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1. Visceral

Mustn't draw in
So fond, I'm
So fond, I covet her
On her pedestal

Blind by her
I couldn't see this coming
Not by my best friend
Knife in your back
Don't want your jealousy

Act like nothing is wrong
But I'll tell you right now
I should've never
Chopped you up and buried you under my floor

Betray, heartbeat
Dismembered, In pieces
A burden, I should never have taken on
Should have never chopped you up
And buried you under my floor

Can you live with what you've done
Guilt-ridden, buried under my floor

2. Isolate Gravity

Under the weight of the clown
We're all dead weight
Under nefarious rule
It's too late
Under the weight of the world
Dimensions of hate

Isolation, perception, isolation
Four-walled world
Two-faced lie
Forcing down
Your mind's
Split decision

Under the weight of the world
We're all dead weight
Under nefarious rule
It's too late

Under the weight of the world

3. Sleeping Ground

Intent to kill
Intent to destroy
Inside you die
Gather enough hate
Not to question why
Focus, find the will
Rifled sight
Gunshot eyes
Nervous wreck
Forced to Kill
Ignoring Hell
Alive or dead
Intent to kill
All are dressed for battle
The art of war

Found your home
Will not come back
This pine box fits you
Sleeping ground

Desperation, runs rampid
Kill or be killed
Escaping judgement
At least for now
Foxhole love
Filled with blood
Know fear here
Know your enemy

Intent will not come back

Smell of death is in the air
As they lie in the trench
You can feast your eyes
If you don't lose your legs
If you hit a mine on this lucky road
Bullets in your flesh

Napalm, spells like burning flesh
What has happened, I can't hear
If your number's up you could just
Lose your life right here!!

4. Composition

Can you plan for life's composition
Anatomy of everything-stream of consciousness
Interworking of the mind set in motion
A lack of attention, paid to detail
Proving theories - so much harder with a living subject
Drawing conclusions, a lapse in judgement
Purest form, except nothing less
Technical in it's simplicity
Break it down, can't you see
So much harder when you are the living subject
Drawing conclusions

We did not invent the wheel,
We just keep it spinning
Like a thirteen story jump
From a twelve story building

All who had come before, some became
Architects of failure, others made success look easy
But you know it isn't

All I know is every lab rat has its day
Even though it lives its life the same as the others that way
pass away

Here we are, engineering
What can we take from this plan

5. Wall Of Lies

Evil wishes, unjust ambitions
Bell beckons you to your knees
Holy kingdom, corrupt intentions
Hypocrites don't hear your pleas

Different forms of religion
Blood spills, who's right, who's wrong?
Country's wrecked, now send a check
Enough belief to wage a war

Mistaken, salvation,
If I nail your ass right to the cross
To your knees, you fall to the east
Fucked if your soul can't get away

Blood, stains.

Win the spiritual lottery
If you die and I don't, will I be saved?
Hidden behind, this wall of lies

Who will save you in your time of need
as you hide behind
a grave for belief is not shallow
as your blood runs down this wall of lies

Take your own life, as other lives
Explode, and they run down this wall of lies

Who will
Save you
In your time of need
As you hide behind
A grave for belief is not shallow
As you run down this wall of lies

6. Violent Calm

How does it feel
To know you can try like you always will
Can't stop me from falling up this hill
Say what you say
But what in your life has made you this way

I won't run or walk away
The worlds you spit can be taken away
It's over, that's all you can tell yourself

You can't break or bend the way I feel
And you know, you ain't shit
Always the same, you just sit right there

These things that you say, I can't remain

The strength in your numbers makes me laugh
And it always


What makes a man push those,
Buttons that signal the end of call


7. Life Suffering

Force fed, lifetime
View me, like this
Next on your list
What have you missed
Beaten, again
Your life is suffering
Between the living moments

Life, there are no answers
Suffering, pinned down
By these coffin nails

Life, fucking, suffer

8. Corrosive

Come get some

Check the door, secure the latch
Something is about to hatch beneath
this dead skin,
That's where the bleeding begins
With all that's been done to me
With the blind leading the blind
Hard to walk the line
Mindlock, mindlock your head is
Unscrewed and your mind is locked


After all I have bared,
Nothing is shared,
Owe you nothing, life's not fair
thoughts better left alone, who cares
Now life's fucking you back
Almost felt bad for this
Time's short you can't bleed me,
time to realize!

Mindlock, mindlock

Now your head is screwed and your mind is locked


Note: "Get your head out of your ass"

9. Mindlock


10. Splinters Of Change

Plowed under make way for change
Everywhere it's all the same
Scrape the land clean
So nothing remains unchanged

Years from now come back around
Where the childhood stilts were found
Old becomes new and still we're bound

Still frames inside my mind
The only thing's that left behind
Is this broke-ass infrastructure

Splinters of change
Sink in deep
IN the name of progress
From right here this progress
is minimal at best
Splinters of change
skin in deeper, deeper
This world's plowed under
As now the river flows into the sewer


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