Dark Lyrics


1. Pleasant Screams

Greetings from the home of Death
A place devoid of hope
Where sanity and reason twitch
Upon the hangman's rope
Greetings from a nightmare
From a place that should not be
Where spirits congregate
In ectoplasmic revery
Welcome to our town
You just may find it suits your tastes
Until you feel the Reaper's
Clammy breath upon your face
Welcome to our home
And tell yourself it's just a dream
It's time for you to die now
So enjoy, and pleasant screams

2. Forbidden Crypts

We smelled the greasepaint in the air,
They stumbled into town last night, completely unaware,
Clad in shirts of mesh and with mascara on their eyes
We saw a keyboard player and we knew they had to die.
They played a show at Ivan's Inn,
From underneath the stage we heard the caterwauling din,
They sang of forests, elves, and trolls,
The urge to kill them on the spot we barely could control
After the show they all got drunk,
Apparently to celebrate a set that really stunk,
To the graveyard they predictably paid call,
These lords of chaos whined about their tour bus being small
They spoke of Norway and "the scene"
The sound of laughing Ghouls reverberated through the trees
"We should take some pictures!" the one in chain mail said,
"That's it." Cremator growled, "It's time these idiots were dead."
They scattered like rats when they saw Ghoul attack,
The drummer was the first to go, a hook in his back
Machetes were sinking into painted flesh
Carnage and gore soaking leather and mesh
The keyboardist begged but Fermentor just laughed
We hacked off his hands and then chopped him in half
The vocalist was strangled with his very guts
His female back-up expired from her cuts
Splattering brain pans as a matter of course
Violently murdering with no fucking remorse
Their bassist, to a boobytrap, paid a toll
His head having gained five or six extra holes
The blood from his mouth made a hot, steamy treat
We savoured the moment, then sawed off his feet
Both of the guitarists made a run for the gate
Digestor cut them off and sealed their fate
One of them cried while the other was killed,
His tears did no good as his skull was still drilled
Slicing and dicing, our fanatic obsession
Of slaughtering poseurs, we've made a profession
In our forbidden...
Forbidden crypts!!!

3. Maggot Hatchery

Out on the bog sits a mouldy old shack,
A graveyard out front and a swamp in the back,
The creature who lives there personifies death,
She'll curdle your blood with the smell of her breath,
Wrapped up in rags and a tattered old hood,
She walks with a cane made of twisted black wood,
A feared necromancer and caster of curses,
She really enjoys putting people in hearses.
Blessed with a face that can drive men insane,
A body by joke and a sinister brain,
Her feet can peel wallpaper when they're exposed,
Gangrene and fungus infesting her toes,
She spends all her evenings creating disease,
Conjuring larvae and maggots to please,
Enormous pupae she constantly breeds,
On disinterred bodies they suckle and feed
A larval sack she did dismiss
It crawled into a drainage ditch
Once underground it carried on,
No one noticed that it was gone.
Down in the sewer this maggot had fun,
Eating the rats was it's job number one,
It terrorized rodents and left them in tatters,
The flesh of the beasts made it all the more fatter,
Bones it did crunch and then cartilege munched
The slimy invertebrate sloppily lunched,
It's tubular mass through the sewers did squirm,
A limb-ripping, flesh-tearing, many-toothed worm
With palpitating skin in gelatinous mounds,
It made it's way through Creepsylvania's grounds
Seeking the filth by which it was sustained,
The Swamp Hag had this maggot very well trained
Finding a coffin that was plentifully plugged,
The corpse was devoured by the glistening slug,
Rot and decay it ingested with zeal,
As long as it knew that it had a next meal
Feasting on the bloated dead
Stiffs enveloped foot to head
Vomiting acid into the crypts
To gorge on all the parts that dripped
Tomb after tomb it slowly creeped
As we watched our food sources deplete
It tunneled into our practice space
And listened as we moshed the place
Into the sewer it escaped
It's casing held a human shape
A squalling lump all set to burst
This town has not yet seen the worst

4. Sewer Chewer

The sewer's a place where a Ghoul can relax,
Comforts abound that the surface just lacks
Bubbling toxins that ooze from old pipes,
Barrels of goo; discarded wipes
Crumbling corridors covered with slime,
Rivers of sewage and trickling brine
These caverns are harbouring something undead,
Some wretched creation is rearing it's head
Hatched from a maggot, he is quite bizarre,
He smells like a cess pool but he shreds on guitar
He crawled into the catacombs one day
I swear we could smell him a mile away
He grabbed a guitar and proceeded to kill
He blew us away with his mosh riffing skill
We welcomed him into our ranks
The hood he proudly wore
We eagerly present this fiend
Ladies and germs, it's Dissector!
I came to shred faces
And shred them I will
With archaic chords
That possess you to kill
Up from the sewer and into the pit
We three now are four and we're taking no shit
The villagers won't know what hit them tonight
We'll show them the meaning of horror and fright
Dissector's axe will cleave them in twain
I will dismember and harvest their brains
Fermentor will brew up some rot gut to choke
Cremator will burn all their corpses to coke
He is the Sewer Chewer
He is the Sewer Chewer

5. Ghoul Hunter

One night as I crept through the cemetery gates
Seeking out the cause of the local mania
I bespied a ghastly sight, which gave me quite a fright
The legendary Ghouls of Creepsylvania
They were moshing to and fro,
And shrieking at the moon, you know
Howling banshees on a quest for human meat
I was shocked to see a Ghoul
That had both eyes pull out a tool
And chop the head from a body lying at his feet
My mind was racing as I watched the horrible carnage
They were stripping the rotten corpse to the bone
I started to slowly back away in horror
When the ground gave way beneath me and I fell into the catacombs
When I came to I was cloaked in darkness
There was a stench unlike any I had ever smelled before
I reached out and felt the ground around me
And my hand went straight into a puddle of gore!
Ghoul Hunter!
You can bet your life that you're going to die!
Ghoul Hunter!
We'll eat you baked, boiled, or fried!
Ghoul Hunter!
You'll look just like the jerk you are!
Ghoul Hunter!
We'll pickle your brain in a jelly jar!
As I was saying...
I lit a torch and began to explore
The tunnels wound and wound for many miles
There were coffins jutting from the walls and more
Burning bones, vats of guts, and skulls in piles
I came to a large room
And heard an echo in the gloom
The sound of metal chilled my very bones
There were riffs the beat the band,
Pounding drums I couldn't stand,
And the vocalists created shocking tones
I made my way towards the cacophony
A crucifix clutched tightly in my fist
And as I came to the torchlit room
I saw the shambling fiends getting pissed
They spotted me and began to shriek and snort
My cover was blown, so I started to run like mad
Digestor tackled me to the floor
And then it started really getting bad
Ghoul Hunter!
You can bet your life that you're going to die!
Ghoul Hunter!
We'll eat you baked, boiled, or fried!
Ghoul Hunter!
You'll look just like the jerk you are!
Ghoul Hunter!
We'll pickle your brain in a jelly jar!

I was bound and gagged in the dining room
Surrounded by the funk of fetid breath
The quartet of maniacs hunched over me
And forced me to listen to Anthrax and Megadeth
I struggled in my restraints as they chortled with glee
While they poked at me and sliced apart my cheek
My muffled pleading only served to amuse them
As they expelled a very noxious sort of reek
I wriggled out of my ropes a bit
There was a struggle but I managed to prevail
Ghoul is still out there, haunting the graveyard
But I escaped and now I'm here to tell my tale
Ghoul Hunter!
You can bet your life that you're going to die!
Ghoul Hunter!
We'll eat you baked, boiled, or fried!
Ghoul Hunter!
You'll look just like the jerk you are!
Ghoul Hunter!
We'll pickle your brain in a jelly jar!

6. Numbskull

Deep down underneath the ground
In chambers clotted with the rotting dead
Steaming vats filled with vampire bats,
Tanis root, and decaying heads
The potion made, we disseminate
Spiking thousands of liters of grog
Numbskull to inebriate
Sends you into a heavy metal fog
(gang) I am a numbskull!
I bang heads
Moshing in the graveyard and defiling the dead
(gang) I am a numbskull!
I twist brains
Thrashing 'til we drive you insane
On a cold night in the local pub
An alliance was put to the forge
F.K.U was there with Lord Gore and Frightmare
Machetazo, Haemmorhage, and Engorged
We all toasted with some numbskull,
"Here's to waging a metal war!"
The chalices emptied, we took to the stage
To carry out our declaration of gore
(gang) I am a numbskull!
I drink deep
Rot gut consumed by a quartet of creeps
(gang) I am a numbskull!
I infect
Drink up, it's time to snap necks
The crowd was amassed at the edge of the pit
Timidly cringing so as not to get hit
The numbskull started kicking in as the bodies were flying through the air
A rictus grin on each face in the crowd, coupled with a psychotic stare
Their skin decayed and fell off in lumps
And hair came out in greasy clumps
Their blood coagulated in their veins
As deafening thrash riffs tore apart their brains
Zombified in the pit, gore addicted misfits
The first band was backstage, they came out and got slayed
Devoured by the undead, gutted and splattered
Unique Leader catalogs were torn up, burned, and scattered
(gang chant) Numbskull!
The show ended in a bloodbath
But nothing dead shall truly dead remain
The doors were opened to release the numbskulls
So they'll infect every poser's brain
I am a numbskull!
I'm unhinged
Murdering and moshing as on rot gut we binge
I am a numbskull!
I am you
'Cuz you're a fucking numbskull too

7. Boneless

Grab a hood to hide your face
Tie a shirt around your waist
Pull a sk8 from off the wall
It's time to crash the funeral hall
The Ghoul Hunter is out tonight
But we don't really care
We're gonna give this town a fright
So citizens beware
We're homicidal retards
We're not afraid of cops
Our mission: Carve the Graveyard
We'll sk8 until we stop!
Waxing curbs and coffins too
The wax we use we made from you
If we see a bowl we'll fuckin shred
Gonna carve it up like we did your head
Our decks are made from tombstones
The trucks are hewn from bone
Slimeballs are the wheels of choice
The bearings? Kidney stones
Cobwebs are our grip tape
And grip they surely do
Tonight we're gonna tear it up
And then we'll tear up you!
We're boneless in the boneyard
Well we took a swig of some numbskull
And headed out into the frigid night
We were cruising the town when we all heard a sound
The Ghoul Hunter had us in his sights
We came at him with our sk8boards
He got a Pop Shove-It to the lip
I did a McTwist and landed on his wrist
And knocked the rifle right out of his grip
Cremator did a Blunt Slide off his back
Switching to a Disaster Grind
The Ghoul Hunter racked by our Ollie attacks
Was beginning to lose his mind
He had one more trick up his sleeve
A smoke bomb he quickly deployed
Once again he escaped, but not before getting scraped
A pastime we've come to enjoy
We sk8ed back to the graveyard in a rush
Our wheels trailing remnants of Ghoul Hunter mush
Vengeance he vowed to exact and employ
We think he might really be getting annoyed

8. Maniaxe

I'll rip the eyeballs from your head
Your innards boiled internally
Cremator flays you one by one
Sending ashes into eternity
Dissector's good with a sharpened hook
I'll gut you like a fish
Fermentor will anatomize
Against your every wish
Your face we'll burn right off your skull
It's my only vice
Decapitated with a scythe
Your bones we'll fashion into dice
Spilled out organs we devour
I eat mine with a frosty brew
Your fate is sealed, as is your tomb
You're really getting screwed
Your death will not be swift
At the hands of the mentally deficient
Slaughtering in the cemetary
We're nothing if not efficient
A knife across your fucking throat
I'll drink right from the slit
The blood is gulped through filthy hoods
And from our fingers licked
A pile of meat is all that remains
Quivering in the crypt
Your splattered torso steaming now
Where flesh has been unzipped
Entombed within the catacombs
Your grave an unmarked open ditch
Decaying in the fetid swamp
Your bones are black as pitch

9. Mechanized Death

Alone in his castle the Ghoul Hunter toils,
Devising a plan to destroy
Feverishly working on a monstrous creation
A man of mechanix to cause devastation
Gears are adjusted for inhuman power
Ten feet tall; a wrought iron tower
Death he can bring with a squeeze of his claw,
Electrified net, or retractable saw
-Killbot is online-All systems go
-Tell me my orders but tell me them slow
"Go to the graveyard and flush out the Ghouls"
"Plunder the catacombs! Murder the fools!"
We saw him coming, he couldn't be missed
We tried to act brave but our pants were all pissed
He destroyed everything with no delay
Smashed every villager stuck in his way
Glowing laser eyes
Controlled by Gammalite
Crushing through tunnels and smashing through walls
Programmed for vengeance with deadly protocols
Iron ignoramous, mechanical sap
We four got together and set him a trap
We lured him right into a cage
And hacked away at his wiring with an axe
"Return to Castle" flashed in digital
As he lurched forward on a counter-attack
He shambled and twitched to the Ghoul Hunter's lair
And stomped through the drawbridge as if it weren't there
He flailed in a rampage, everything was pulverized
The castle walls began to crumble; he was trapped inside
Curses from the Ghoul Hunter were echoing within
As brick and mortar covered his ungodly creation

10. The End?

11. What A Wonderful World

I see towers of flame, and corpses too
I see the doom, of me and you
And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world.
I see skies obscured, I see no light
Dark freezing days, dark sleepless nights
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world.
The clouds of radiation are so pretty in the sky
Tumours on the faces of the people who survived
I see friends in the past kill each other for food
They're really starving......So will you.
I see babies die, I watch them decompose
They'll hurt much more, than I'll never know
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world

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