Dark Lyrics


1. Loveless

Engulfed by a sense of loneliness
Feeling empty inside I silently cry
With tears in my eyes I scream for your name
You were so real, like the way it should be

Emotions failed, forsaken by what I am
Has it all come to an end?
Devoid of love my only friend
My love for you died within the end
I let you go, in a way I never wanted
And it is all over now, I leave myself to die

2. Dismal Gleams Of Desolation

Lying in my bed, afraid to fall asleep
The time passes by so fast as I'm thinking of the past
Plans for tomorrow so vast, my pointless life without peace
No reason to make it last


The night comes so soon, everything seems so gloomy
As I'm waiting for the dawn, dismal gleams of desolation
Looking in the mirror, all I see is the sorrow
As I close my tired eyes, drown in waves of darkness
To feel again the fears of my dreams


[Repeat chorus]

After the sleepless night I leave the darkness for a moment
Feeling the warm sun on my dying body
So much has to be done 'till I reach it all

3. Waiting For The Unknown

You didn't want me to fall
And you have always been there
Hiding in the dark mist you saw me withering away
Why can't you let me die (Release me!)
So that I can fall in eternal sleep
As I'm waiting for the unknown...

4. The End Of Eternity

Tell me what I see, are the sands of time ending for me?
Tell me the stories untold, 'cause I know that tomorrow won't come
Let me feel the forgotten fears of our darkest dreams
Take me to the hidden valleys, show me your mighty kingdom


I'm dead, but can you feel my still warm remains?
Is this the end of eternity?
My pale cranium lies on dreaming deserts

[Repeat chorus]

And now I see the glories of your divine worlds
I wander ahead through grotesque pleasures
Take me into your mind
Let me feel the lustful desires

I want to copulate with it all
"Like the man Adam knew his wife Eve"
I know that you can't give my life back
Why don't you take me away from this rotting body?
And burn my soul in frozen flames 'till I understand

[Repeat 1st verse]

5. Who Lives Will See

Watch the dark clouds go by...
Look away and see the humble absorbed in sad thoughts
Believing in God, whom they will never see
Not knowing that their soul won't be saved


He who lives in the end will see the truth
Those who lived with the blissful promises
Will drown in their own holiness
Tremble in fear...as you grive for lost bindweed
Unbearable pain torture your innerself
Amorphous darkness closes your knowledge
Forever lost...
Walk endlessly through the invisible doors

You praised the Lord which never came
And now you lie in holy mass graves with your beliefs

[Repeat chorus]

6. In My Darkness

My absorption inside the circle of confusion
I finally reach the consolation...
Awhile I am falling in a drowning dream
I see myself in a dark room...
Where the shadows of astray souls make walls to my dream
I see myself lying dead...
The people around me are sad...
A priest above me seems like a God's emblem
The roses fall down from the hands of a stranger
My dream refuses to end, the shadows they lead me


7. Exhaling Timeless Tedium

Echo from the depths of sorrow
Filled by voices of tedium
Losing the reality...the opacity of existence
Thoughts become numb...human guises misled
Extinguishing pain
Immortalized suffering
Dark shadows straying in a maze...yearning for relief
Exhaling timeless tedium
Petrified dready forms...crying in continual sadness
For unfailing gloomy blackness...


8. There Where Seven Suns Shine

Rise up to the dark colours, travel through the yesterday clouds
Ride with the cold autumn winds...
There where seven suns shine
Walk with the whispering gods...
Learn the secrets beyond...
Until another grreatness will fall in the world's debris


The remains of a new day are gone...
With the wasted years
Expired into mirages and entombed in future sorrows

God Forsaken:
Hannu Kajunen - guitars, vocals
Mika Hankaniemi - vocals
Juha Pohto - drums
Juha Koykka - bass

contact address:
God Forsaken
c/o Hannu Kujanen
Sorvarinraitti 1 B 7
61400 Ylistaro

All lyrics by Hannu Kajunen.

Adipocere Records '92

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