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1. Deathstream (Anthologies Of Lifestream)

2. Until The Wretched Whimper

Prepare for war

The seas spat terror to our midst
Whom we must defy
For the sake our lands
And that which we perceive righteous
Our homes are taken by robbery
The spared induced to flames
Forced to take on the assailants
And that which we perceive sacrilegious

Our streets are swarming of foe
Contagious and foul
The fiends have been offered
The liberating fire of the Dragunov

Until their hopes are broken
And their worthless lives removed
These spirits linger
Until the wretched whimper
Seek no shelter from our homes
Seek no home from this land
We return fire
Until the wretched whimper

They came in many
Like pestilence
To contaminate our gardens
To feed on our orchards
But to be hopelessly slain
Like the vermin they are

3. Phoenix Caged In Flesh

The dread seems eternal
Each dawn mirroring
A paradise for castrated sheep

As if born again
Mind seeks to consciousness
Each and every day
Like a sick little phoenix
Shrouded in darkness
Tailored from the shreds of its wings

Tears fail to smother flames
Of phoenix caged in flesh

Buried alive to this wretched body
Banal days drag onward
A mere withering rose
Reminding of life about to end

A flesh bound phoenix dragging crippled wings
Travel sightless west of Gehenna

The cycle runs endlessly

4. Evermorose

The bare white bones peeled
From flesh tainted pale
Bodies of murdered children
Whose prayers echoed unheard

Whose bodies gave in
Under the weight of stone

Abused beyond tolerance
Carved hollow of pride and life
Their bodies, hidden in the marshes
Left for scavengers to nurture
The life-breathing fluids
Absorbed to the fertile land
Remnants of life long-lost
In which parasites now nestle

None but the mare itself mourns
By their unnamed, dank tombs
Insects toil restless
Working on tender flesh

The scale-fooling murders
That only the trees witnessed
No tears accompany the victims rest
Soil as their skin
They lay rotted beneath these meadows
Forever morose

These woodlands hide many secrets
Destinies uncharted by the living

No one grieves for unborn
The blind indulge in ignorance
No one bears the guilt

Here they lay adormant
Their putrid hands reaching for heaven

No one grieves for unborn
The blind indulge in ignorance
No one bears the guilt

5. Prophet Of Eosphorus

I am salvation, bearer of light
I am destruction, the final word

Temporary state of existence
A hell rotating backwards
Burning long before damnation
Repeating the errors

"I am a messenger of Eosphorus"

Only the destination matters
The journey is irrelevant
Mere guidance towards solace
Correcting the errors

Mutilated bodies hung to rest
Liberated from the constant seeking of purpose

In killing is deliverance
Only death ends the suffering
In killing is deliverance
Only death gives the salvation

You will always rely on me
Swearing in the name of cruelty
Forgetting your name
Burying your beliefs

6. Synthetic Eden

A piece of ethereal Eden
Injected into body
Projecting false images
Of wings no longer vital
Flesh grows fractured
But the mind seeks more
Onward to portals
That lead beyond meaning

Synthetic Eden
Synthetic Demons
A veil of confusion
Ensnared in burning flesh
Acquire a taste for manmade paradise

Snow of the drifters
Escort the grey mourners
Who journey across the haze
Drenched in liquid obedience

7. The Origins Of Sin

Hidden beneath a thousand snakes
Lies an imitated truth
Bio-mechanical messiah
Man-made god

It is awake again, the brutality
The same aimless echo of pain
Creating a distortion
Destroying all hope

Sacrificed truth
Nothing compared to the gain
The Origin
Too shortsighted to be forgiven
Too ignorant to be understood
The Origin

Bio-mechanical messiah
Man-made god
I want to watch you suffer
I want to watch you fall

8. The Djinnwhisperer

Admidst whispering spirits
Chaotic madness conspires
Seeping into light
Poisoning the Seraphs

Archangels lie torn now
Carpenters have ceased to rebuild
Hopelorn infant weeps
In a rain of bloodied feathers

Imparted of greater sadness
I find myself howling at the wind
Forsaking that little left of light

Across vast gravelands
Past the burning metropolis
Upon the plains of consciousness
Murdering elegies resound

Grant me the strength
To have these voices bemuted
Death to bring me silence
End of the whispering

9. Sands Of Hinnom

Welcome home
To the set tables of famine
Here, where all but fear fails
The suffering is perpetual

A path paved in carrions
An endless southward spiral
Here, where little hope resides
The shadows have no mercy
The god forsaken space
An abode of torment
Here, the laws are that of anarchy
In the presence of no greater beast

The saddened are sentenced here
To serve forgotten kings

The travellers burn their feet
Upon the sands of Hinnom
As the sleep-devouring snakes trail their wake
Within the boundless valley of lamentation

Welcome home
To the set tables of famine
Here, where all but fear fails
The suffering is perpetual
Here, where the remaining debris of hope reside in Death

Aki Salonen ‒ Bass
Juho Räihä ‒ Guitars
Juho Matikainen ‒ Guitars, bass
Psycho ‒ Vocals
Jarmo Juurikka ‒ Drums
Jenni Kemppainen ‒ Keyboards

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