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1. Mostly Hair And Bones Now

I pulled the dead horse out from under a tarp in my back yard piece by piece.
Once proud, once full of strength. She was gold.
Mostly hair and bones now.
I dragged a leg around the yard for hours wearing a path.
I left it there in the sun abandoned like a child's bicycle at the call of a mother.
Mostly hair and bones now.

2. This We Celebrate

To prepare the ground, to plant the seeds.
So many of us will never know the labor and the grit.
And I'm not afraid of our efficiency
And I understand we have invented ourselves out of a job.
And I imagine like anything else our cycle has come around.
An old womb. Our soil is used.
The noble thing would be to plow it under.
So we can look forward to socio-economical mass graves.
This we celebrate and holiday.
We can attest, native bones make the best fertilizer.

3. The Truth Weighs Nothing

It sure was nice of Jesus to take time away from ignoring
Ethnic cleansing genocide and famine bloated children.
Or regrowing limbs for landmine victims
To help you score that touchdown
To help you find your keys
To help you land that promotion.
Is it that he can't? Or is that he won't?
Wake up. Wake the fuck up.
The truth weighs nothing. Travel light. Be unburdened.

4. Not With All The Hope In The World

The earth was warm from the sun.
You weren't ivory like the movies.
The dirt stained you, dissolved you, eroded you, revealed you.
You couldn't escape that. Not with your faith.
Not with all the hope in the world.
So I kissed you on the teeth and laid there with you in the sun.
And you answered more questions there than you ever did breathing.
The dirt eroded you. Dissolved you. Destroyed you.

5. The Vipers

You have to wade through the dogs, the vipers, the preachers, the brands
With nothing between you and their sharpened teeth
But the skin over your pale ivory skeleton.
They can tear at the flesh. They can blacken tissue.
They can bleed you. But they can't break the bones.
And when you're through, when all that's left
Is your breath on the air and their howls behind you.
Raise the child in your arms to the sun.
Give her light.

6. No Absolutes In Human Suffering

No absolutes in human suffering.

7. The Crown

Know your children will know more of this earth than you ever will.
You should be embarrassed.
I can hear them laughing at their history books.
Tear down the crown.

8. When They Beg

24 hour news hit my face in the darkness and I was yours.
I stood and watched it fall. The world markets collapsed. (DAWN)
I felt it in my guts (DUSK) kicking like a baby.
And I can't find a balance between fear and excitement.
There is truth in history and in this physical world.
Nations will come and go. Empires and ashes.
We've seen this before. Stay calm. Do the right thing.
And when they beg, when they ask you for more...

9. Winter In Her Blood

Poison blackened veins like the roads through the grasses of NorthAmerica.
It's an old hand that carries the candle through the dark.
Shaking and praying. Winter in her blood.
Panicked. Confused.
Desperation in the flicker of light on the whites of her eyes.
Moaning, gasping, clutching a screwdriver franticly stabbing.
It looks like Ms. America got into the pills again.
She tripped on some errant talking points and broke her hip on Afghanistan.
Heavy lies the crown. We're not the first and we won't be the last.

10. Skull Trophy

Light poured from my chest and every bird had called your name
As I drove by a deer carcass someone had cleanly taken the head off of.
I thought of you. I knew you'd find it full of wonder.
Someone had desecrated a corpse for a sportless opportunistic skull trophy.
That alone is some hillbilly shit.
The bigger picture is that we've lost feeling in our left arm.
I guess there's no real evidence that we ever had any.
Its in the worst of us that you'll find the baselines
And the indications by which to measure.

11. Routine And Then Death

It's the same noise every day. We walk back and forth.

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