Dark Lyrics


1. Jack The Riffer

Straight to your face, breakin’ all bones
Graspin’ your neck right through your door
He’ll bang your head against the wall
Without your teeth…boy, you won’t laugh!

Heavy Metal junkie, twisted mind out of control
He’ll rip your het and guts and throw your carcass in a hole
Then sodomize our grandma, burn your house and kill your dog
In hell he’ll leave your soul

Crush you all Thrash you all Blast you all

Riff you to the core
Hail Jack the Riffer!
He will play at doctors with your sister

Summer dancers, almost famous, fashion clones
T.V. trendies, mudfeet idols, disco thugs
Don’t blame on him, it’s not his fault
He hates you all since you were born


Wreck you all Grind you all Eat you all

Riff you to the bone

[Lead // Miguel]

He’s the one
Hail Jack the Riffer!
He will play at doctors with your sister
He’s the one
Hail Jack the Riffer!

[Outro lead // Dani]

2. Palestine

In the dark alley of Gaza
Fear and misery, a threat for everyone
The tunnel is wasting their lifes away
Years of fighting and nothin’ to gain

They’re speaking all the truth
Israel began to rise
Upon a nation still alive

Tears of blood fall on the ruins
Walls of hate in Palestin

Palestine! Palestine!
Burns down in flames

Betrayers’ stench is polluting the air
Tension is high everyday, everywhere
A nation condemned, controlled by fear
Forced to live for their enemies

With “Al-Nakba”, desolation
“Intifada” is over on the streets
What did you obtain with peace?

Patrolling your properties
Jewish troops take Palestine


[Lead // Dani]


3. Grim Reaper

Follow me
Don’t you be afraid
Let me heal your wounds

I have smelt your fear
I have seen your loneliness
Come to me
Join our herd

Give me your money
Bring your family with you
I’ll take care of them
Wipe their wallets
Wash their brains

Be one with Us
We are The Chosen Ones
Let’s make our paradise
Don’t care about the price

I’m the Grime Reaper
Open your mind
Let my rotten lies
Fulfil your life

Bow to our Golden God
Learn the only thought
My shallow friend
Be my slave

We are over you
We are after you
There’s no escape from me
Once you have come in



[Lead // Dani]


4. Silver Bullet

He comes from deep space
Watches the human race
And he brings the Doomsday
His skin is cold as ice
His soul betrayed by lies
There was no other way

The whole sky… in flames
It’s time to play a game… of death
Here comes his master
He builds the Death Machine
Destroyer of our dreams
We have no chance to win
But there is hope in me

He will cross the Universe
Speeding like a Silver Bullet
He leaves a thousand stars
Behind his back
Watching the galaxy pass by
At speed of light

But now he knows the truth
He knows what he must do
And he fights his Master
His power is amplified
By the Supreme Nulifier
He prevents disaster

You know the reason why
You have to pay the price
No one will ever defy me
This mudball will be now
And forever your home
I leave you here, my son
Together we were strong


Oh, my God, I can’t stand the pain
I will never be free again
I can’t stand the pain…
Never free again…

[Intro lead // Miguel]

[Lead (split in 4 sections) // Miguel / Dani / Miguel / Dani]

[Outro lead // Dani]

Beware of the World-Eater
-It’s one with the Universe-
One day he will come back to Earth

Beware of the World-Eater
-It will never be defeated-
One day he will come back to Earth

[Pre-chorus II]


5. Ashes

6. Here Comes The Thunder

Walking across these misery plains
When all for me is said and done
Nothing’s gonna change my life

Just when I think
This life cannot be worst
I hear a crumble from the sky

Screaming with anger I pray to my god
All that I want is to save my son
Caught in the crossfire, it’s shattering us all
The rocket strikes on the helpless ones

“Freedom”, what a precious word…
In the mouth of the Powerlords
Playing king, playing God

The U.S.A. keeps telling lies,
Poisoning this world
Kneeling down, as they command


We’ve come to rescue you
-Heal you!-
And then let you die
And the world is blind
This world is blind

[Lead // Miguel / Dani-Miguel]


7. Sea Of Tears

I’m lost
Without the heat of your heart
Without your hair between my hands
I’m down
Without the shine of your eyes
Without the touch of your skin
Drowning in a sea of tears

How long ago did I say goodbye?
I don’t know, but all is coming back to me now…

[Lead // Miguel]

How long ago did I say goodbye?
I don’t know, but all is coming back to me now…
I was a fool, your sweet music died
I was blind, and now it’s too late to start it all again
One more time…
Don’ say that it’s over, come to me, just one more night


Maybe you thought I was made of stone
You were wrong, I’m just made of flesh and bone
I’m just a man and I make mistakes
I feel the pain, he time is passing by as I watch the pouring rain
I know that you, deep inside, feel the same


How many times I’ve cried for you
There’s nothin’ left that I can do
Look in my eyes and you will see
Our love remains inside of me

[Lead // Dani]


How many times I’ve cried for you
There’s nothin’ left that I can do
Look in my eyes and you will see
Our love remains inside of me

[Outro harmony // Dani]

8. Darkened

Have you ever been to Darkland
Where heavy haze covers your mind?
Waiting for the day is over
To hide your head under your pillow tonight

Spend your days watching the ceiling
Bound to desperation
You try to think…and that’s in vain
Searching for the answers to all your questions

Then you see you’re on your knees
And your mind is full of disease
When you feel like drown in mud
Sink or swim, that’s all you got
Opened eyes but narrow vision
Breaking down
You’re searching for the reason
Seems like all things have gone bad
Struggling in the darkened side of life

Have you ever fade to grey?
Have you ever thought nothin’s worth?
You used to have illusion,
Then turned into confusion

Spend your days watching the ceiling
Bound to desperation
You tried to think…a waste of time
You can’t obtain the answers to all the questions

Feeling lost and angry
No one hears you cry
Locked inside the walls built by yourself
You’re asking why


[Lead // Miguel / Dani]

Face your fear

9. Unchained

I am trapped in a ring of fire
‘Til death do us part
All the sweetness became savageness
As the years went by

Oh, here he comes…bloodshot eyes again
The perfect son…a real coward

He’s fading out your shine
He’s fading out your life

Break your chain
Unchain your soul
And let your spirit fly above
From your dark and grey destiny
Don’t look back now
And rise your head
You have the will to leave that man
You don’t need to live this life
No more

Unchain your soul

You tried to leave him once
But you always felt so scared
Now, even you deny your fate
You’re under his spell

Oh, no, no…here he comes again
The perfect son…what a nice husband!



The make-up will melt on your face
Showing your real life
How long will you survive?

There’s still hope if you grab my hand
Life’s too short to waste your time
Don’t let him beat you twice

[Lead // Miguel / Dani]


10. The Light

It used to be so easy
To believe in love
But it’s hard to have dreams
When your heart’s been ripped off

And then you found me
Sinking in a painful sea
Out of love, out of my own
No more light to be seen

I wish to stop the clock
When I look into your eyes
I feel that nothing else cares
When you take me with a glance and smile
All this time without you
I have been lost and found
‘Til you came along with me, babe
I’ve never felt so strong

This is real love
Not a fairy tale
You gave me the strength
I needed to face up life again
Everyday you make me wish
To be a better man
That’s why I want you to know
I will never let you go
‘Cos you’re the light I live for

But now everything is over
I never thought you would
Leave me this way
My heart is forever broken
No one could fix the pieces again

I can’t believe my destiny
I’m just guilty of loving you
My life has been erased
And there’s nothing I can do


[Chorus ]

[Lead // Dani]

Don’t you know it?
Can you feel it?
You’re the light I live for
Don’t you hide me the way to your heart

[Lead // Dani]

[Chorus x 2]

Don’t you know it?
Can you feel it?
You hide me the way to your heart
Don’t you know it, baby?
Don’t you know it?

11. A. I. Mother

12. A. II. Nostromo

Awaken from the hypersleep
No one knows…why are we so far from home
Mother, can you tell me?

“Save Our Souls”…or a kind of warning?
We were told to answer any call
Landing on a wicked world

There’s no evidence of life
Inside this hostile atmosphere
The vision is so frightening
Let’s get the hell outta here

Beneath a layer of blue mist
Let me enlighten this…
I can’t believe my eyes
Something is moving inside

Suddenly, his face is captured
By an alien incubation
We can’t remove it from his skin
It’s impossible to kill

Around his throat
Like the hangman’s rope
That goddamn thing
Keeps him barely alive
In an asphyx dream

Bursting through his chest
It dyes it all deep red
Defiantly, it rears its head
Please, don’t let it escape!

Disgusting surprise
Too late to realize
What we’re trying to hunt
Has become man-sized

Blood like fire melts the steel
Acid running through its veins
Hidden in the darkness
Awaiting the prey

Along the ducts comes crawling
You have taken your last breath
Sharpened teeth spear your face
Dropping jaws bring death

[Outro lead // Miguel]

13. A. III. Acheron (LV-426)

I’ve been dreaming for a long time far beyond the Sun
Floating in the deep blue space, cradled by the stars
But every night I wake up drowning in a soaking sweat
I have to face up to it ‘cause this nightmare never ends

Riding the storm, rough air ahead
Colony in sight, the complex looks dead
Rain on my face

Here inside it’s hot as hell
Taste the tension, slice the air
We go down into the hive
Oh…my God, they’re… still alive!

Motion trackers off-scale, they’re coming out of the walls!
Registering moement all over the place, we have no chance at all
Exterminate those motherfuckers! Fire in the hole!
Redy for the dust off ‘cause we’re falling one by one

Don’t leave me alone, the wind screams outsid
Stay wide awake, they come at night
To take us away

Sold and betrayed once again
Condemned for a fucking percentage
On the screen approaching fast
I’m not wrong…they’re right on us!

Fixing these weapons, straight to the nest
Bursting those eggs I will take my revenge
Holding my girl I’m face off with the Quee
Stay away from her…you bitch!!

[Lead (split in 4 sections) // Dani / Miguel / Dani / Miguel]

Alejandro Martínez ‒ Drums
Santiago García ‒ Bass
Ivo Galenov ‒ Vocals
Daniel Millán ‒ Guitars (lead)
Miguel Rocha ‒ Guitars (rhythm)

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