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1. The Lunatic Hour


2. Off With Their Heads

On other side of town the cultists make a final push into the catacombs beneath Monture Noire cemetery, with predictable results...

Off With Their Heads

Cremator was burning, Fermentor was losing his shit
My body was ravaged by shrapnel, Dissector was popping a zit
Our only escape to retreat underground
Coughing up blood as we fled
The cultists were gathered like rats at the entrance
Goose-stepping full-steam ahead
(as they said)

"Off with their heads!"
"Brothers of Ghoul: steel yourselves for the fight!
If it's Heavenly entrance they're after
We will make damn sure that they get there tonight."
Viciously hacking with jagged-edged blades
Dissector laughed as they bled
Cremator burnt off their lips and their ears
Fermentor was heard to have said,
"Off with their heads, hahahah!!!"

[Solo Digestor]

Writhing and moaning, puddles of red
Slitting their throats to ensure they were dead
Into the torchlight, a vision of dread
Cold iron lungs bellowed "Off with their heads!"

Off with their heads!

3. Destructor

As Killbot bears down on the fearsome foursome, the snarl of an ancient terror is heard from the darkness of the fungoid tunnels...


From a race and place unknown
One ton of hair, teeth, muscle, and bone
The savage lord of a bygone age
A broken hulk on a carnival stage
The people screamed, the whip cracked
Bloody lashes on his quivering back
A broken chain; pantaloons pissed
The sickening crunch of his pitiless fists

Through the murk of the stygian swamp
Came the sound of a thundering stomp
The wretched beast collapsed to the ground
As the Swamp Hag came to check on the sound
She gave him succor, she tended his wounds
He made a nest in a crumbling tomb
Every night he would come out to feast
Clawing at the graves of the newly deceased

[Solo Digestor]

The scent of blood perfumed the air
Into the catacombs
The monster lumbered, unaware
Spiked fist, iron claw
A sucker-punch to his powerful jaw
Clashing giants, thundering blows
Fermentor pitched in with a drum solo

Core breach; coolant aboil
Belching black smoke; vomiting oil
A mighty club to a cast iron hull
Transplanted brain liquified in its skull
System failure, tubes were blown
Two tons of steel dropped like a stone
Massive damage, Killbot was fucked
=Initiate sequence: Self Destruct=

4. Death In The Swamp

Dawn breaks with a strange odour wafting into the cemetery on an icy breeze. In the depths of the swamp a skeletal traveler quietly pushes through the slime in a small canoe. Somewhere in the Basilisk's palace the crystal skull emits a low hum...

Death in the Swamp

5. The Mark Of Voodoo

Seeking to possess the one thing that may be able to end his cursed existence, Baron Samedi is permitted an audience with the Basilisk. As the Baron's pitiful story unfolds, the Basilisk sees an opportunity...

The Mark of Voodoo

Born on a slaver in sixteen sixty six
I was cut from the womb
Of a screaming West African witch
In Haiti they laid me upon the auction block
And I sold for a song on a Port-au-Prince dock

Raised by the Houngan, he taught me the rites
I saw him murdered one terrible night
Found at his side, covered in gore
Beaten and kicked, thrown to the floor

Dragged to the slave house
Tied down in a circle of chalk
Ritual candles anointed
With the blood of a sacrificed cock
The frenzy was building
I pleaded with them for my life
They cut out my heart with a sugar cane knife

I opened my eyes to the dark of a grave
My body was rotten, my thoughts were depraved
Walking the Earth for eternity
Cursed with the duties of Samedi

I spoke to the dead as their flesh decayed
They spoke of a skull in a land far away
To Creepsylvania via Bombay!
End this curse!

[Solo Digestor]

Make these gruesome torments cease
Give me the glory of deathly peace
Put to rest these cursed bones
"You'll find what you seek in the catacombs"

6. Brain Jerk

Armed with a bag of tsombi powder and a hastily drawn map, Samedi gains entrance to the catacombs only to find four hooded imbeciles trying to huff sewage fumes from a mummified skull. He offers his wares and three of the mutants greedily accept, with predictable results...

Brain Jerk

Friday night and I needed a thrill
I'd swilled all the rot gut that I want to swill
And numbskull wasn't fitting the bill
Dug up a junkie, I shot up his brains
Inhaled some jenkem through a jugular vein
But nothing worked and I'm starting to twitch
"I've got a concoction that will scratch at that itch"

Brain Jerk!

He had a skull full of voodoo blow
An avalanche of Caribbean snow
"What's in this shit?" "You don't wanna know..."
We blew some rails, we got loose
Settling in for a night of abuse
Dissector left with a flimsy excuse

The walls began to bleed
The catacombs to heave
Glowing serpents burrowed through
The melting cosmic void
Screaming through the nothingness
Our addled minds destroyed

Madness! Piercing the veil
Perceptions were warped, senses assailed
Crystalline thought-waves,luminous gloom
Organic magma, edible doom
Dilated pulsating orbs
One with the aether, egos absorbed
Phantasms shrieking, babies aflame
"I think this is bunk..."
"Man, that's totally lame"

It started kicking in
Fermentor cracked a toothless grin
A feeling so bizarre
"Tear this fucking place apart!"

[Solo Digestor]
[Solo Dissector]
[Solo Digestor]
[Solo Dissector]

Brain Jerk!

7. Blood Feast

Drug-crazed and ravenous, Digestor, Fermentor, and Cremator go on a rampage through Creepsylvania, devouring everyone in their paths. From his palace the Basilisk watches and waits...

Blood Feast

On the outskirts of town
Heard the townsmen a curious and terrifying sound
As they crept forth to see
A gacked out Fermentor, Cremator and me
We surrounded them axes in hand
They’d do nicely chopped up in the meal we had planned
At the front of the crowd cried a priest
"Look away! It’s unholy, it’s ghastly, it’s a..."

Blood Feast!
Blood Feast!

As the townspeople panicked and fled
Fermentor got a sickening idea in his head
In the mood for some dubious snacks
He splintered their skulls with a swing of his axe
We siphoned some petrol from a car
And the orphanage was turned into a flaming abattoir
Tiny skeletons radiating heat
Young flesh is the best when it's eaten at a...

Blood Feast!
Blood Feast!

First course: Liver filet
Served with a garnish of maggot puree
Second course: Brain tumour stew
Bubbling away in a mucous ragout
Third course: The haunch of a child
Cooked to perfection, spicy or mild
Fourth course: Mellified lumps
Syrupy crustulant putrefied clumps

Fifth course: A sputum soup
Presented cold, a nasally goop
Sixth course: a plate of headcheese
With eyeballs and tongues, seasoned to please
Seventh course: bloody rump roast
The asses garnished with fingers and toes
Eight course: ovum soufflé
Baked to perfection, full of decay

Lazily licking at a stump
Sticky high fives as the bodies were dumped
Crawling on the ground like slugs
Bloated with meat and a mountain of drugs
Suddenly a net was released
Dragged off in chains by the Secret Police
In the belly of the beast
Locked in a cage like the victim of a...

Blood Feast!
Blood Feast!

8. Morning Of The Mezmetron

With three of the four fiends in chains, the Basilisk prepares the monstrous mezmetronic mind-control machine for its inaugural transmission to the unwitting dupes of Creepsylvania. As the final test before a worldwide broadcast nears, he reflects on small achievements through history...

Morning of the Mezmetron

We were there in the palace square
When the Pharoahs took their thrones
We whispered lies into Caesar's ear
And our knives cut to the bone
We raised a temple for Solomon
And we made damn sure it fell
And when that charlatan was crucified
We wrote his story well

Gaze at the unblinking eye
Watch as your consciousness dies
And welcome the new order's dawn
Tremble in awe of the Mezmetron

Emperors and Presidents
Have fallen to our blades
Weaving spiders are ensnared
In the webs that they have made
Guiding hands, overlords
Call us what you will
We are the authors of the prophecy
And we shall see that it's fulfilled


[Solo Digestor]

Sleep, Sleep

Now the final act begins
It's the end of all mankind
No more hatred, no more fear
No reason for a mind
Sit and watch the Mezmetron
And you'll feel yourself go numb
You begged for this, you prayed for it
And now your day has come

9. Transmission Zero

Night falls and Creepsylvanians everywhere switch on their tele-screens in hopes of indulging in an evening of state-sanctioned inanity. When the screens flicker to life the viewers are greeted by a pulsing eyeball and a ghostly tone that threatens to crack their very brains. Back in the catacombs, Dissector tells Samedi of the whereabouts of the crystal skull, and they set out for the palace...

Transmission Zero

Expanding lumps of torpid flesh
Spittle pooling on their chests
The Mezmetron is energized
And their nervous systems slow
A seizure grips the ganglia
As their frontal lobes explode
Tune in next week and you're sure to know

Teeth are set in rictus grins
No sign of mental life within
Draining the brains of the automatons
The fuses fail to blow
Rerouting the encryptions
But the glitch cannot be slowed
Tune in next week and you're sure to know

Basking in the telescreens
Their eyeballs pulse and glow
Bulging from their sockets
As the hunger starts to grow
Tune in next week and you're sure to know

10. Tooth And Claw

Overloaded with power, the transmission destroys the minds of the hapless townsfolk, sending them headlong into a mindless orgy of consumption...

Tooth and Claw

Ravenous bloodlust
Consumed by a sickening urge
Hunger gnaws at bloated guts
Compulsively driven to binge and purge
Chunks of chewed up tongue are puked
From salivating jaws
Autophagous bacchanal of mutilated flesh
Red in tooth and claw

Tooth and claw!

Skin is flayed with razor blades
Appendages chewed down to stumps
Gulping down flesh with a gurgulating belch
Vomited carnage is oozing in clumps
Bones are smashed with mallets
Marrow drooling from their maws
Autophagous bacchanal of mutilated flesh
Red in tooth and claw

Tooth and claw!

Slithering torsos congregrate
As they're drawn to the transmission source
Panic in the lair of the Basilisk
Entrances are reinforced
Shattering glass in the throne room
As the multitudes seek to be fed
The Basilisk flees into the swamp
His acolytes are ripped to shreds

The compound slaked in gore
When Dissector passed the gate
He smashed the dungeon door
And Ghoul made our escape

[Solo Digestor]
[Solo Dissector]

Tooth and claw!

11. Metallicus Ex Mortis

As the last of the cultists writhe in their own half-devoured entrails and Baron Samedi sifts through the shattered remnants of the crystal skull, Ghoul fiddles with the smoking hulk of the Mezmetron. A button is pushed and the machine roars to life. In Portland, Oregon a young nerd turns his television to a UHF channel and is surprised by what he sees...

Metallicus Ex Mortis

So you're an anti-social geek
With body odor, funny hair, and your breath reeks
You have no friends of which to speak
Now your mind has come unglued
And your trust fund balance is down the tubes
There's only one thing you can do

Commit yourself, submit yourself
Give us your body and your soul
Enslave yourself and save yourself
And sign in blood upon the scroll
On your straightjacket stitched, the hermetic seal
The pin is thrust as the blood congeals
Your card is dealt and your fate is sealed
Raise the chalice and take the cure
Numbskull from the freshly interred
Your servitude is now all but ensured

Commit yourself, submit yourself
Give us your body and your soul
Enslave yourself and save yourself
And spill your blood for rock n roll
Now your guts are a foetid yellow slush
Twitching pupils dilate
As your brain is turned to mush

[Solo Dissector]

Metallicus Ex Mortis!
Reborn in decay
Metallicus Ex Mortis!
As your life rots away

Fermentor ‒ Drums, Vocals
Cremator ‒ Vocals, Bass
Dissector ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Digestor ‒ Vocals, Guitar

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