Dark Lyrics


1. Invoking The Watchtowers

Here within this sacred space
My guardians gather near
Fire and flames protect my right
At left Earth's strength is here
Before me Air my vision clears
Behind the tides do swell
And all around throughout this space
The Lord and Lady dwell

2. Beneath The Eye Of Hecate

The crossroad's bathed in silvery lunar light
Arrive! Hecate, glorious Empress of the Night
The moon, your pale blue eye is gazing down on me
Heralds your presence, sweet nocturnal entity
Leave now the gloomy realms of the Lost and of the Forlorn
Light up your torches and guide those who are Paganborn

Fire - Lighning fills the crumbling sky
Water - Rain pours from the clouds up high
Wind - Sweeps across the barren fields
Earth - Is sated by the blood I've spilled

The wolves now sing their mournful tale of sin
To bid a welcome to their unforgiving queen
Wraiths and spectres leave their long forgotten tombs
To join our Sabbat underneath the crescent moon

I roam Acherons unsilent shores
Make raw strands of pure magic unwind
I am lupine, voluptuous and cruel
Nightly haunt of your weak and feeble minds
I am the purest of Black to be embraced by the seeker
The third aspect in the circle of life
By cold moonlight I prowl as the sun's getting weaker
Up from Hades I rise, for your lifeblood I strive
I'm Hecate!

We are the night
Witches and Warlocks join with me
Neath her blue light
Darkly Mother, Hecate

Powers unleashed
For her maternal trinity
Hail the Great Beast
Queen of Witchcraft, Hecate

We are the night
Witches and Warlocks join with me
Neath her blue light
Darkly Mother, Hecate

We're Paganborn
From the burning sun we flee
Under the Horns
Lunar Princess, Hecate

3. I Soar The Moonless Skies

A pack of wolves, my grey-clad children
Howl their triumph to the fading sun
Dusk is drawing nearer
My reign nocturnal has begun
The pallid, deathlike bloodmoon
Hides its face beneath the festering clouds
The gloom, my silhouette hides
I soar the moonless skies

I prowl in eerie silence
Gaslit streets through the swirling mist
My undead thirst is growing
Blasphemous craving to deliver the Dark Kiss
Crimson wine of lascive flavour
Is pulsing through your heaving vein
With my embrace, I introduce you
My loving bride to my lightless domain

The light's what you should fear
Gaze in my bottomless eyes
And fall for me my Dear
I soar the moonless skies

With infernal charms
I tie your soul and make you my dark queen
Your ivory neck, I tenderly kiss
Unearthly love you've never, ever seen
I sow the seed of boundless evil
On your white skin I leave my crimson mark
Lustful but lethal, my sweetest poison
Makes you a minion of the Dark

I may grant you life eternal
As the night falls, I arise
I am the lurker in the shadows
And I will soar the moonless skies

Oh Dark Lord, I want you near by me
Your presence drowns all what I fear
With your slender, guiding hand I'll be
Your Queen of Night eternally
I'm overcome by your hypnotic gaze
Shaken with joy in most mysterious ways
Show me where the lonesome raven flies
And soar with me the moonless skies

4. Boudicca's Triumph

Armies march in shining splendour
Sound the call of blood and fire
Led by Britannia's defender
They raise against the Roman Empire

Boudicca, Witch Queen of England
As thy groom I'll walk with thee

Her daughters raped by the invaders
Her family put to the sword
Groves defiled by Roman raiders
Now she holds her vengeful court

Boudicca, Witch Queen of England
I'm your King for seven years

Horned Hunter, be our saviour
The Roman Eagle is soaring high into the sky
Walk proud in Andraste's favour
Save our land from being devoured by fire

At the thrice-damned town of London
Druid's wrath is soon unleashed
Blazing fires stain the horizon
The scythe of death reaps man and beast

Boudicca, Witch Queen of England
As God and Goddess we unite

Riding on a bloodstained chariot
Drawn by two enormous steeds
She's the daughter of the Horned God
Squashes Rome's might neath her feet

Boudicca, Witch Queen of England
In Andraste's name we fight

As thy husband I will honour thee
I've sworn my oath at Beltane's fire
To defend my land for the next seven years
Before I bow my head to die
All invaders shall now witness me
As I wield the Sun God's spear
Next to my Witch Queen I'll ride
Watching Rome's legions shake with fear
Witness the glory of Boudicca's triumph!

5. Amidst The Frozen Forest

As the sunlight's getting dimmer
Spreading crimson afterglow
And the forest greets the dreamer
Moonshine gleams upon the falling snow

Withered fallen leaves enshrouded
By a blanket, white and cold
The pale Wintermoon is clouded
Malign its presence to behold

Howling winds are blowing cold
Shake the trees with awesome might
Ancient heathen dreams unfold
In this silent winters night

And I see a wolf-drawn chariot
Ride the starlit skies
Feel the presence of the old gods
From lost halls up high

And the stars and the moon gleam in frozen silver
Flakes of snow and the leaves dance in swirling grace
The cold wind blows a flute, tuned by ancient spirits
Naked trees bow their heads to their masters face

Hear the screech-owl sound its mournful wailing
Join the choirs of this unholy night
The Wild Hunt rides on the snow so bright
Driven by the chilling nightwind's gale

The heaven's join this strange nocturnal fairground
Lighning flashes announce the roaring thunder
Ancient spirits rise from ageless slumber
To greet me as one of the old god's heirs

Deities of a long lost age
Dance with spirits, naturebound
But as morning dawn enters the stage
They vanish with no trace to be found

Sunlight hurts my bloodshot eyes
And my pale skin shuns the light
Dreams of moonlit midnight skies
Hide my pain beneath the cloak of night

Feeble minions of the cursed deceiver
Watch your golden temples burn
The Cross will crumble, Christ will shiver
Behold the ancient gods return

6. Witchfires

The gruesome stench of sizzling flesh
The horrid fate of death by fire
Heretic sins reduced to ash
In the name of misled desires
They purge for God's own sake
Salvation at the stake
Self-proclaimed saviours stoke the cleansing fires

Gaze upon the witchfires
Watch the blazing witchfires
Don't forget the witchfires
Remembrance on those who died

The ugly and the beautiful
In Gods own eyes they are the same
Condemned to die a death so cruel
Proved guilty of acts most blaspheme'
Suffer for the Lord
Obey and hear his word
No witch or warlock shall be left alive!

The wicked acts we have to prove
Are written in those sinner's eyes
In torture they'll confess the truth
For one in pain can't think of lies
Renounce what you had been
Then we'll forgive your sins
By burning you'll be saved from the hellish fires

Recall their names, an endless list
Who're murdered in the name of God
Women once fair burnt to a crisp
For pious man may not spill blood
Tortured, drawn and tied
Mercy was denied
Which devil could outdo, what the Church had done?

The cross of mercy has turned red
From countless graves its victims cry
For 'true' beliefs thousand lie dead
Below the ground charred bodies lie
Brothers from the past
Revenge shall come at last
As winds of vengeance sweep the ashen fields

7. Pale Prince Of The Ruins

Here I stand amongst the ruins
Skin as white as snow in a wolflike face
Red eyes observing
The remains of my once ruling race
I am the Pale Prince of the Fallen
Feeble monarch in a dying age
I am the one to watch it falter
And to remain last actor on the stage

I'm trapped in the eternal struggle
Between the powers of Dark and Light
Sworn to my saviour and my Nemesis
The hellforged runeblade by my side
I am the mightiest of all mortals
But still a puppet in the play
I'm doomed to have no friends, just sorrow
Those I once had my sword has slain

I'm standing at the Dreaming City's gates
Watch the havoc wreaked by me
A piece of art, millenia old
In just a blink of time it has ceased to be
In endless sleep my loved one lies
I curse the dark gods for my bitter fate
The only one life was worth to live for
Has just perished on my hungry blade

They call me the Eternal Hero
But I don't know for whom I fight
Am I a follower of Chaos
Or do I strive for Order's light?

Stormbringer, the widowmaker
Black bladed sword of malignant greed
Devours the souls of my enemies
But those of friends are so much sweeter
Bound by its powers to grant me strength
I raise it to the careless sky
The gods of Chaos reel in mocking laughter
As they hear my final battlecry

Arioch - Mighty Knight of the Sword
Arioch - Blood and souls for my Lord
Arioch - Born your servant to be
Arioch - And your worst enemy

Chaos had come down upon the earth
By foul Pan-Tangian sorcery
Forests burn, proud cities crumble
Whole kingdoms fall to drown in boiling seas
Amongst the mayhem stands the sole survivor
Of the Melnibonean race
The gods my people served for aeons
Are the same gods I soon will have to face

On the warped landscapes of a dying world
Chaos and Order fight their final stand
I am the last amongst all mortals
Awaiting the time when time will end
My daemonsword ends the existence
Of god or mortal, foe or friend
Finally it shall drink its last soul
To make mankind be born again

8. The Spirit Of Heathendom

You're calling a phantom your wise, loving father
Who had formed your forebears out of clay
I think that your brains still consist of this substance
Or what else is the reason that your minds went astray?
You think, Earth's been granted your supreme dominion
And you might reap it of everything it can give
If you are interested in my solemn opinion:
Scavengers like you have no reason to live!

Our Mother was a woman of ravishing beauty
But for womanliness you have nothing to spare
In return for bearing more and more of you bastards
You rape her again after stripping her bare
You enslaved Mother Earth to act at your bidding
And scoured it from dangerous heretics like me
I am sick of you scum and I'm surely not kidding
Mother's suffering from a plague called Christianity

You are nothing but pitiful creatures
With your God residing in Heavenly Halls
But right here on Earth elder spirits are lurking
Awaiting the time for the crosses to fall

Morrigan, Avenger
Life's reaper, Death's crow
Bean-Nighe who washes
The severed heads of our foes
Bad our mother
Let fertility grow!
Maturity's triad
In eternity adored

You deny on what all life is still founded
Which is love, lustful longing and sensuous joy
You prefer children born by a chaste, modest virgin
That they're products of lust, you stubbornly deny
But still you are haunted by natureborn cravings
And as each woman of grace is a devilsent slut
You rather rape children as a kind, loving father
Go to Hell if you don't mind, cause I hate your guts!

Your Lord's bursting from mercy and positive feelings
With disgust you regard those who feel anger and hate
You wage war out of love for the ignorant heathen
To save their souls from the devil, before it's too late
I thank you for taking my life in your hands
How grateful I am I simply can't tell
But still I prefer the wild ways of the heathen
Even though in your eyes, I'll be burning in Hell

First you've stolen our festivals sacred
Then your oppressive belief had grown tall
But right here on Earth, elder spirits are lurking
Awaiting the time for the crosses to fall

Underneath the Horns, they feast and dance and sing again
To the woods the laughter will return
For the powers of Earth and Fire, Wind and Rain
Instead of stakes, the Pagan fires shall burn

9. Carnifex

I gaze into the bleak faces
The crooked figures coming around here to die
On Golgatha-Hill I reside
And crucify them

There's one amongst them who was living in vain
The King of Jews is now a King of Pain

First they brought you incense and gold
Now they bring you hammer and nails
On a ross ends redemption foretold
The reign of God is a kingdom which fails
I'm your demise
Emperor of lies!

I drink the wine of fear from your eyes
As I lift my hammer up high
And feast on your pitiful cry
With my first nail

The only way to salvage your soul
Is self-sacrifice, that's what you preach
Now I grant you the best chance to teach it
The jackals and ravens

You told your followers about your kingdom above
The first four metres you're already aloft!

Now I've taken your blood and your flesh
And hung it up high in the wind
Now would you please forgive me my sins
As you have promised?

Oh you glorious ruler benign
Tied and fastened in your kingdom up high
Bless your followers with arms opened wide
And perish forever!

10. Ordo Templi Orientis (The Goat Of Mendes)

The desert glows, but howling winds
Announce the night when our feast begins
Stars shine above, their gently light
Hangs like a cloak on the moonless night
I watch my children reap the fruit
Of sensuality, sweet and lewd
Call my temptation incarnate
The Goat of Mendes, Baphomet

Hide from the storm that blows from the west
Freezing the hearts in our bare breasts
Behind a crimson cross they rode
To drown in blood my sunburnt abode

[Jaques de Molay:]
To the land where the crescent stains the sky
We ride forth to bring salvation and the Light
We're the knights of God, Christianity in mind
For Jesu' blood the plague of Heathendom we fight

For our king, for our liege
On fortress walls, we lay siege
For king Philippe and pope Clement
We purge beliefs, unpure and wrong

My children slain without defense
Blood senseless soaks the desert sands
Butchered in the name of the holy light
Which seems to me as dark as night

Knights of the bloodstained Cross
Gaze upon the mindless carnage caused
Call me 'Devil' or 'Great Beast'
But I'm more human than your Christ at least!

A goat haunts my darkest dreams
And speaks of pleasure never seen
God, I can resist no more
Temptation of sin I can't endure

Deny the cross of agony and pain
And be enthralled by my pleasure-filled domain
Lay down your coat of abstinence
Feel ecstasy and indulgence!

Our false god had been finally put aside
Darkness fell wherein we had discovered light
Now we dwell in luxury never seen
Remembrance erased of what we once had been

Baphomet, lustrous Lord
We're the knights of the Goat
Indulge in sins never thought
And spit upon the sign of God

Don't speak of Light where Darkness looms
Black turns to White neath the twin moons!

I'm the One who'd ever been
And I will rule eternally
I'm the hermaphrodite goat
Warlocks' and witches' overlord

To thy mighty oath we're sworn
And deny the loathsome virginborn
We reject humility
And embrace the light of heresy!

[The worldly powers:]
I am the king installed upon the worldly throne
And I am the pope, as heir to Jesus Christ I'm born
Together we succumb to envy, fear and greed
And reap the harvest of the foul heretic's seed
Perish in flames for the blasphemy you'd done
Your ashes in the four winds will be strewn
Nothing remains of you and your unholy halls
But for your gold which shall adorn our palace walls

[The Pagan heirs:]
We are heirs to what the Church wanted to erase
Upright and proud we laugh into your weak god's face
Light becomes Darkness and Dark gives birth to Light
Templars we are and we won't give up the fight!

11. Closing The Circle

Youthful maiden, Mother, wise one
Thanks we offer thee
Honour and love go with you - Hail!
Farewell and Blessed Be!

Mighty Sun-King, Horned One, Stag
Spirit wild and free
We loved your dance, we bid you Hail
Farewell and Blessed Be!

Winds and breezes gently blow
Unbounded, wild and free
We thank you now and bid you Hail
Farewell and Blessed Be!

Sparkling fire, red glowing flames
So high and bright to see
We thank you now and bid you Hail
Farewell and Blessed Be!

Softly soothing waters blue
Of lake and stream and sea
We thank you now and bid you Hail
Farewell and Blessed Be!

Earth of green and flowers wild
So colourful to see
We thank you now and bid you Hail
Farewell and Blessed Be!

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