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1. Calf

I have never seen a dog with crooked teeth.
I've got a mouth full of retard.
I love you all for the same reasons I could not shoot crippled horses.
Come end this.
Let's breed the calf.
Breed the red calf.

2. I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die

I don't care where I go when I die.

3. Hospital Fat Bags

Jesus is tight but you'd probably find more happiness with a good plastic surgeon.
I'm chewing on dog teeth and hospital fat bags.
So maybe we should welcome it with open arms?
And should you smell the burning and hear the screaming you can't tell yourself we didn't deserve it.
Piles of human and antiseptic as we cut the ugly.
Mothers wielding crosses made of children bones.
Armies of the half dead with their arms to the sky.
These who spoke against Him bled from their throats as their jaws had been torn away.
We knew it was blood because it was warmer than the air.

4. Gristle

They used you to clean up tears after a thrice show.
Fucking belt buckles everywhere.
Never digesting anything is a hell of a diet plan.
Here come the suit-bitches.
I watched them hollow out horses... Run.
They gored me once with a diverse portfolio.
Put a dollar in the box.
It's across for show and down to go.
I'm going to throw gristle at my guts.
It's like the sink of finding a lump.
I've got your black plague right here.
How long before the pain-junkies storm the gates?
God. It danced on us like black lung before our hearts gave out.
Put a dollar in the box.
It grew on us. It grew up like a sister.
While every time, celebrating your neck.
It's across for show and down to go.
Pray its malignant. Prey its malignant.

5. Sire

I'll break your colt's legs.
I'll snag and spill your deer on the fence.
I'll find your tears.
I will corral you into the cattle hammer.
I will see you gnash your teeth and hear you gnaw at your tongue.
I will stop your heaven.
Born Again. I will take you from heaven.

6. Slutmaker

"Sluts fuck better." she said to me.
"So what's with this Scarlet Letter shit?
There's no A on your chest.
Dumber than a bag of Hatebreed fans.
There isn't enough medicine in the world for my headache.
But if you'd prefer go ahead and sit on your holy hands and wait for you're stuck up 16th century rapture.
A little skin and you'd fuck me just like anyone else would.
As we head ignorance first into Armageddon...
See you in hell.
God Damn Your Eyes.

7. Hell Crown

Let's cut our wrists and flop around like Rainbirds until we bleed out.
In other news, the Dow Jones Industrial average is down 666 points on word that men are having sex with other men.
That's right charles.
Some are even suggesting that evolution should be taught in science classes.
May Dale Earnhardt rest in piece.
Praise Jesus. LOL. BRB. Seacrest out.
Hell Crown. Heaven Born.
Bring some latex hose and a hatchet and I will make sure the light won't ever touch you again.
Hell Crown. Heaven Born.
We are black princes.
We are the ram.
We deserve everything.

8. Moth

We support your cause.
When you're not strong enough to make the right decisions.
We support your god.
When you're not smart enough to make the right decisions.
You're still breathing through puke breath.
You're still sucking off rashes.
You're still lapping at the lardy teats of Hawthorne Heights.
We'll dance our legs to pulpy nubs until he smiles through the death cloud.

9. Cult

Cigarettes have killed millions.
I wish I would have thought of that.
What the fuck smells like tooth loss in here?
We've got lamb on the door waiting for the angel.
Walking through blood knee high.
I wish I would have thought of that.
What the fuck smells like bad priest in here?
We've got blood on the door.
God-war. Death-president.
Let's get hopped up on horse tranquilizers and play with claw hammers.
Maybe stop at the tendon and try to keep this screwdriver out of your neck.
Hey kids, the Jesus-reaper wears a cowboy hat.
(These plowshares have fashioned the perfect swords. I kneel with one eye on the clock. High up in our heaven they'll laugh and smoke cigars when natural selection renders this rock a vacant lot - Trevor Strnad).
We should apologize... say we're sorry.
If you hadn't sprayed our throats on the floor, Micheal.

10. Pork Finder

In the blood river of our final battle I found a dog with my legs and danced on bird skulls that popped to the rhythm sent from the death machine.
You were the Pork Finder and you knew your job well.
As bits of the children and their imagination rushed over my feet I held you close as I kissed the blood off your lips through your last shiver and let you go.

Thanks to killzwitch for sending these lyrics.

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