicked glory
Tell the mass of spasm stories
And keep this secret muted, mine and thine

Now upon a youthful life
Britannicus bane a kin demise
This entrant into sin

This night
Evokes a freshly rule
Under pregnant skies
Of envious blood feud
Tonight, sip the chilled wine
Kill in the dead of night
Swifter than viper bites
Pounding heart of last goodbyes
Epileptic fits and fatal cries

Cicuta gloriam

And once he passed the veil of life between
Contortioned limbs and flayed frenzied themes
His jaw dropping shrieks of yelping screams
Swathed the heartless in this banquet scene

Ruthless deeds of jealousies
Preyed to twist this destiny
And in this witching hour


On this vicious night
Where the grinning moon shines
Thus she spoke enwreathed in mist
Take this lead to crooked glory
My poison drink to dynasty
Now grant my vast estate of paradise

Now upon a youthful life
Britannicus slain a kin demise
This entrant into crime

The author of sin with batshit grins
Flanked and preyed in the howling winds
Lord Lucifer, amen
This appetite for malice whims
Helped draw a third of stars to him
Lord Lucifer, amen
May flights of demons wing this rest
In wicked glory to thrive and wrest
Lord Lucifer, amen

As love secretes the thrill for war
Encunted by her rear and fore
Stripped and gripped
Beseeching more and more
Cling to me and fuck me sore
As thou bedight my Roman lord
And curse my soul forever wanting more

Eyes now locked to hexing kiss
A nightly bliss that seems amiss
With fervid lust, that carnal fucking whore

The Devil's kinship of wicked score

Jay Godless: vocal transgressions
Spunindarkness Tom: diabolic guitar tortures

Guilty accomplices whom aided in this villainous craft

Son of Perdition was recorded, mixed and mastered on dark erotic nights within the Sin City confines at Nevermore Audio Studio by Josh Bearden.
Additional composition of godless arrangements was seized, held captive and written by talented co-conspirators: Valerie Hudak on the sinister keyboards, Francesca Camus for vocal enchantments, as well as Niles Rodriguez and Kara Davis for supplemental insight and structure.
Artistic imagery of devilment by JAD Designs.
Music shitten and smitten by Spunindarkness Tom.
Lyrical rites and plagues by Jay Godless.

Thanks to Bob for sending these lyrics.

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