Dark Lyrics


1. Anoxia

I am awake (I am awake) I'm awake
From my slumber
Frozen in the permafrost

I'm a plague (I'm your mistake) A mistake
Death dealer
Bubonic reaper

Dormant for some centuries
Pest Vetr
Plague Winter
A silent reckoning prays on us
It bides its time while we dismiss

Stuck out of time
Escaped from memory
Your slow decline
It draws closer to your time

Glaciers moan
A million corpses to my name
So foolish to think
You could run
Away from your destiny
From me

Humanity's egregiousness
Siberian graves spark
Eternal rest
The very air we breathe
Is thick with disease
I feel we are too late

Unfeeling, unseeing
The reaper bears no hate
All flesh, will return to the soil
Before Hell's gate

2. Eternal Ending

A perfect solution
Forever and ever
So beautiful
So malleable
I never want to lose you

Perfect solutions don't come cheap
Poison lurks in the mouths you feed

Toxic waves
Even in death
No remission
The colours fade
But the stain remains the same

Four-hundred-and-fifty cursed years of degradation
Our children's children collapse in emancipation
We should have heeded the warnings
Microscopic ligatures dominate your future
You are a slave
A slave
A slave

An immortal enemy
A fitting foe
You've reached the end of the food chain
You've got nowhere else to go
Downfall of your own creation
They'll outlive us all
Monuments to selfishness
This is our downfall

3. Inertia Haze

Synthetic sickness within
In the water
In your blood
Stuck in the pores of your skin
Undying, uncompromising
This planet's patience wears thin

In arrogance never ending
There is a mantra contradicting, condescending, lies
Our toiling feels so futile as jet engines set ablaze the skies

Inertia haze

When the rain turns black
The earth, the sky, the sea
Start taking back

There is no other real choice
But to sink

Can't run away
Find solace in your languor
Your lungs fill up

No way
Can't run away
Obsessed with material gain

We can't breathe
We're running out of time
City after city where you can't see the sky
Richer minds rot with obsession for expansion
Remove the rose tinted lens
Your world is going to end

4. All Flesh

Wasting time is a waste of life
Defined by enemies
Perfection unattainable
Begging for more
Settling for less
Face to the cold earth
Hooked on nostalgia
What is left?
What is left to say
Caught in age
Where everything's the same
Culture's blurred

Time passes by as you wait for your chance
But I'm stuck here, a narcissist entranced

I'm terrified of living
I'm waiting here to die
I can't wait to lie with the worms

What drives me, is futility
What drives me, is banality
I might as well make use of this farcical reality

All flesh
Returns to the soil

5. Salvation

All flesh returns to the soil
All marrow returns to the sea
All journeys a split second in time
All life a grain of sand at your feet

Terror of existence is ablaze under my skin
How do I fit it all in
How do I break from the mentality I find myself in?

Meaning is only what you apply to everything
No grand plan need burden your path
Don't follow in their footsteps
The tide will wash them all away

Unburdened by a social time frame
Take and give only what you need
Strip away the societal pressure
With no destiny, leave your soul to feed

All flesh returns to the soil
All marrow returns to the sea
All journeys a split second in time
All life a grain of sand at your feet

I found purpose
In nothingness
It keeps me safe
From the jaws of the abyss

Addicted to the
Do you accept your fate
In this hell
Scrape yourself
From the bottom of the barrel
Disregard those who don't understand

Break from the cycle
Of the generations
You are yours alone
Forget their faces cos you're never coming home

Broken bodies
Filled the void
With walls
And chances missed

You're never coming home

All flesh
Is grass
All flesh
Returns to the soil

6. Spirare

As I considered the words in front of me
I slowly began to make my way out of the hole I had found myself in

Death's inevitability still came as a comfort
But life didn't feel so hopeless

I no longer felt like I needed to follow any particular path
The world around me felt just the same
And I wasn't yet at peace with that

The only motivation I felt anymore was to fight what I saw in front of me
I saw those at the bottom of the ladder
And I saw those at the top
The rungs in the middle were missing
And I could see that its integrity was failing

I saw an oncoming storm

7. The Dreich

Dissociate yourself
It's not your fault

Exhausted, huddled masses
Are driven to the ground
Stressed, their minds are static
Beneath the moon they'll make no sound

A life less ordinary
A life worth more, worth sharing
A lifeless husk
No empathy, no lust
Another light goes out

Your body shows your mind's own truth
Beneath your feet the demons grew

Fingernails claw at some dignity
But it's pulled away at last
It's pulled away at last

They blamed the people
On their knees
For the children drowned upon the beach
Unwelcome lands, the last thing that they saw

I can't help but question why
We let it get this bad
Pawns beneath an unseen hand

Slowly murdered
Worn down to dust within our homes
There's no way out
No way to go

Lights out
Night's shroud
A shadow falls
Across the world

Hope is crushed beneath the tracks
Nothing you can do – relax
It's not your fault

Die slow

8. Silent Spring

Call out with fear
No bustle from the hedgerow
Across the water
A prophecy grows
Real world death camps
An invisible slaughterhouse

Cognitive dissonance
Bodies burst, overflow with pus and dirt

When the subsidies subsided
The land had changed with the rising tide
Population misguided
Sleepwalking with imminent biocide

Thick clouds for miles and miles
Air unfit to breathe
A nation's shame, foregone conclusion
We face the same fate

With perfect clarity, we'll hear the final coin drop

It was us against the world
We were on the wrong side
From on high the sirens ring
The only thing you'll hear
In this silent spring

Pesticide overkill
A cursed cure
A fog you cannot see through
Pain you can't hope to endure

Now you know how it feels
To be knifed in the back
When we bend nature
The world will bend back

Injustice that you seek to reap
Lies fester in your mouth
Grow roots between your teeth
Your soul face down
Six feet beneath
Feed the earth so starved, it wants only what you bleed

Victims of an industry
Born and bred for you
A life destroying dynasty
Nothing left to sell nothing left to lose

You've seen the damage done
The pain that lies in wait that's still come
The skies don't lie, the evil will come
The moon will rise, crimson and full

9. Blood Moon

Cold earth

As I gather my thoughts
I'm met with spectres of a time gone by
Tendrils grow from blasted windows
A sight for my weary, bloodshot eyes

Spoiled for choice for reasons why
No human scourge the planet thrives
I take a closer look inside
No sign of struggle
A bloodless war fought in our minds

Information overload
A fractured state
We ignored the silence
From the birdcage

We all wanted a simpler existence
Greed of the elders made for slaves of the infants
Time passed by
The flames grew high

You had everything you needed
Everything that you could ever want
You lost your way
You lost your way

It's over
The prophecy is fulfilled
Let us bath once more
In the crimson dark
Around us and within us
Give yourself over to the earth
You are whole once more

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