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1. There Will Be No Peace

We've never seen the axe ate away by rust
And we still hear the snake crawling in the grass
No way! We're not gonna trust
Three white shadows that hide beneath a mask

Elimination to build a pure nation
Your childish fascist dream
You turned the greenest meadows
In fucking killing fields

You talk 'bout confrontation
But tiny general's uniform
Was devoured by the maggots
More than thirty years ago

Now you cleanse the blood
From your red stained souls
As if nothing would have happened before

Do you want us to forget?
Do you want us to forgive?
Without regrets there's no redemption
There will be no peace

You demand generosity
From a shattered society
How much damage done in vain
You've been losing your own game
I'd like to meet you face to face
And shoot these words at point blank range
This is coming to an end
You've been digging your own grave

[Lead: Miguel]

Until the day justice is done
Until we've cried a million tears
In the hearts of the wounded
There will be no peace

2. Feed The Worms

I'm not sure I want to write this
As I burn my soul to ashes
I'm writhing in my own shit
Yes, I'm writhing in my own shit
I'll get rid of all this madness
Diving in a lake of sadness

I feel safe out in the cold
You're not there, I'm all alone

When everything is said and done
Don't tell me who was wrong
I always cared but now
Honey, I don't want to know
Like a vomit on the ground
Like a dead dog on the road
Let my body rot
For all my guts can feed the worms

Goddamn, I just can't find
Where and when we broke the ties
Things were good before the lies
Things were good before the lies
What the hell was on our minds?
What have we done with our lives?

In your arms I used to cry
But my tears now have gone dry


I just want to disappear
Kill this pain and fly away

[Lead: Ix Valieri]


Like a postcard buried in the sand
Like a promise when you're drunk
All our rusted memories
Can't evoke forgotten words
My journey ends right here
But yours has just begun
Let my body rot in peace
And all my guts will feed the worms
My guts will feed the worms
All my guts feed the worms

3. Slave

Same ol' wounds left to heal deep inside
Same ol' fears numb my mind one more time
In the darkest cell I hide behind the pain
Anxiety grabs my neck and never goes away
Feel like there's no turning back when blue gives way to black
I'm headed for another fall

I keep on fighting every day
No more wasted yesterdays
No more
I'm not afraid of being afraid
This time I'm sure I want to change
I am not my own slave

Into the river I dive
It feels good bathing in the purple light
Hand on heart, I pray for myself
I swear you tomorrow I will be alright

[Lead: Miguel]


It's never too late to change my ways
I welcome a new dawn
With a smile on my face
Now that I've learned
Yesterday's dead
I am not my own slave

4. Blood, Sweat & Tears

Evil has landed on this sacred ground
Greed has come even to innocents' town
The Devil in angel´s disguise
All of 'em dance to the music of his wrath
Divide and rule is once more his game
What's in everyone´s mind, nobody dares to say

You bastards!
Of your own medicine you should get a taste
You cowards!

He pulls the strings in his puppet show
All must pray to the speechless lord
Hard on your heels he'll send his hound dogs
Down on your knees or the exit door is closed

You bastards!
Of your own medicine you should get a taste
You cowards!
May justice, but not yours, condemn you to hell

What I have seen... your rotten soul
What I have done... work 'til I drop

Nothing was enough those years
All my blood I bled for you
Lying in a pool of sweat and tears
Nothing was enough those years
All my blood I bled for you
I have no regrets at all
And I have no fear

[Lead: Aitor Gorosabel]


All my blood I bled
All my blood I bled

5. My Dying Breath

Dead man talking!

I have known you forever
I haven't met you today
You're fucking running off at the mouth
Each and every day

You are in way under your head
Just back up a bit
You ain't the first, nor will be the last
I don't take no shit

I just got you up my ass
You cloud my judgement
Cut the crap
Beware of geeks bearing gifts
The same old tale
You live, you learn
My only silence...
My dying breath!

Revolting flies hovering around me
Filthy parasites
Blabbermouths rule this country
Great spirits have always encountered
Violent opposition from mediocre minds

I don't wash your back so you'll stab mine
That's what I expect
Just a prick playing with his own rules
You're a fucking jerk

6. You Don't Know Me

I am your deepest desire
The one you cannot reach
The passion beyond the fire
Every man's dream

A hope dressed in black
I'll promise you the Earth
Night after night, day after day
Hunting the prey

Walking into walls
So much time, so alone

You don't know me
You don't know who I am
Don't think you hold my reins

I am the perfect victim
Hanging it every day
My little piece of heaven
Is turning now into hell

Sticking my head in the sand
Trying to get me out of my mind
Ripped to the bone, I stand on the edge
Taught to survive



[Lead: Dani]


You don't know me
You just don't know
Your end move is done

You let this good thing die

7. Last Exit To Blisstonia

Many years have passed by since Octagon,
Our beloved, withdrew from his shining throne
Head out to Blisstonia, hit the road
We can't trace any ciphering lights from above

"Bring Claudius back to life and he will reign"
Is the browser's revelation
But thirty shekels and his good name
Is not enough for an emperor's salvation

The golden bug, you fools
Was hidden in the skull

When the laser has its eye on you
And you feel your mind is breakin' loose
Curving everything, deny the line
Gods n' monsters 'round your head
A scary way to face our death

[Lead: Dani / Miguel]

United States of Globex Crisis Council
Is gathered searching for solutions
They say: "The quest for a shrubbery and a shoe
Can guide our souls to raise a revolution"

If I gave my eyes and I couldn't see
Better to sail away and maybe rest in peace


8. Sold My Soul

[Intro lead: Dani]

You got me since the first time
More than a fantasy
You were a gift from heaven
An angel sent to me
Someone to rely on
The one that I've been waiting for so long

The road is tougher than it seems
But say my name and I'll be there
Every day you can depend on me
Every day until the bitter end

I've been praying for you
My arms are open wide
But it's hard to carry on
When fear is stronger than love

Everything is over now
It's vanishing into the air
I've been alone before
But never this way
I would be forever yours
If I could live on empty promises

In the longest days when hope is gone
In the endless nights when all is lost
May Lord make that storm clouds rain
To wash my pain away

I've been praying for you
My arms are open wide
But it's hard to carry on...
I have sold my soul for you
For a dream that won't come true
I have sold my soul
For a love I'll never know

I tried my best to keep
Your demons out of your head
I tried to help you
But you ran away from me again

[Lead: Jose Garrido]


9. The Fake

Lack of personality
Puppet dancing on a string
Carried away by the mainstream
You're in every TV show
Brand new look and rebel pose

Nice guitar... Let me hear...
You can't play a fuckin' lick!
But it looks cool in the magazines
Wearing t-shirts of classic bands
You've never listened to before

Open up your ear
There's a thing that you should know
You can't make a silk purse
When your house is full of sows

Dressed up like a crow
Trying out a cold-ass stare
But now it's time to hit the stage and
You're nothin' but a f-f-f-f fake!

Oh no! You again
I watch your video everyday
But I can't hear those Marshalls anyway
You can shred! Bang your head!
And please, be careful
Be careful with your neck

You're authentic, tell the world
That you love Rock'n'Roll
As you've been already told
Honesty and attitude
The main difference between me and you

Listen up here
There's a thing that you should know
You can't make a silk purse
When your house is full of sows


The latest fashion nowadays
Yeah, you think you're all the rage
My middle finger in your face 'cause
You're nothin' but a fake!

Not for the money not for the fame
It's all about feeling good with yourself
For you it's hard to understand
Love for music ain't for sale

[Lead: Miguel]

You should hear me when I say
You have lost your fuckin' way
'Cause tomorrow you'll deny
What you're tryin' to be today

[Outro lead: Manuel Seoane]

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