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1. ...Oracle-Orage-Odium...

["No one can judge one another, because this equals delivering and notifying the judgement of own ego-that's how the saying sounds.There are no limits how far we can go, the borders are only built up by morality, humanism and reality. But one thing we shall know: Nothing could be a fading part of evanescene, which is already dead."]

[Part Oracle:]
Man, little man, why do you need god,
when you believe yourself as a god?

[Part Orage:]
The bellowstorm must come
In which a cherub lurks
Offspring of an exploited Nature

[Part Odium:]
People, men, women, old and young,
The most hideous vermins and angels than ever.
Humid larvae,
Damp molluscs,
Spongesoul sinsects,
By urine and blood drenched in their own vomitus

[People:(maybe they are people)]
Impaled through anus
Penetrated, desecrated
On the crusted antlers of Cernunnos

Writhing diadems
Ornaments in convulsion
You're all on the stakes
No empty space
No solitude amongst you

A race dies on the horns of god
While they' re staring at each other
In rigour
One is common in them:
Fear and credulous curiosity ( but curiosity is much stronger)
Which is a key on the necklet of the Virgin girl.

[Part Orage:]
The howling storm must come
In which a cherub lurks
Starving for dolls.

[Part Oracle:]
Don't wait:
They' re already waiting for you.

2. Absurdum

[In medias res: ... a chilling,dark blue-toned vision,which is actually a strong picture of a strange cruxifiction. Night is embraced by magickal aura, words fly through the air:]
["Fullmoon's light dancing on the hillside,]
[Where a tiny crowd marching so noisy and swarming like a beehive,]
[Going up to stand a third in between two crosses.]
[There's one dragger among them, whom will be surely crucified..."]

[But the text is a "bit" different...]

Ancient room- moist and dark
Yellow, timeless mildew on the walls.
In the centre a chair I sit
With countless eyes overlaid,
Immense Eyes:(Numbers)
(It) hurts.

In a place foreign
(Where foreignity I feel not)
These eyes urged to watch me

when you' re pushed under water, and you know you have not enough air:

"Lungs adhered, nervepanic
So grotesque"
Through craft unseen
Staring fixed with no eyelids,
Just sitting in the wall
So large are they like human...


As warmth fills my heart, a fever begins crawling,
Swelling slowly away in my shape,
Getting closer to my head,
To have it squashed.

The presence of fibrail engrams in gyrus:

Green hand-seems mucous
A tongue, in this palm's middle
Kisses one huge eye
Lick through with pleasure
Lick through with joy
Tastes good...

Gazing hundreds of eyes
Piercing, bursting me
I can not hide, I'm lame, I think.
Nausea, Fever, Vacuum in the head
Yell- a parched throath
Tranquil cold,
I shiver, (it) hurts.

"Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis:
Dolores inferni, circumdederunt me.
Non omnis moriar."


Unconsciously I stand up
With slow treads I walk to the door
Like a scene of a motion picture
Where each move is gnawing...
One Flash
One Flash
Dull hit on the chest...

I reach the door. Handle; turned. The door opens, then disappeares. Blinding Whiteness

Through the door of liberty
Out from here, to the white light,
From the room of eyes
To the light depraved.
I step into the crowd,
Into the ziplipped people,
Into the dead...

...to become dead.

3. As Catharsis Ends In Dismay

[I can not find any words for the introduction. I think this is the deepest and most personal text I've made for this album.]

[The Silent Prolouge:]
Words of a Violin crying sweet, sad in my head.
Little wisp of men dancing on the strings - fragile harmonics in the bitter Ether of Nihil.
Never to hear such a soul-engraving melody.

String snaps with shrill, sore sound
Body strains in the last orgasm

[Scene 1: Colours:Emptiness mingles with Grief. Oblivion. Remark of the last picture. Steam or smoke -a touch of blow on my face, I think. Pleasant feeling.]

To wake up in a mute dream
Mind drifts into amazement
Wonder creates curiosity which often blends with muddle.

[Scene 2:: I see myself in a dark, slow-circling tunnel, thick darkness everywhere, and a kind of light at the end, glowing like Sun.]

I've been already here, sometime
Tunnel of blackwater abyss
Revolves in darkness-womb

Become one with the dark drifts
I left everything outside
Which tied me to the crest of the earth
All I built, all they built.
(All I am, all I was.)
The darkness as an angel receives me into itself
Embraces, fondles me
And allows to touch its face.

This is not what I'm here for.

Observing the light which grows like hunger
As I approach closer and deeper
Thrill, Allurement, Ardour
A call from beyond
Light as Destination, I reach through my fall.
I merge into the Unknown.

Scene freezes in motion
Vibration around the body
Face deforms into the grimace of bawl
Pupils wide open
Cruel, heart-splitting dismay

" This was the man but you are light, energy and light.
You see, feel and realize
That the bewitching, drawing Unknown
Holds a (maybe) quicksilver bred mirror towards you."

4. Dead Star

[I would rather enclose this short text, instead of my empty words...]

["When the celestial body begins the stellar agony, the inner core collapses into itself as a child breaks the shell of a nut. Inside, vacuum comes into being and absorbs the gas and debris clouds around the star. This stellar energy-accumulation grows untill all sources are empty, and than the pressure difference splits up the invisible caul of the supernova, in form of a great importance detonation, which lasts for a few seconds but destroys every thing around."]

In demonic lost
All is fragmented
Beyond the Nihil's caul
Closed door...
Closed windows, were they ever open?
( just a Voice sounds behind them)

A star burnt out on the sky
Wounding the Firmanent's skin
Glance arrival of light
It's already dead when we see it.
One star died.

(in such a case every child wish something.)

Soul: like sponge
Smoke and a piece of tissue
Omnivore, voracious consumer
To stop is unknown
I see how man unites in the orgasm of Saturation
When Fire devours its own body
Screaming, speechless: "Enough."

A soul full of: Grief, Angst, Broken Toys, Venom, Fibrail Dementia, Souls...
...and all of you.
"Only Lust drives the soul."

(the coming of nausea, inner pulsation)
I'm here
Touch me
Come closer
Embrace me
(retching, and a stabbing ache in the eye)
I'm still here, I've got enough.

(and then the Voice sounded behind from the door and the windows and broke the glasswalls inside the head):
Kill yourself-Need to mutilate
Kill yourself-Kill your friends,family
Kill them all-the people around you
And then kill me.

"people,have you ever felt the power of a dead star?"

5. Campana Funebris (Somno Solvitur)

[The words for this song is seem to be typical, and like using old cliches, but I tried to use these "banalities" from a different aspect.The atmosphere of the song paints a dark and mesmerizing vision of a self-funeral. As people marching in the cemetery... Marching with the coffin... Marching to the open tomb...]

Disfigured crowds by anguish and emptiness
Standing around a mourning-embraced, wet, sable coffin:
And crying together with the sombre sky.

I hear their loud cries:
Trying to make me feel embittered
(without knowing it)
I want to sleep
I hear the desperate and conclusive words of the priest:
They bother me...


I feel the cold Slumber's sigh
As I dive into my abyssmal Dream
At last I hear the pulsating sound
Of the old, eroded Deathbells:

Campana Funebris
Somno Solvitur


Land so soaked
Full of mud and flowers
A steaming sculpture in the rain
Unknown, new feelings in the Aenima
Stranger to a World Foreign

6. Goath

[To be honest, nowadays there are no idols, icons or ideals for the people to follow and worship. On the one hand, this is good because without being a blind servant of a supreme power, we can learn how to believe in ourselves and how to deny, but on the other hand, I think we all struggling in the lack of choosing, we eat (almost) everything which lies before us, which is simply put before our eyes.]

"Feel the horns growing on the forehead"

God on the thorn-leash
While whine and lamentation
Are audience, so sad:
How could such a superb king kneel on his own cord?
So tragedic:
From venomous lips
Peals the caustic truth
Pure, cold, concentrated words.
Crawling under skin
Absorbing the self to make sore space.


Don't be afraid, god will compensate you
For the grief and anguish
For the cursed fate
For the blood you shed
For your loyal blindness

"Succulent are the fruits which god feeds his children with"

Splendid skin: cloth of depravation
Worms feast in this flesh of rot
They devour, consume, creating maze
The labyrinth of bedlam


7. From Soul To Daemon

[With this text I wanted to show what could possibly happen to a soul of Will and Craft after the so called: "death".The strange aura and the metaphores give a special taste to this song. For me this is a sublime part of a cosmic puzzle, a precursor outside the border.]

Shapeless energy and emotions concentrated
In which Consciousness and Will remained
In which the man was long since perished
What we call in human language: "soul"

Ghosts melt in the Great Howl
Light bleeds from the orbits
Visions break-born in Fulfilment
The Will of Higher Power manifests in Today

I want nothing else
(just become) from Soul to Daemon
To let my Dream breathe at last
(just become) from Soul to Daemon
Request of an orphan child
(just become) from Soul to Daemon

Rain falls upon the face of mankind
We are: Scream. Shades. Death.
From an out-burnt soul...
Turn to Daemon of the Animal

In a scorching Drop everything blends,
Which ached,
Which weep was,
Which was only mope disappointment...

Which made me human at one time.

8. The Scythe Is Only An Omen


[Death is a trend to love]
[Death is a cliche to use.]
[Death is a fashion to wear.]
[Death is a drug to daily take.]
[Death is a thing to yearn for.]
[Death is a bar-code.]
[Death is the Bringer of Whys.]
[Death is (still) unknown.]
[Death is a novadays-friend.]
[Death is deaf.]
[Death is beautiful.]
[Death is equal.]
[Death is certain.]

[Death is a thing we do not know what it is for, the thing we do not understand...]

[...and its scythe is only an omen.]

9. Somnus Mortis Imago

[The last text I wrote for this record cos I wanted to express strong and breathing material, which (almost) represents all those feelings and pictures-both old and new-I 've collected inside my nebulous well, and only waiting to be released or to be burnt down on paper. Every word of it (except the end of the lyric,which is the continuation of "Absurdum") is more than a simple " poetic" word.]

Whisper of Moth-wings
I see walls sweating blood
Mirror in Mirror
Virgin girl and Corvus corax
Daemons drawn by one line
The chopped-off hands of Durer blossom
Jesusface as negative
Forest of empty beds
A man falls on his knees, with a barrel of a gun under his chin
Neuroses bloom in Evanescene
The haemorrage of Sun on retinae
Hanged man on the apple tree
Feathers falling outside the Circle
The touch of Serpent's skin,while it's sliding out from the warm vagina

(a hallucination without any sense, an imitation of an apparition: "I walk among the crowd as wolf among sheep.Grotesque little beings appeare before me, pointing at a "hole" in the air. A black hole, like a paper burst through, floating in two dimension between earth and Nothing.This strange rent::the origin of Ethereal Equilibrium.)

Body flayed, skin deprived
Just breathing Flesh, Tendon, Bone
My infinite blood dyes the white crowd of the Ziplipped
I touch them
Somnus Mortis Imago

Than the Hooded One bends down
And with fingers so beautiful
With fingers so cold, touches my forehead.

(Closure: Moon in Leo:
Gyermek, ki az angyal karjaiban szenderul,
Kinek arcan nyugalom s mosoly fenye feszul,
Gyermek, kinek mehe volt a tenger,
Arva almodozo, kit nem erthet meg ember.)

Thanks to black-gholgoth for sedning these lyrics.

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