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1. [creature_moans_in_pain]


2. mandoorhandhookcardoor

Woeful sights under wicked lights
Nurture a life in common
You said our love is to leave
Our love is to me
Elevated on on broken backs and fingernails
Where we have been
Nothing is meant, everything is and I know there is more
A collective breath, death I wouldn't know but look up.
Look past it's shadow.
I hope we make it out alive
But I admit
Clawing at its edges together would wholly suffice
A commitment to a dying wish persists
But still...
I would love to see the sun with you

No vitals. No pulse. No way out. I have seen the earth choke. World demise revealed. Acceleration principle. Flesh construction.
Consummate, deathless..There is only one. One self. One ten one nine one seven one six one five one four one three one two one. Sun poison.
Sickening. Heat death. Die burning. No choice. No birthright. No will. Only one remains.

3. no dude...he STILL likes to spray

These cityscapes
Bare a resemblance to our skeletal bodies
Wandering through an empty rib cage
Our predecessors called home
I called it home too
Only now do I understand that we were already dead
This whole time I have been walking through a fucking graveyard
These towers and buildings
Will forever stand in ruin
Marking the face of the planet
With the scars of it's inhabitants
These neighbourhoods
These cities
These streets
We are but ghosts
Wandering empty halls
Clinging to life for the sake of survival

Beta burns usher in the new era
Desquamation of your body and home
Ionizing our way ti the future, a future of our own
One by one they all succumb
To what we've created
Carving new paths
Through the surface, through the trash
Before the end of oceans
Before the end of thylacine

4. possible futures in the minds of children

With each thoughtless step the floor sings a quiet reminder
A weight to carry
The floor sings a quiet reminder

Scratch and scrape at the illusive surface
A grief stricken anatomy resides below
It's cities and streets have been choked
By clouds of black ash and smoke
The trade has been made and we will burn for sure
We will burn for sure
The crackling of splintering wood echoes across the leveled earth
As you ventured about for forgiveness
Merciless depletion. Carnivorous consumption
And still your pursuits seek absolution void solutions
Commodified conservation, posthumous restitution.

Remember with each thoughtless step you ruined the world.

Shame on you.
You labeled lives as living units of production.
You're a living unit of destruction.
Now all you have consumed grins as the earth's cavernous jaws open to take you back.
You will die unseen in a ritual of healing

There's a roof over all our heads
And it's slowly caving in
There's a cop behind my shoulder
Watching what I do
A car crash mindset
A straw house waiting for a hurricane an itch you'll never scratch. A wall you'll never climb
A whisper in your ear that never goes away
A dream that you will never ever ever wake from
Lying on a bed made of glass
Myopic ans miserable the loneliness will grow
The roof will just collapse and it only gets worse from there
The only light I see now is the glow of a screen
The promise of a world that I can't touch, can't feel, can't see
inconsequential epheral digital

5. kevin fell down the lube well...the perfect trap...gg kevin

A critique in infamy circles
"In theory" looks different here than there
The nihilist knows and it shows and he called it art
A malice veiled truth, naivety's hidden counterpart
Academia is a scam, a sham shaped leviathan
Million dollar words, fifteen cent ideas
Argument for arguments sake is a snake
Choking an already beat to shit notion that your opinion matters even in the slightest
Yeah maybe these efforts will come and go with little consequence, but make no mistake
I would rather die miserable and fighting than a smug smile having done nothing
I'm miserably anyway
Do us all a favor and let this one go

Motherfuckee Greed inconceivable
Cellular rejection imminent
Eternal decay fundamental
How much is left for you to take
Apocalypse birthright
A decapitated head
Buried in black sand
Orhanic decimation
Technocratix domination
Will you give me new lugs
When all air is gone
Analog torment
Digital world

6. what's the BP2BB?


7. cincinnatically speaking...

Spilled my secrets down a rabbit hole
I can't see anything. So I just...
Slept for a week no fun still weak from this fuck up
It's really... I usually walk the same way home, but not today
No, no this place will do the trick
Pose like snow angels in the summer
Yes we... we could make this work
You asked if I'd like to listen
The call beckons a returning favor
And I think it's my fault
Exchange my blood for a simple trade made in the name of escape.
Convenient albeit it's been going on for too long
You lose a bit of yourself when you're a liar.

Wires can't break free
Inside me
Surround me
Control me

8. take the flesh, make it stretchy

Such shit
Stratifying strategy
Epitomize the persona of suffering
And sell it for all you can
I ate it all up, every fucking word
And now you think
A wall of walking corpses will make you a star
And the endless roar of emptiness starts to sound a lot like applause
All the boys look the same
All the boys forget my name
You found the look but lost the message

Oh god praxis
Yeah theirs a weight to it
It has a ring to it
It fucking hurts me
Yeah yeah
When I no longer can believe that you will stand up for me
Or that you ever would have
It hurts to know that all my favourite songs really meant nothing at all

Algorithmic survival engine
Blood shed on hollow circuitry
Doesn't matter who's
The machine speaks death
One ten one five one three one
Hyperbolix matter resolution
My sacrifice
Flesh laid on the alter
God help me
The machine speaks death
Cables in my mouth spasm
Short verge on locus obsolescence achieved
I will lie in the waste I created
The machine speaks my once name

9. living off the corpse of the old world

A rehearsed monologue
A mirroring tongue
Convictions ending in ellipses
An actor or accomplice?

Soon you will forget that there are guns to peoples heads
Soon you will forget the starving stomachs when you are well fed

You're an actor and you see my plight's your stage
You're just a coward searching for a spotlight
You cared enough just to pose for the camera
So go stand with the pigs you fuck
I bet tomorrow you will call them on your neighbors
Decrepit architecture forms the subject systemic decay unavoidable: planned
Machine learning mechanical being
Infertile, ineffable
Override revision
In my dreams I felt the warmth of the sun as it bleached my bones

10. sassafras manassas ass

Those eyes
Painted on my back
What the fuck is going on
Terror carving out my insides
Who's watching
Who's watching

Laid low in totality
The airbags didn't work
What the fuck is going on
Run away
The jaws open wider
Nobody is coming to help
The door's locked
The car's on fire

11. when you yell at me, make sure it hurts my feelings

Hail storm of eyes, rain down to find a place to reside in the places
I hide.
So much for a moment.
A space to breathe.
It's a lasting complication or it is for now at least.
Dial in just the right frequency, take those liberties.
Ears bleeding.
It's hard to admit that without this nothing feels worth while.
It's got me freaked.

No way but forward in isolation
Running, crawling, screaming
Don't look behind you
There is a presence imperceptible
Time lost meaning
No car
No desk
No 911
What will you do when your teeth fall out?
Left with gums and nail
A lackluster prey drive
Help help help
There was never a plan b
Just a flash drive and a scalpel
Why is it so hard to admit that, without this nothing feels worthwhile.
It's got me freaked

12. 40,000 jobs for a cowboy & counting


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