Dark Lyrics


1. Xanadu

2. Ephemeral Lifespan

A meaningless form of existence - invalid, obsolete
The founding structures of Eden - scourged, incomplete

Remnants begin to wither
Slowly turning into dust
Dispirit living to desperate voids
Rain wails of liquidation

Life span is ephemeral, short and fragile
A brief passing moment in grand river of the Nile
A vain, pointless era of deception and deceit
Where loss is consolated with a promise of defeat

Denouement of era spent beneath these lambent stars

Under time's sabrewings late beauty lies rotten
Washed away by tides, forgiven and forgotten
Pictures tend to fade, memories decay
What remains after Death will be taken away
Sleep off the scorn, die away the shame
Dwell present in comfort of end left to claim
Beneath fondeling sun flesh begins to reek
Stork carries a disease in it's break

Certain ends dawning daily
From reddened infected wombs
Unscriptured faiths guide us blindly
Cities invert to tombs
Sad are only the Deaths that no-one laments for
Mourners bring light to the fallen

Remnants begin to wither
Slowly turning into dust
Gaze in admiration the sheer sweetness of her art
Even Devil rests in black riuns of the heart

Death - A promise of victory

3. The Ennightenment

I stand in abhorrent enclosure
I tremble draped in melancholic exposure
In the dust lies a past of suffocated dreams
Wearing a savor of bitter tangerines

The Lion has been crushed within
scourged, dressed in smothered grin
Ipour on the ground the Sage's water
Recognizing my life, as a spiritual slaughter

Oh, sweet grief - The Suffering
A mere portrait of such fullfilling emptiness
A pale pose of a faint mourning light
Seems so ravishing in the trance of veiling darkness
My Plagueness - The Darkening
My story resembles an ill satire
Every ounce of strenght I had I gave to heal those around me
For that I'll burn in a hellish fire

To whom I'd leave this restament
For I withstood the EnNightenment

I recoil, I repent
Every single word I ever said
Every single smile I used to fake
Every single step I chose to take
I recoil, I repent
Every single word I never said
Every single kiss I never gained
Every single gift I ever gave

Undesired by those who I loved, I never gave a day for myself

Narrow scapes of mind shrunk choking all that was still left in me
Horrid void of memories smudged everything I ever wished to be

The maze I've wandered through has been long, cold atrocity
The craze of dying tempted me by sudden loss of dignity
The cross on stony wall did not seem to pardon me
The truth I could not bear, but still, it was my destiny

Grim coldness, stone fortress
Allow this to end here, now, today
Alone forever, dreamless tether
Please let me sleep this grief away
Alive but never living
Never gaining of constant giving
Never having anyone to hold
An angel to behold

...an angel to behold...

I told to myself: "This man will never break!"
I thought this man would never break

4. The Suffering Of The Lambs

5. Pulchritude Of Rotting

Drop dead and rot!

Fed to the worms
The flesh slowly disintegrades
And Mother Gaia shall feed upon
those Earth-dwellers who have fallen

One with the earth
One with the dirt
Deep beneath the exterior dismay
One with the earth
One with the dirt
Enshrined is the beauty of decay

Convicted to such vile deformation
We learn the pleasures of putrefaction
Bonded, we rot below the common sun
The glorious scent of injustice undone

Away from the flesh
Thoughts will sease to haunt
Dreams no longer disturb my sleep
By the umbrageous banks of Sty

6. In Their Dreaded Howling

7. The Orphanage

8. Abattoir

9. Cliffs Of Geburah

Juho Räihä ‒ Guitars (lead)
Juho Matikainen ‒ Guitars
Psycho ‒ Vocals
Jarmo Juurikka ‒ Drums
Jenni Kemppainen ‒ Keyboards, piano
Jukka Salonen ‒ Bass

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