Dark Lyrics


1. Hardrocker

Too drunk to be silent, can't stay on his feet
With a horrible language he crawls down the street
A pleasant condition, can't hold down the food
Fistful of vomits, he's now in the mood

When he starts tumbling and drops to the floor
It's the sign he awaits, he's got to drink more
Insulting the shorthaired, his arm starts to twist
Their nose bones receives the speed of the fist

He's dirty...he's alone...he's metal to the bone


The most incedent back at school, he always skipped the class
Told his teacher to fuck off and stick it up her ass
He'll never fit into the crowd, he'll never lose his pride
He won't allow no shorthaired heads, he would rather die

Shortcut hair in sight, no words are needed to start the fight
All discondance must end in broken bones
Enough to get him pissed, count the teeth you soon shall miss
Footprints in your swollen face shows the way it must be done

Criminaly tough and hard, headbanging where we lie
Whiplash-damage, aching neck, still banging till we die
We'll stand together to the end, ain't ever wimping out
We live and die the metal way, loud is all that counts


2. Skeletons In Leather

Chaos lives within our metal, the elders on out side
To kill all tightness is our mission, deafering the fight
Distorted fuck shall crush your cardrum, necrorip will slay
Don't dare to walk upon our path, deathdrums leads the way

Skeletons of leather, march out of sodom raise your hands
Sons of the reaper, grant us the power and be our fans

Destruction, war and pestilence, nothing beats our load
A fist of steel strikes through your skull, your whole family explodes
Whores are sucking on our strings, bitches out of hell
Who said our music should be clean, we'll never play it well

Explosive heat, war, total death, pain, crushing noise, loud
Bestial rock, all that we give you...

Dressed in black we live our lives and you can't do a shit
To make us slow down our riffs, piss on your feeble worms
Short hair is what we deny, we spit you in your cars
We are the poison in your veins and mercy we don't know

Satan signs our backing vocals, devils dance around
They bang their horned heads to the rhythm, the witching speed is bound
Watching from the burning stage, right into the flame
Soon of volume breaks it all, the roof comes down as rain

3. Say Hello To Mr. Fist

If you wear short hair you better beware
This is metal warfare
I'll make you bleed that's what I need

I gonna crush your jaw just because I'm raw
Learn the metal law

Your legs I will chop
If you listen to pop

Say hello to Mr.Fist in your face

In a bed you will lie in the mirror you cry
You could as well die

Your face I fuckin' broke
I'll laugh till I choke

Say hello to Mr.Fist in your face

4. Brilliant Loud Overlords Of Destruction

My life is metal, chaos and death
You can come along, but you may loose your breath
I worship the dark one, I spit on your god
Don't need your friendship, but I need a Bud (weiser)

I've got a chainsaw
Behind my back
You better watch out or I'll break your neck

Brilliant loud overlords of destruction

You better watch out when I'm on the loose
Chaos and metal, destruction and booze
Don't care if I'm right, don't care if I'm wrong
This is my life, the way of the strong

5. Winter Of War

I'm a warrior, a man of hate
Standing in the snow, awaiting the battle
My axe is thirsty, it wants blood
I am ready, it wants blood

Winter of war

Now is the time for my enemies to die
Now is the time, I feel so high
No mercy, I'll kill you all
I will win, I will never fall

Winter of war

Now it's over, the snow is red
I am calm, my axe is fed
Longing for the next time I'll kill
Feels so good, gives me a thrill

6. Beerzerk

I'm here to drag you in the dirt, kick you where it really hurts
No matter how you kneel and beg, a crushing foot between your legs
I saw you drinking from my glass, that's why I mst rip your ass
My fist awaits, my throat was dry, I smash my knuckles in your eyes

A been in one hand, your teeth in the other
I haven't forgot when you stole from my bottle

There is hardwire where your children play, your family pays for your mistake
Your son is messed up really bad, your daughter's shouting for her dad
Your wimpy parents dressed in white, blown to bits by dynamite
Your wife lies beaten blue and raped, she's never gonna be the same (What a
shame, ha-ha!)

Your brothers shortcut discohair, made me throw him down the stairs
In a wheelchair he got trapped, now he's fucking handicapped
I'll atombomb your childhood town, burning down your neighboor's house
Your life is left in ruins now, as my boot is coming down

7. I Am The Wolf

I am the wolf
I am the beast
I eat the flesh
Of the deceased

Dark, in the frosty night
Calm, the moon's my only light
Transformed, in my greatest mood
Hungry, and I'm looking for some food

Smell, the smell of human flesh
Smell, the smell's so fuckin' fresh
Hunting, the human little child
Ooh yeah, I think I'm going wild

Screams, the human run away
Angry, I think I'm gonna slay

8. Blood Metal

Wandering in the breath of destruction
Wearing the skin of the beast
Watching through the eye of the vampire
Bleeding the blood of the goat

Shrill crushing volume, a sabbath on stage
Thousands of decibels, screaming in pain
Under the flag of old metal we march
This is Gehennah, distorted and loud

Blood metal - those who turn the other cheek
Blood metal - we just stab in their backs
Blood metal - we give the destiny to the weakings
Blood metal - with our volume we can kill
Through the stacks

We're the equinox of cruelty and chaos
We give the deluge of sound
Volcanic hammers beats harder than war
Thousands of fuckin' bombs!

9. Crucifucked

Let us help you find your god, let us guide you to his land
Where the pearly gates doth shines to the saviour he sent
You should be fucking grateful, we will tell you what to do
Shut your mouth, don't ask why, stick with us and you won't lost
And we'll put the bible where is belongs
We know the perfect place, so bend over and kiss god's feet

With violent speed the holy book accelerates up your ass

Now you see where we prefer to shove your fucking pages
The shit you spread is just to us another form of AIDS
What's the bible anyway compared to real good porno
You couldn't let us live this life, now we won't let you go, NO!!!
Give us the power, give us the speed
And we take you to a place you never thought you'd see

With violent speed the holy book accelerates up your ass

Your knees are rattling, you're so scared, you've standing all alone
We are really hostile, we are metal to the bone
Now it's time for you to know how violence can change your looks
With broken fingers, busted balls and your ass filled with a book
Yeah, we have put the biblic where it belongs
It is the perfect place, don't you dare to disagree!

10. Bomb Raid Over Paradise

You were so happy living in paradise
You felt so good your religion wasn't lies
But it's something I want to tell
Suddenly your paradise turns into an exploding HELL

Bombraid overparadise
Can you feel the heat
Bombraid overparadise
Christian flesh turns into dead meat

The skeletons in leather fucking attack
We bomb we burn and we crack
We bomb away the christian race
And the biggest bomb we place in god's face

Bombraid overparadise

11. The House

For a visitor, a victim...
The house is waiting...
A soul
To possess...

Will enter...
Their last...

12. Gehennah

The hellish noise becomes unbound
When the witching hammers sound
Unleashed powers of ancient force
Released with our metal as the source

No, no, my little boy
You can't escape, you satan's toy!
Look into the raging fire
Don't you feel a calling desire

Little children walking
Through flames
Sacrifice the Moloch the strange Gehennah!

Forced by apostate Israelites
To still the monsters appetite
Brought to life at the world's dawn
In Hinnom's valley we were spawn

13. Piss Off, I'm Drinking

Suddenly she stood there close to me
A woman too grotesque to even be
I felt quite dim, but I was still aware
That I was too drunk to see or care

I said: baby, metal is what I need
Not some bloody whore to feed
She looked at me with stupid eyes
Then I gave her my advice

Piss off, I'm drinking...piss off...or die

She didn't seem to understand what I had to tell
I simply said: I don't want you, so you can go to hell
I was born to play the highest level, living hard and loud
I am into metal and forever to be proud

14. Psycho Slut

He's a transvestite, standing on the streets
Looking for someone to eat
Wearing falsies, spikes and leather
Nobody can resist "her"

He's a red light ripper, send you to hell
Red light ripper, doing well

He'll take you up into his room
And rip you to pieces pretty soon
And then in the sewer your remains will be lost
We'll you don't have to worry about the cost

Red light ripper, looking hot
Red light ripper, satanic psycho slut

Psycho slut, loves his knife as he loves his wife
Psycho slut, won't take your virtue, but your life!

"Hey bitch! Want some cash?"
He won't leave without your flesh

"Yeah babe, make me loose my breath..."
That slut will fuck you to death!

Ronnie Ripper ‒ Bass
Rob Stringburner ‒ Guitars
Mr Violence ‒ Vocals
Hellcop ‒ Drums

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