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1. Eclipsed By Raven Wings

The winds of purification howls beneath the triumph of North star,
The warrior soon to be king, enthroned by mighty horns,

New king rises from the North, carried by black metal wings,
The oath made with the goat, this alliance with dark will hold,

Hear this cryptic hymn from the depths of the horrors of night,
All light from your pathetic life is eclipsed by raven wings !

2. Alone

Everyday empty shells of human around me, still I am alone, I was born into this winter deep alone,

I am the last of my kind, like this beautiful landscapes before my eyes, poisoning impurity, parasite of my home land,

If no one is willing to stand beside me, then proudly, I fight alone!

3. Bitter Winter Of Depression

Glazed eyes starring back from the mirror, desolate, empty and black,
Sociopathic = life behavior raging inside, I feel I must kill or die,

No feelings of sympathy, nor hope, no human emotions, only the grand will to destroy,
In this bitter winter of depression, my horn pierced shell is to sink in sin,

Desecrating blessing by the might from below,
It does not matter if I'm awake or in sleep,
My life is eternally a cruel nightmare,

Emotionless face like a blank page covering this bitter and hateful core, disgusted by sheep with their empty words and weak make believes

4. Der Sieg des Ziegenmondes

The corrosive parasites are trying to turn my home land into some fucking leper colony,
The swastika will sun rise again upon my native soil, the time of purification is at hand,

With pride I stand on the snow white ground,
I raise my hand towards the clear blue sky,
Under the honour grows these vast forests,
Rivers flows to thousand of lakes,

This soil beneath these beautiful woods has drunk unclear blood, lakes and rivers turned red from blood, as my forefathers before me I'm ready to shed blood, sub-human parasites it is time for you to taste my steel,

Doch das hakenkreuz wird sich uber unserem heimatboden erheben!
Die zeit der rainwaschung steth unmittelbar bevor!

5. Finnish Steel Storm

[1st Verse:]

[2nd Verse:]
Streets covered with pieces of glass, sky filled by black clouds of smoke.
The fire rises from the temples, flames lick the sky.
Death skull guiding my honorable way.
With the power of steel we will take back what once was ours.
This you can trust!
Like a thunder we arrive, hearing the sweet music, screams of torturing pain from the mouths of burning scum.
The shattered star of David will see no light again.
The time of peace has reached its end, the Third Reich rises once again.
The time of nigger sympathies is over, our legion marches strong.


6. Immortal's Winter

Mesmerizing thin mist vicious and lethal to mortals,
Like brother to my kind,
Winter mist not to be explained by common sense,
Dancing across the trees, but soon exist no more,

Human-like shape lurking in the misty woods,
Hunted by fearful men with their spears and torches,
The forest as my mother, my father,
I was born from the womb of the forest,

Not weapons, not flames can hurt me, I am immortal, as the winter ends it is time for my slumber, but as the ground turns white again the mortals fear arises, the white beast into the immortals winter

7. Murder, Murder Glorious

Religion stillborn, why do you still follow it's words?
Christianity, the plague spreads, spreads like slut's legs, spreading its diseases, priests must be killed, hanged from their own entrails,

Rape their daughters, their son is to be born into his fathers church, murder, glorious murder!
Murder, glorious murder!

8. Mythical Story

[originally by Draco]

9. Nyt ei Kristus auta

Saatanan vihan ruosta raastaa tekopyhiä kristittyjä kasvojasi, ei itku auta!
Kun mustan metallin nyrkki murskaa valheen peittämät kasvosi, missä on luojasi nyt?
Kun sinä verisenä maassa itket ja pyydät armoa jumalaltasi, ei rukous auta, kun Lusiferin liekihtivä rouska polttaa saastunutta kristittyä lihaasi, nyt ei kristus auta kun kärsimykseni ja vihani kohdata saat.
Nyt itkien maassa verta vuodat.
Veitseni terä viiltää kristittyä lihaasi,
saastunut veresi purppuaa haavoistasi, ja minä nauran vierelläsi, syljen kasvoillesi.
Veresi imeytyy maaperään jalkojeni juureen, minä virtsaan päällesi ja nauran!
Nyt ei kristus auta kun veitseni viiltää lihaasi.
Sääittävät anelusi on tukahdutettu raivollani.
Ja jätän sinut maahan kuolemaan, eikä sinua tule kukaan pelastamaan.
Jumalasi on sinut hyljännyt, nyt Saatanan mahdin olet kohdannut.

10. Forest Of My Native Soil

Triumphant Nordic wind I can feel on by bare skin, so cold that it feels like a knife that cuts my flesh.
In the embrace of winter snow I reveal my sins.
With my frozen eyes I can see.
Darkness surrounding me and these frozen white trees.
Mist rises from the forests ground, the forests of my native soil.
It's so cold, so dark, so pure.
In this moment there is nothing else in this world.
Suicidal winds carries out the breath of nuclear winter.
I see the life fleeing before my eyes.
Weak mortality shattered to frozen pieces.
Satanic wrath guiding my path into this night side realm.
Wounds opened once again, cold blood slowly flows, blood stained frozen steel I hold in my hands.
Purged realm of my immortality, the blackest horns are my crown.
Darkness spreads like mist over this lifeless soil, and full moon glitters on the snow, like once did the wielding swords in the night.
As I stand here in the dark, moonshine only light of mine.

BlackGoat Gravedesecrator ‒ Vocals, Guitars (lead), Keyboards
M.B. ‒ Guitars (rhythm and acoustic), Keyboards
Skratt ‒ Tuba, Tin Whistle, Flute
Namkah ‒ Drums
Emperor Askonen ‒ Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (clean and backing)

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