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1. Storming Through White Light

Memories of the battle ground, spirit of ancestors in us.
Purifying thunder roars, racial blood poisoning will end.
Edge of my blade cuts me through the warming glow of the sun,
keeping me away from the disgusting light as I stride through the swarm of blades led by my sword.
Leaving behind me torned corpses of traitors and infidels of my fath,
laying with bones shining through ripped flesh and skin.
Remembering with deep pain and sorrow, once shattered dreams of honour and glory of triumphant nation and land of our higher race.

[Solo: Blackgoat / Avenger / Blackgoat]

Soon the shattered pieces will be brought together with strength, once again the glorification of our empire will rise.

2. Noidan Verestä Männikkö Herää

Yöllinen matka, portti pimeässä.
Salaisuuksien kehto, uumenissa kallion.
Ahjo muinainen, hiitten herjaava takomo.
Murhaavien myrkkyjen mieletön paja.
Riimut lausuvat tuomionsa, varjojen kehrän.
Outo kaiku kuiskaa, tule luo. Polvistu, kätyrimme vihan ja veren vannoma.
Laske katseesi kohti maan ääriä, vapise.
Kuusi ja mänty, karhu ja ilves. Surmanhengen kantaa, ikuisen kauhun.
Luonnon valvoma, äärimmäinen synti. Ihmiselo on vain hetki, mustan sydämen syke.
Myrkky valuu pitkin elämän puuta mahlan lailla.
Puhdistaa saastan maunuilta ja rämeistä.
Kirvelee, korventaa, repii ja raastaa.
Kallonpalasia ja riekaleita enää kylissä asuu.
Muinaisuuden henki on palannut.
Luonnon silmä auennut.
Metsän vitsaus ratkennut.
Ihmisen aika päättynyt viimein.

3. Quest For The Goat

I Have foreseen the new age of Satan, the forth coming reign of lord Satan.
I Do this unholy task on this sacred soil.
The goat must be near, spit in the face of the idols, crush the altarss in the quest for the goat.
The True light can only appear in the shadow of our horned lord.

4. Varjo Valolta Suojelee

5. Valley Of Shadows

Light glares from between boughs
Feeling souls on fire
A wanderer from shores away
Birds canticle and calling of owls advice me
I crest one hill and see one thousand before me

Words fail to paint the beauty
The incomprehensible might
Following my step to the frontier
I am awake. Birds sing my name
Birds sing devotion to sun, to passion, to fidelity
Bridge by sunlight. Over tree boughs i see the wheel of sun
Living off the land
Ilust for warfare and distant homeland
Towards the northern distance and the paths unthrodden
I wait to arrive to the warriors gate
Hunting and stalking the meat
My signs i have inscribed in treetrunks

Summer's within reach and it's trailing songs
Sorcerer's invocation, i am risen to the cluster of wind
This route i have ranged once before i found
These ageless paths once before me
In my dreams, so long ago. I walk in monumental caves
Slumbering in a chasm
Spears of the great god, nature's lord
The full moons command killing by night
Veiled from mortals in incomprehensible might

6. Wolven Empress

It is the time of autumn. Red eyes glare in the tick of the forest
The Nocturnal host, invincible in war
And their depths of rustic Cimmerian shade
The Wolves growl my name. Come with hatred
The hordes attend me. I accept the sword of obscurity
Blades with signs. They invite me to see glory

I do so, for now. I burn like the orb of night
A ride towards the Lord. On the throne in the middle of woods
She, the queen of night time wolves
Her sad, lonely beauty torments me as mine torments her
With white flame, white power
Devil's rapture, poison and honeywraps me with the spell
The spell of white power. She wants me to serve him
I revere the starlight, snow ans beauty

Ice grips my heart and i enter the part of the evil one
Promised in my dreams, so long ago
I was possessed and moonstruck
Spidery webs of insanity spun
As the wolves are my own blood and te night is alive
With a thousand sparkles of majestic winter
And the snow crystals shine
And i let blood flow from my blackest blade

7. Abomination Of Winter

Reflection of steel, lament of bells, sounds across the field
I am approaching the heart of esoteric twilight
Eagles beak guides my vision as i stare at the trees
Wth my hordes in fellowship of war and my blood courses cold
In fallen snow, true frost. Exalted winter
As reality is darkened in snow eclipsed with blood
I exist possessed and dreaming in my nightmare reverie, so ancient

Agony, combat zone. As rage grasps me. Demons howl, the final call
I forget my own existence in demoniac passion. I am true power
Scorching as i cut. Illuminate the winter sky
Heavenly compulsion is ruined. I am kneeling.
The wolves howl in my name. The forest screaming my name
Fallen believers around me, i have slsughtered so many of them

And i feel the warmth of fire from the burning church
And as i bequeath my soul to darkness
I am burnt with the unholy seal
The pride of my heart so black and lethal

8. Echoes Of Eternity

As the frost is gone.
I breathe the bitter wind.
And inhale the scent of spring in the breeze.
Dimensions secret summoning.
And beyond the rainwaters.
Entrance of the brave to the other side.
Depths of spirit, all embracing abyss.
In my existence, solitary.
To the ultimate reign i call.
A son of earth, I lament not.
As i face the shadowy horizon.
I clasp the earth for the last time.
Lord of the abysmal awaits.
Abhorrent eyes, beyond the border.
Beyond the stars.
Creatures of the pit, bloodless serpents.
Torment me as I scourge them.
I see horns, stronger than ever.
The cryptic energy.
The funeral gates open before me.
I thrust my sword into the multitude.
Into the paths of nature I proceed.
Lured to the darkside.
As i taste burning tears.
The signs they call me.
Fangs of the demons retreat.
And I face the archaic reality.
And my grave is in the highland.
Where my name is known.
A fallen warrior, slave to no more pain.
In the shrine of the ancestors.

BlackGoat Gravedesecrator ‒ Vocals, Guitars (acoustic), Guitars (lead)
Avenger ‒ Drums, Guitars (lead), Keyboards
Raakalainen ‒ Guitars, Bass
Harald Mentor ‒ Bass

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