Dark Lyrics


1. Winter Of War

I'm a warrior, a man of hate
Standing in the snow, awaiting the battle
My axe is thirsty, it wants blood
I am ready, I will kill today

Winter of War

Now is the time for my enemies to die
now is the time, I feel so high
No mercy, I'll kill you all
I will win, I will never fall

Winter of War

Now it's over, the snow is red
I am calm, my axe is fed
Longing for the next time I'll kill
Feels so good, gives me a thrill

Winter of War

2. Skeletons In Leather

Chaos lives within our Metal, the Elders on our side
To kill all tightness is our mission, defening we fight
Disorted fuck shall crush your eardrum, Necrorip will slay
Don´t dare to walk upon our path, Deathdrums leads the way

Chorus: Skeletons in Leather, march out of Sodom raise your hands
Sons of the Reaper, grant us the power and be our fans

Destruction, war and pestilence, nothing beats our load
A fist of steel strikes through your skull, your whole family explodes
Whores are sucking on our strings, bitches out of Hell
Who said our music should be clean, we´ll never play it well


Explosive Heat, War, Total Death, pain, Crushing Noise, Loud, Bestial Rock, All that we give you...

Dressed in black we live our lives and you can´t do a shit
to make us slow down our riffs, piss of your feeble worms!
Short hair is what deny, we spit you in your ears
We are the poison in your veins and mercy we don´t know

Satan sings our backing vocals, devils dance around
They bang their horned heads to the rhythm, the witching speed is bound
Watching from the burning stage, right into the flame
Soon the volume breaks it all, the roof comes down as rain


3. B.L.O.O.D.

My life is Metal, Chaos and Death
You can come along, but you may loose your breath
I worship the dark one, I spit on your god
Don´t need your friendship, but I need my Bud(weiser)

[Pre Chorus:]
I've got a CHAIN SAW
Behind my back
You better back off
or I´ll break your neck

Brilliant Loud Overlords Of Destruction

You better watch out when I'm on the loose
Chaos and Metal, destruction and booze
Don't care if I'm right. Don't care if I'm wrong
This is my life, the way of the strong

[Pre Chorus]


4. A Black Majesty

Swallowed by illusions
Separated from the past
My tomb is in your soul, but I will rise
Your mortal life is false

Find the path where you where meant to wander
Find the lake where you were meant to float
Taste the pleasures you deserve
Just close your eyes from the blindning light

I am the blackest of your secret dreams
I am the deepest of your fears
I am the wisdom that you hold but do not know
I am the true you

Behold! The kingdom you would rule
Behold! The black throne where you cold sit
You are a king
A Black Majesty!

5. Blood Metal

Wandering in the breath of Destruction
Wearing the skin of the beast
Watching through the eye of the vampire
Bleeding the blood of the goat

[Pre Chorus:]
Shrill crushing volume, a Sabbath on stage
Thousands of decibels, screaming in pain
Under the flag of old Metal we march
This is Gehenna, Distorted and Loud

Blood Metal - Those who turn the other cheek
Blood Metal - We just stab in their backs
Blood Metal - We give the destiny to the weaklings
Blood Metal - With our volume we can kill through the stacks

We´re the equinox of cruelty and chaos
We give the deluge of sound
Volcanic hammers beats harder than war
Thousands of fuckin' bombs!

[Pre Chorus]

[Chorus 2x]

6. I Am The Wolf

I am the wolf
I am the beast
I eat the flesh
of the deceased

Dark, in the frosty night
Calm, the moon´s my only light
Transformed, in my greatest mood
Hungry, and I´m looking for some food

I am the wolf
I am the beast
I eat the flesh
of the deceased

Smell, the smell of human flesh
Smell, the smell´s so fuckin´fresh

Hunting, the human little child
Ooh yeah, I think I´m going wild

I am the wolf
I am the beast
I eat the flesh
of the deceased

[Children hunting: Stringburner - Ripper]

Screams, the humans run away
Angry, I think I´m gonna slay
Hunger is the only thing I feel
Your flesh is for me the greatest meal

I am the Wolf!

7. The Call Of R'lye

Clawing... The dreams are stuck in my mind
Horrendous shapes of cyclopean kind
Chtulhu calls from inside his seal
Ripping in my head, oh ít feels so real!

Though the pain makes me awake with screams
Something makes me long for the dreams
Dreams preparing for a new regin to be
Night after night He´s calling me

The Call From R´Lye

Rising... Hazy visions of the city under sea
Which now is rising from it´s seal
I know the Old Ones shall once more reign
Because I feel their power contained therein

Yeah, the pain makes me wake with screams
Yet something makes me long for the dreams
The dreams preparing for a new reign to be
Night after night He´s calling me

The Call From R´Lys

I greet the dreams...

8. Piss Off I'm Drinking

Executional missile launching: The Captain

Suddenly she stood there close to me
A woman too grotesque to even be
I felt quite dim, but I was still aware
That I was to drunk to see or care

I said: Baby, Metal is what I need
Not some bloody whore to feed
She looked at me with stupid eyes
Then I gave her my advice:

Piss off, I'm drinking... Piss off, or die

She didn't seem to understand what I had to tell
I simply said: I don't want you, so you can go to hell
I was born to play the highest level, living hard and loud
I am into Metal and forever to be proud

I said...

Piss off, I'm drinking... Piss off, or die

9. Burnin' Strings

The lights turns out
But not for long
Soon the amps will explode
And you will burn to our song

Your parents didn't want you to go
But you where stupid enough to come to our show
Now you're burning in volume-hell
And you don't really feel too well

Burnin' Strings - Ears do bleed
Burnin' Strings - Total speed

Special delivery just for you
You'll scream in pain, yeah that is true
Leather, spikes and thunder in our stacks
Just wait and see our Metal attack!

Burnin' Strings - Ears do bleed
Burnin' Strings - Killing speed

Burning barb wire convulsion: Stringburner

Burnin' Strings - Ears do bleed
Burnin' Strings - Is what we breed

[Improved necroripping: Stringburner]

10. Bitch Sacrifice

Watch the candles burn
Watch 'em as I make you die
Don´t care about your pleads for mercy
Don't care about the tears you cry


Watch the knife in my hands
Watch it, it will take your life
Your blood will float down the altar
This is a Bitch Sacrifice


Demons will awake tonight, when virgin blood is spilled
Dark forces will come down tonight, when a bitch like you is killed


Now the time is here
The time for you to scream
Then I watch your ugly corpse
Oh, it makes me feel so mean


Ronnie "Ripper" Olson ‒ Bass
Rob Stringburner ‒ Guitars
Mr Violence ‒ Vocals
Captain Cannibal ‒ Drums

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